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A Closer Look at the $36,000 Four Seasons Pen

The Four Seasons Pen

Many people wonder what advantages that a $36,000 pen could give to convey its value. Many people simply think of a pen as only something to write with. However, there are avid pen collectors who view the most rare pens as investments that will yield a return with proper care and time. These investors can wait years or decades before deciding to sell or auction their pens on open market. The most luxurious pens are more than writing utensils, they are status symbols. There are not many things that can uniformly turn heads, but a $36,000 pen is one of them. For those interested in seeing the most expensive and finely crafted pens in the world, turn no farther than the Four Seasons Pen set by “Ferrari da Varese."

Ferrari da Varese has been designing the fanciest pens for years and many collectors felt that the Four Seasons pen set was the pinnacle of their success. The Four Seasons pen set consists of 4 pens that have each been made to represent one of the four seasons. The spring pen is an emerald green that had been crafted by the finest jewelers in the world, the summer is a deep red that represents the heat of the season, fall is a shallow brown that often matches the changing of the leaves, and winter is a mild grey shade that represents the “death and growth of new life." It is clear that the Four Seasons pen set has been designed for only the most luxurious of collectors. The attention to detail cannot be lost on this set. Though it does take a true collector to appreciate the craftsmanship and design that went into these pens. Rest assured; these are no ordinary pens. They are a gateway into the 1%, the writing prospects of only the richest of the rich. While most of us mere mortals only write on pens worth less than a dollar, there are people out there that have the audacity to write with pens that cost $36,000.

While there has been much intrigue about this pen set, there has also been much confusion. Many articles claim the Four Seasons Pen is actually a single pen that “changes colors." Unfortunately, the facts conclude that this is not true. Much confusion surrounds the Four Seasons Pen set. This is mostly because so few people actually know what it is. Fake news like this only adds to confusion surrounding a pen which is already rare and elusive. In reality it is a designer set of pens that come with special features and designs for only the most elite pen collectors. The set also comes with features that many people did not even know was available. It even comes with an automatic reloading ink slot that allows writers to quickly refill their ink when it gets low. However, it is not known how many people actually write with this pen. Some view it as purely a collector’s item and seek to keep it in pristine shape in hopes that it will increase in valuation over time. It would be a shame if these pens were ever lost for all of time, which is why so many people go out of their way to keep them pristine.

Another aspect that adds to the allure of the pens is how rare they are. Only 33 sets of the pens have ever been made, creating a strong market for the pens which drives up their price. Many people do not feel the need to shell out $36,000 for a pen in and of itself, so it makes sense to drive the demand by limiting the supply. The creator, Ferrari da Varese is, known for their unique and outrageous designs. Regardless of the reason that the people want the pen, it is undeniable that the story behind the Four Seasons Pen is worthy of a novel by itself. The great confusion around the pen has allowed investors to capitalize on their gains. However, the main problem is that these pens are rarely for sale. In fact, it is almost impossible to find them even if you desired to spend $36,000. It seems that the strategy to keep this pen set rate and exotic is working.

If you are lucky enough to write with this pen, then consider yourself one of the rare pen experts in the entire world. The richest of the rich will pay top dollar for products like this because they always want things that are rare and exotic. Yes, writing in style is nice but it seems that ink is generally ink. The only way to really see the advantages of this pen are to be a skilled calligrapher who has been trained in the art of writing. Only the true expert can understand the nuance and sophistication that goes with creating a set like. The pens are made from “18k caret gold," which leaves them sturdy enough to write with. Unfortunately, gold is too soft of a substance to make a pen out of exclusively, so Ferrari da Varese had to settle for an alloy that retained more of its strength. It is little tweaks like this that show the practicality and luxuriousness of the pen. If you are lucky enough to ever see or handle these pens, know that you are truly in the league of elite craftsmanship.

Overall, this pen is a great purchase if you can get your hands on it. But beware, the collectors of these pens are very particular about them. Therefore, it is hard to see them in the open. Sadly, most of us will have to settle with run-of-the-mill ballpoint pens that cost around $1. While these pens are not as nice as the Four Seasons Pen set, at least you won’t have to worry about breaking them. If you lose a them, just buy a new one. Given all the care that goes into maintaining these pens, it’s a wonder that the 1% have any time to manage their money at all.

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Written by Garrett Parker

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