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10 Benefits of Having a Smile Generation Credit Card


The Smile Generation Credit Card isn't the type of card you can use for any kind of purchase and at any kind of store. It's designed with the specific intention of allowing you to pay for dental treatment on a convenient, monthly basis. Essentially, it's a store credit card that makes paying for healthcare much more manageable than it might otherwise be. If you're wondering whether a Smile Generation Credit Card is the right card for you, here are ten benefits that might convince you.

1. There's no annual fee to worry about

Some credit card providers charge a premium for card maintenance. Sure, you might get a great APR, a very handy rewards scheme, and a host of other benefits, but all those perks lose their gloss when you realize just how much you have to pay in annual fees. With the Smile Generation Credit Card, you don't have to worry. As per, won't charge you a dime for the privilege of owning a Smile Generation Credit Card. You get all the benefits of a credit card, but without the expense.

2. It's a good choice for people with a lower-than-average credit

If you're sick of being turned down by other credit card providers because of a less than stellar credit history, the Smile Generation Credit Card could be just what you need. Although you'll still need to have a fair credit rating to get accepted, you won't need to demonstrate the same excellent history as you would for many other cards. As notes, store-branded credit cards like the Smile Generation Credit Card can be easier to obtain than regular cards, making them a great choice for people with a lower-than-average credit score who want to rebuild their credit.

3. It can help you build a better credit score

Providing you make regular, on-time payments, the Smile Generation Credit Card is a great way of building your credit history - perfect if your current score is getting in the way of loan, credit card, or mortgage applications. The Smile Generation Credit Card will report your account activity to the three main credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. By paying your credit card bills on time, you'll be able to demonstrate your creditworthiness and, over time, improve your credit score.

4. The application process is a breeze

If you're sick of having to jump through hoops whenever you apply for a credit card, the Smile Generation Credit Card application process should come as a welcome relief. All applications can be done easily, simply, and directly via the Smile Generation Credit Card website. Simply fill in the application form with your personal details and general financial information, including your Social Security Number, address, and annual income, and you'll receive a decision on your application straight away.

5. You'll get toll-free customer assistance

Sick of paying through the nose to call customer services? With the Smile Generation Credit Card, you don't have to worry. All customers benefit from toll-free customer assistance. Whether you have any queries about your payment dates, billing amount, or need to report a lost or stolen card, you can speak to customer services for as long as it takes to resolve the issue without worrying about being landed with a giant phone bill at the end of it.

6. It's a convenient way of paying for dental care

Dental care isn't cheap. If you need anything more than a routine check-up, you can expect a big bill in the mail. The Smile Generation Credit Card takes the sting out of fillings, caps, braces, and root canals by allowing you to spread the payments over convenient monthly installments. Although it's handy to have at any time, it really comes into its own for emergency treatment that you hadn't anticipated or saved towards.

7. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with insurance

The Smile Generation Credit Card doesn't require you to have dental insurance as one of the conditions of application. It can be used either on its own to pay for the full cost of surgery, or in conjunction with your dental insurance. If you're looking for a convenient way to pay for your dental care, the flexible policy of the Smile Generation Credit Card is highly attractive.

8. You may qualify for a deferred-interest promotional plan

As one of the perks of being a Smile Generation Credit Card holder, you might qualify for a deferred-interest promotional plan that will let you pay for your dental treatment over an extended period without incurring any interest along the way. As per, the deferred-interest promotional plan is a special, limited-time financing plan that allows you to make a specific purchase without stressing over interest payments. With this type of plan, you won't incur any interest if you pay in full within the plan period. If you decide not to pay off the purchase in full during the promotional plan period, you'll need to pay off any interest you would have incurred on the original purchase amount at the end of the plan. The plan isn't available on all purchases, and can't be requested in advance - if it's available, it will be offered to you at the point of checkout. The length of the plan varies according to the purchase amount, but will typically be at least 6 months.

9. Your information is secure

As a Smile Generation Credit Card holder, your information will be secure. Comenity uses various methods to ensure the security of its customer's details, including encrypting all your personal information (including your Credit Card account number, Social Security number, name, address, phone number and email address), requesting "out-of-band authentication" if your account is accessed via an unknown device, sending email alerts when any changes are made to your account or profile, and requiring all users to sign in to their account with a unique user name and password.

10. Making payments is easy with EasyPay

To make the process of paying your bills easier, Smile Generation Credit Card holders are offered the chance to use Comenity's EasyPay. EasyPay allows you to pay your bill quickly and easily without having to log into the Account Centre or waste time entering your password or username. You'll simply need to provide a few basic pieces of identifying information, and Comenity will allow just enough access for you to make the payment, without compromising the security of your account.

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