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The Ten Finest Parker Pens In The World

Sonnet drawing pen

Parker Pens has created the most sophisticated, technologically advanced and stylish pens for over 125 years. George Safford Parker founded the company in 1888. Parker believed in innovation and at the time there was a need for a writing utensil that would help with a long life and limited ink leakage. Parker believed that craftsmanship and expertise went along with technically innovative ideas would yield a successful product, and he was correct.

Parker's mantra was "It will always be possible to make a pen better". Parker began selling his pens to students in 1863. After founding Parker Pens in 1889, Parker patented the first fountain pen. Within a decade, he patented the slip-on outer pen cap. In 1905, Parker Pens released the Black Giant, the largest fountain pen available. In 1921, Big Red, the Duofold fountain pen was issued and a few years later, Parker Pens opened a London distribution business expanding the company internationally.

Over the decades, Parker Pens remained one of the most prestigious pen companies creating stylish, contemporary and technically innovative pens to the world. The 1939 Parker 51 introduced the hooded nib and faster drying ink. The year 1954 saw the introduction of the Jotter, the first quality ball point pen with a large refill. Parker Pens has continued to advance the look and usefulness of the pen. They use quality materials, shapes and colors inspired by the elements and personalization to make each pen distinctive.

Here are the 10 finest Parker Pens.


Parker Jotter Pen

The Parker Jotter Pen is one of the most popular and affordable of the Parker Pens yet it maintains the company's image of quality, style and technology. The streamlined design is classic and sophisticated. The ball point pen is retractable and has a smooth grip. The pen has the famous Parker "P" engraved on its body. It is 13 centimeters long and is easy to refill. Parker Quick Flo ink is recommended but any Parker ink can be used. The pen is artistically designed, durable and easy to use. The Jotter is a fun and practical pen that lasts and appears professional. The affordable pen ranges from $10 to $20.


Duofold Parker Pen

The iconic Duofold Parker Pen was first released in 1921. The iconic pen is sophisticated and stylish. It proves that good craftsmanship makes a solid, quality long-lasting pen. The pen comes in ballpoint and roller ball styles. The Duofold pen is available in several colors. Parker Pens has released 3 special editions including the 125th Anniversary edition, the Historic Collection in red, white or blue and the Giant LE edition. The Duofold is one of Parker Pens most valuable pens and are priced between $304.00 and $367.00.


Classic Parker Pen

The Classic Parker Pen was released in 1967 and remains an iconic pen perfect for personal use, professional use and as a gift. The slim, well-balanced pen is both functional and sophisticated. The simple pen has the convenient and classy Parker Pen clip. It is lightweight and writes smoothly. Writing with the fine point Classic pens helps your writing look neat and aesthetically beautiful. The Classic is a pen with timeless style ad quality at an affordable price. The pen costs between $10 and $20.


Sonnet drawing pen

The Sonnet drawing pen is made with high precision engineering and classic style and elegance. The pens come in multiple finishes with gold trim. Colors include black, metal and pink. For comfortable and smooth writing, look no further than the Sonnet pen. It comes in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain styles. The Sonnet is a reliable and quality made pen. It is available for $95 to $393 depending on the specific style.



The modern Urban model by Parker Pens is marked by its dynamic curved design. It has a stainless steel tip and stands out in a crowd as a unique and stylish modern pen. The curved design makes it easy for left and right hand use. The Urban pen is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain styles. A variety of colors includes matte black or brown, metallic pink black or white, Mandarin orange, gold and amethyst pearl, silver blue and London Cab black. The pens range between $50 and $70.


Parker Vector Pen

Introduced in 2004, the Vector pen is fat with a molded barrel and a section of stainless steel and chrome. The chic style is great for professionals as well as students. Thee affordable pen is easy to use and writes fluidly. The style is refined with its cylinder shape and its classic Parker Pen clip. All materials are of the highest quality. The pen is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen styles. Colors include red, black, stainless steel, blue, white, Mexican green and bronze. This is a fun, inexpensive quality pen that will go anywhere. It costs between $8 and $20.


Parker IM fountainpen

Parker IM fountainpen

Created in 2006, the IM pen reflects the modern term "Instant Message" but also as a personalized pen, it is the "IM" pen. Parker Pens redesigned the pen in 2009. The smart pen has a high quality finish and performs and functions well. In the 2009 redesign, the arrow clip was removed and replaced with a sleeker clip with fins and a narrow end with an arrow. The cap ring is wider, and there is an added ring at the end of the fountain and rollerball pens. The 3-in-1 use was discontinued. Parker Pens released the IM model with stripes for 6 new finishes. The pen is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain. It comes in a variety of colors including black, black matte, gun metal, metallic brown and pink, twin metal and deep gun metal chiseled, pink and emerald pearl and brown shadow.


Parker Ambient Pen

Parker Pen's Ambient style pen is pristine and classy. It comes in both ballpoint and rollerball. It has a clean lacquered cap and barrel with a brushed metal grip. Chrome trim highlights add sophistication to the pen. The Ambient has a twist mechanism to open the nib. Writing with the Ambient pen is effortless as the pen glides across the page. The pen costs approximately $60 to $110.


Parker Ingenuity Pen

The Parker Ingenuity pen boasts Parker Pen's Parker 5th Mode Technology. This advanced pen technology delivers a pen with the classic look of a fountain pen, the smooth and precise writing of a rollerball and the easy use, smudge proof and longevity of the ballpoint pen. The Ingenuity has a tip that easily and quickly adjusts to the user's writing style. The flexible up and down movement of the front helps the pen move seamlessly. The Ingenuity does not leak from pressure, impact or temperature. The refill tip maximizes off-cap time so the ink does not dry out. The Ingenuity costs between $140 and $180.


Parker Galaxy Pen

For an inexpensive yet stylish pen, the Galaxy is a good pen that writes well and looks smart and sophisticated. It has a slim design with a nice looking shiny hood at the top and gold plated trim for added elegance. The pen carries the Parker Pen arrow-shaped clip. The Galaxy is a pen that is similar to the Jotter and Classic in style and writing ability. It can be found for as low as $10.

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