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The 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes Money Can Buy

electric mountain bikes

E-bikes are all the rage, but more importantly, they're incredibly useful for outdoor enthusiasts, mountain bikers who could use a little extra push and even commuting in hilly areas. Not only are electric bicycles easier to maintain than cars, but they're easier on the environment. Plus, a good e-bike is far more portable and easy to store indoors to prevent theft when you're not riding. Which electric mountain bike (eMTB) should you buy? We'll take a look at the top-tier with the ten best electric mountain bikes money can buy.

10. Merida EOne-Sixty 9000

The 2021 Merida EOne-Sixty 9000 is one of the best enduro bikes on the market. This superb carbon alloy bike consistently lands reviews and makes the top tens and twenties on every eMTB review. Plus, this year's model comes with the impressive and upgraded Shimano EP8 motor. The design on this bike is both ultra-durable and comfortable to ride. According to Bike Perfect, "The significantly sloping top tube kinks above the shock for better standover height and creates a pleasing leading line across the top of the bike and into the seat stays. The short rear end still uses the same aluminum construction that has continued through from the old eONE-SIXTY, one of the original bike's most liked features."

9. Men's Turbo Levo FSR Comp Carbon 6Fattie/29

The Men's Turbo Levo FSR Comp Carbon 6Fattie/29 has outstanding breaks, which is unquestionably essential for any mountain bike, especially an e-bike. With two-hundred millimeter SRAM Guide RE, 4-piston caliper, hydraulic disc breaks on the front and rear, you'll get significant stoppage when you need it at any speed. Meanwhile, the engine is a Specialized 1.3, 250W nominal custom Rx trail-tuned motor.

8. Niner RIP E9

We chose the Niner RIP E9 for its extraordinary staying power. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is known for its smooth pedal assist, and the lightweight frame, made from welded 6061-T6 aluminum, won't weigh you down and waste your battery. As Niner Bikes points out, the "Torque sensitive, zero lag power delivery is predictable in all conditions. And the 625wh battery means you can ride further without fear of running out of juice."

7. Haibike Allmtn 5

Like the Niner, this bike has a Bosch Gen4 Performance CX 250W motor and a 625Wh battery. The balanced suspension platform from RockShox uses a Lyrik Ultimate RC2 fork with 160mm of travel to handle whatever bumps you may find on your mountain roads. Plus, this superb bike takes full advantage of its Shimano shifter, breaks, brake levers, cog set, chain, and rear derailers.

6. Norco Sight VLT C1 2022

Norco bikes are best known for their ability to handle the descent and its Ride Aligned™ design system. This rugged carbon electric mountain bike doesn't skimp on the sheer power, yet it remains whisper quiet. More importantly, you can choose between three removable in-tube batteries, which means you can easily carry a spare for long trips.

5. Orbea Rise M20

If you're looking for low-impact riding, this is one of the best bikes around. According to Contender Bikes, "...based around Orbea's OMR carbon in both the frame... The rear swingarm is more or less held together by the thru-axle, and the shock linkage is held together through a massive splined axle... Further, the Rise also maintains a lightweight frame, at 2300g for a frame without shock." In short, this is one smooth ride, which netted the Orbea Rise M20 a spot in our top five. After all, mountain biking is a notoriously bumpy business.

4. Jeep Quiet-Kat E-Bike

The all-terrain Jeep E-Bike brings all the power and performance you'd expect from its famous namesake and more. Jeep brings an EMTB that can go for fifty-eight miles on a single charge. Better still, you have the option for backup batteries and even solar recharging. You'll love the wide CST Roly Poly 26" x 4.8" all-terrain fat tires that can handle rough terrain and carry up to three hundred pounds easily. Plus, it's powered by a Quiet Kat engine that lives up to its stealthy name as well, so you can hear the wind in your hair and the call of the trail rather than a noisy engine.

3. Cannondale Moterra NEO 5

Gear range and sheer versatility, and excellent geometry landed the Cannondale Moterra NEO 5 in the top three of this list. A 540wh e-tube battery holds enough charge to get you where you want to be, but the weather-sealed cover is the secret star that keeps your power running. Easy switch access allows the rider to change modes without taking their hands off the handlebars for seamless transitions between pedaling and pedal assist.

2. Santa Cruz Heckler

Riders who want a genuinely next-level eMTB need to experience the Santa Cruz Heckler. You'll be impressed by the powerful and quiet Shimano EP8 motor. This bike has incredible ride-time. According to SingleTracks, "Depending on rider weight and terrain, you could likely ride for 5-6 hours on one battery if you keep your cadence up and the power assist low."

1. Yeti 160E C1

Innovative and sleek with a smooth, powerful ride, the Yeti 160E C1 is an inspired piece of eMTB craftsmanship. Other e-bikes are well-made, with good parts, but Yeti made this e-bike to handle terrain at speed. The Yeti 160E C1 is a racing eMTB. The Sixfinity suspension alone is a scientific wonder with tunable, adjustable leverage rate progression. Even the most minor details were considered, like adding a chain slap protector to virtually eliminate chain noise. Most important of all, Yeti has the best in the business, worldwide, hassle-free customer support.

Final Thoughts

Picking the best electric mountain bike is all about getting the features you need most. Electric bikes range from just a few hundred dollars for basic models to around fourteen thousand for the elite editions. You can get a cheap car for that price, but it won't be an eco-friendly work of art that lets you ride a mountain trail like these stunning eMTBs. The quality is worth the cost when it comes to mountain biking because your vehicle is going to take a lot of punishment. Fortunately, the e-bikes on this list should keep you on the trail longer so you can enjoy the ride wherever it takes you.

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