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A Closer Look at BMW's New R 18 Transcontinental

BMW's New R 18 Transcontinental

BMW is at it again with its latest contribution to the world of high-end motorcycles. The new R 18 transcontinental is a long hauler that at a glance draws one in for a closer look. Its curb appeal is immediate and confirms BMW's reputation for producing some of the most attractive and comfortable touring models of the decade. It's worthy of a closer look and discussion of its merits.

A Twin-cylinder for the long haul

According to the Robb Report, the 2021 BMW R 18 Transcontinental is a beast of a bike weighing in at 941 pounds fully dressed. It's a heavyweight tourer that's ready to tackle the open roads with a 6.2-gallon fuel tank to take you further down the road in between fillups. While the past few decades have seen a lot of four and six-cylinder tourers, Munich's design team opted to go with a new twin-cylinder.

A new model in the R 18 cruiser line

The newest BMW tourers are inspired by the R 18 cruiser that was released a year ago. The R 18 Transcontinental is a heavyweight decked-out version of its predecessor with a conversion from cruiser to tourer. The engine is the same 1802cc flat-twin generating 90 horsepower with a generous 116 ft-lbs of torque. It's equipped with the same double loop steel tube chassis and 49 mm inverted fork suspension. There are a lot of mechanical similarities but the details of the new tourer are what make the differences. This bike is an upgraded version of the base R 18 that gives it the capacity for covering longer distances, thanks to the 6.2-gallon fuel tank. It's a jump of some 2.1 gallons which takes the bike a lot further down the road.

A dressy approach to touring

BMW Motorrad, points out that the new R 18 Transcontinental is a fully dressed tourer for those who prefer a luxury ride. It's one of the best-dressed motorcycles on the road for the year. It's decked out with a tall windscreen for enhanced rider and passenger comfort and it's ready for customization to make the ride your own. BWM Motorrad identifies the new machine as a classic in the making. Additionally, the storage capacity of 26.9 gallons gives you plenty of room to stow your essentials for travel. It's only fitting that there is more room for personal items if you're going to be on the road for long periods. It's equipped with two side cases and a top box that is standard fare on the new bike.

The First Edition of the R 18

The new R 18 transcontinental features a large front fender with auxiliary headlights and a streamlined design that gives it an air of elegance. The design is clearly defined. Its black components are accented with tons of brightly polished chrome. It's a piece of eye candy that combines both form and function. The attractive bike exudes the maximum eye appeal and the ultimate in comfort. From the wind deflectors and top case to the backrest, its new components offer a comfortable luxury ride. The paint job is a Black Storm Metallic featuring contrasting machining and chrome plating with silver-gray wheels and a white double line. The beauty is in the highly stylized details from the cylinder head covers and the engine housing cover that are all orchestrated for an eye-pleasing arrangement.

Beautiful as is but you can embellish

BMW understands that its clientele can have distinct preferences for customization. The brand encourages its loyal to stick to their paths and offers a variety of accessories and options for making the bike their own. They offer a broad assortment of original BMW Motorrad accessories for customizing the bikes at the time of ordering. We learned that there is an AERO design package available to further enhance the luxury appearance of the bike. There are quite a few sophisticated upgrades available including case liners and other touring equipment. The "build your own" option has been a staple at BMW and the new R 18 Intercontinental will be no exception.

Pricing and availability

Rider Magazine, reveals that the 2022 R 18 Intercontinental, along with its sibling the R 18 B with their wind protection, increased luggage storage, new infotainment system, and more are just the starting models with more variants set to be offered in the future. the R 18 B has just been released and it's ready for order at a base price of $21,495. The R 18 Transcontinental is also available for a starting price of $24,995. You can also fin the standard R 18 and the R18 Classic as a part of the 2022 lineup.

Final thoughts

It's going to be an exciting year for BMW enthusiasts who've been waiting for a new bike for touring. BMW didn't disappoint this year with its lineup that features a newer version of last year's R 18 cruiser, and an updated variation of the bike in the form of a long-haul tourer in full dress for the new model year. The 2022 BMW R 18 Intercontinental is claimed to be one of the dressiest bikes in the brand's lineup with enhanced capabilities for luxury, comfort, and curb appeal. It's a streamlined version with a larger fuel tank and even more storage for your necessities, enhanced rider and passenger comforts, and a lot more convenience features. As always, you can fully customize the new bike to make it your own, although it's pretty sweet in its base offering. The highly attractive and streamlined luxury long-hauler is now available through your local BMW dealerships for a decent starting price that is just under $25,000. The wait for BMW's new 2022 lineup is over with a few more variants in the pipeline.

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