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The Five Best Cartier Pens Ever Produced

Cartier Crocodiles de Cartier Exceptional Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Cartier is a French luxury brand that has produced some of the finest and valuable accessories in the world. The company has enjoyed a long and successful history providing loyal customers with high-quality designer jewelry for more than a century. The brand has created a remarkable line of writing instruments. Their unique designs and innovations are regarded as some of the most lovely and desired by pen collectors throughout the world. Here are the vie best Cartier pens ever produced for your knowledge enhancement and enjoyment.

Cartier Green Santos Dumont Ballpoint Pen

5. Cartier Green Santos Dumont Ballpoint Pen $1,905

The Cartier Green Santos Dumont is a ballpoint model that is among the most admired in the history of the brand's spectacular lineup. This pen is available in a 2020 model featuring green lacquer detailing on the cap with a lovely resin cabochon at the tip. This is a writing instrument that was designed for the tastes of the discriminating male collector with masculine features. Engravings that are signature features of the Cartier brand adorn the pen exhibiting the skills of the artisans that spend hours hand-engraving each detail. The pen measures 13.5 cm in length with a nice balance that feels comfortable in the hand. This piece is likely to maintain or exceed its original value by virtue of the delicate precious gemstones used in its exquisite design.

Cartier santos


4. Cartier Santos Black Silver Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen Price: $2,095

The Santos Black Silver Limited Edition Ballpoint pen is a remarkable writing instrument that is now a collector's item with a limited number ever produced for distribution throughout the world. Cartier's designers created this pen with sleek aesthetics augmented by grand patterns of elegant elements that give it a finished high-end appearance. The perfect balance of weight makes it comfortable to hold. While it's the ideal gift for any male pen enthusiast, the innovative writing system that ensures a steady and consistent flow of ink makes this a useful writing instrument that is made to be used for that purpose. The pen comes with paperwork for authentication. It measures 13.5 cm in length with a ballpoint ink delivery system. The barrel is made of durable resin material in black color with a wonderfully patterned contrasting silver cap.

Cartier Crocodiles de Cartier Exceptional Limited Edition Fountain Pen

3. Cartier Crocodiles de Cartier Exceptional Limited Edition Fountain Pen Price: $7,200

The Crocodiles de Cartier is a highly collectible fountain pen that was strictly limited to a production total of just 888 pieces. Each is individually numbered. This unique fountain pen is a part of Cartier's animal-shaped Menagerie signed by Cartier collection. The first pen in the series was made to pay tribute to the panther. This example was inspired by the Maria Felix crocodile necklace, a commissioned piece from Maison. The essence has been recreated by Cartier in the form of a fountain pen featuring two crocodiles coiled up around realistic scales. Master artisans chiseled their shapes with precious cabochons at both ends. Peridot and a citrine were chosen to align with the colors of the Felix necklace. A solid gold nib features the engraved face of the reptile. This special limited edition pen comes with a transparent crystal stand for display. The retail selling price of $7,200 is just a starting point for assessing the value of this rare collectible that will no doubt rise in value over time. It is one of the most unique pens ever created by the Cartier brand.

2. Cartier Dandy Gold Plated Black Laquer Limited Edition Fountain Pen Price: $1,500

The Cartier Dandy Gold Plated Black Lacquer Limited Edition Fountain Pen is yet another notable collectible piece. This pen was limited to a total of just 1,847 pieces for distribution throughout the world. The artisans at Cartier treated the high-quality black lacquer material used for the cap and barrel with an overlay of gold plating to add value and visual appeal to this precision writing instrument. The pen features a consistent flow of ink for smooth and even fountain style use. Although its bright and shiny gold exterior makes it desirable for a display stand, it is intended to be used for practical writing as well. The pen is unisex in its design and suitable for both male and female collectors. Although this collectible is not exceptionally rare, it is expected to increase in value through time as the numbers of examples within the collection begin to diminish. It's a solid investment as a fine collectible if given the proper protection and care. While the Dandy is one of Cartier's most beautiful pens, there is one that surpasses its beauty and value to become the best pen in Cartier's history.

1. Cartier Dragon Decor Pen Price: $179,000

Perhaps one of the most magnificent pens ever created by Cartier is the Dragon Decor model. This example is a fountain pen that is made of Black lacquer with pure yellow gold accents in decorative contrasting stripes over the black lacquer barrel and skillfully sculpted into the shape of a dragon that adorns the cap. The dragon is adorned with a series of brilliant-cut diamonds of the finest quality, creating a sense of texture that resembles dragon scales. The incredibly detailed sculpted dragon sits atop a burgundy lacquer cap with accents of blue lacquer for contrast, offset by several genuine emeralds. This highly stylized writing instrument was limited to a production number within the collection to just 8 pieces. Each is individually numbered with authentication documentation provided for the fortunate collector making the purchase. This is one of Cartier's most expensive pens. It is also one of the rarest and most highly collectible pieces ever produced. The Dragon Decor Pen is our pick for the number one best pen that Cartier's designers and artisans have ever assembled.

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