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A Closer Look at the Visconti The Forbidden City H.R.H. Fountain Pen

Visconti The Forbidden City H.R.H. Fountain Pen

Those who have a passion for luxury fountain pens, particularly in the sphere of collectors and avid enthusiasts will be enamored of an example that sells for a whopping $50,000 per unit. The Visconti The Forbidden City H.R.H. Fountain Pen is a strictly limited edition release, created for collectors as well as those who appreciate the finer things in life and will settle for nothing less. What makes a fountain pen worth tens of thousands of dollars? If you're a serious collector, you know the answer, but if you're in the process of developing your passion for collecting fine luxury pens, then a closer look at the Visconti Forbidden City HRH fountain pen can open up a brand new world and perspective on the value of collectible pieces as we examine the elements that build value.

The Visconti Forbidden City H.R. H. Limited Edition Gold & Diamond Fountain Pen

This magnificent example features a shaft that is crafted of two tone 18K white gold with black resin which gives it a sophisticated profile. The dreamtouch nib is made of 23K palladium. The main color of the pen is black with a secondary gold coloring. This extravagant piece is finished with the careful placement of 261 white diamonds and it features a filling system power filler for high performance. The premium materials used in the creation of this artistic and functional writing implement are highly valuable. The pen was manufactured in Italy.

The story behind the pen

The Visconti Forbidden City HRH Limited Edition Pen was made in honor of the city located in Beijing, China, which served as home for the Imperial family and this was the case for over 500 years. The city was called the Forbidden City because only those who were members of the royal family, or who served them were allowed within its gates and it remained closed to all others. The pen is a tribute to the city. The design team consisted of M. Carla Benedetti, along with Dante Del Vecchio, president of Visconti and they worked on the development of this magnificent piece for seven years.

The uniqueness of this pen is found within the resin overlay which offers a glimpse at the physical layout of the Forbidden City with a design reminiscent of cages symbolizing the isolation of the location, with nods to the mythical beings alluded to within the culture of the Chnese, in small sterling vermeil figures appearing as mini sculptures, otherwise known as the gods in the form of a lion, a phoenix and a dragon. The handwork that has gone into this piece is extensive and it is a pen that took hours of skilled hand crafting administered by talented artisans under the direction of the design team.

The combination of value attributes

When answering the question, what makes this pen worth $50,000? we must look at the various attributes which meld together to create value. Of course, when it comes to fountain pens, the audience that stands up and takes notice are those who are fountain pen enthusiasts, those who are fond of luxury writing implements and those who are collectors within this realm. There is a psychological and emotional connection to address, the more business focused notion of the inherent value of the example and the historical value which are all necessary elements when it comes to building value in the collectible market.

The emotional connection

First, we look at the emotional connection for those who find value in premium luxury pens. These are people who value the aesthetics along with the notion of owning an expensive, attractive and prestigious piece. The materials are of the finest quality including precious metals, white diamonds and a hand made quality that involved hours of labor. This pen is high in quality with no shortcuts taken. It's one of the most well built pens in the world, Italian made and sparing no expense in its design or construction. It's fully functional and provides a pleasant writing experience with a high tech filling system.

The business of collectibles

Emotions aside, collectors are looking for investments that are a value for the asking price. They pay what a piece is estimated to be worth and if there is a likelihood that the value will increase with the passage of time it has the best chance of becoming a piece that will serve as a sound business investment for the future. There were just 88 pieces ever created of the Visconti The Forbidden City H.R.H. Fountain Pen, so this grants it the status of being a rare pen and it can be difficult to find an example in pristine condition. It's not something that you can just go out and purchase on a whim, and it's even more likely that you'll need to find one offered at auction and bid against others with an equal interest in the item.

The historical value

This pen gives a nod to the city that is known for its greatness, with significance in the history of China and their royal family. It's a piece that stands for something that has great meaning not only for those who have a connection with China, but also for those interested in the history which it represents in carefully planned details which serve as symbols of an important era in time.

Final thoughts

The Visconti, The Forbidden City H.R.H. Fountain Pen satisfies the criteria for status as a fine collectible luxury pen with its rarity, premium luxury materials and an interesting back story. It took seven years and multiple prototypes just to deliver what would become the final blueprint for manufacture. It stands as an excellent example of what luxury fountain pen enthusiasts and collectors are looking for when they desire to add the most unique pieces to their collections.

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