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A Closer Look at the Perrier-Jouët Anniversary Edition Pen by Omas

Perrier-Jouët Anniversary Edition pen by Omas

With so many fine pens, choosing the one that best represents your personal style is challenging. However, for lovers of Perrier-Jouët, the choice is simple. The Perrier-Jouët Anniversary Edition Pen by Omas Brings all the elegance and appeal of your favorite champagne into the palm of your hand as a stunning commemorative writing implement. Of course, deciding you want one is more straightforward than getting your hands on this $134,000 pen. They do come up for sale now and then, but you'll have to put the feelers out to grab one of these intricate art pens when they come up for resale or auction.

The Perrier-Jouët pen by Omas is a limited edition for discerning collectors, so they released only a few for the companies 200th anniversary in 2011. You have a choice of styles. One thousand piston filling Fountain Pens make up the majority of the collection with just 811 Roller Balls to fill out the remainder. There's a profound symbolism to this pen. The specific number is representative of the year Perrier-Jouët first began creating their unique champagne. Collectors understand the need for more than excellent materials. While the Pens themselves are a work of art, it is the history behind them that gives the real value to the attractive facade.

The Franco Prussian War & Subsequent Belle Epoque

To adequately express the beauty of the Perrier-Jouët Anniversary Edition Pen by Omas, we have to first discuss the artistic influence of the post-Franco-Prussian War era known as the Belle Epoque on the Maison Perrier-Jouet bottle design. As a venerable and mature company that has been around since 1811, it has been through more than most.

Wartime is never easy on a company, but makers of luxury goods tend to fare better than most since even conquerors want the finer things in life and a countries' value lies in its land, people and goods. Moreover, a company that makes food or alcohol almost always survives since both are in high demand. After the Second French Empire and the North German Confederation went to war and killed over a quarter of a million people in the region (soldiers and civilians, including smallpox victims from French POW's in Germany), there came a period of just over forty years where France thrived.

This era called the Golden Age of France, and the Belle Epoque helped to bring about many beautiful advances in art and architecture. The Art Nouveau style was a result of this peaceful era before WWI. The Perrier-Jouët company translated this beauty into their unique bottle style, which reflects the (arguably) most beautiful period in French History.

Art Nouveau

Exceptional beauty is often a result of great tragedy, and so it is with Art Nouveau which was created intentionally as a way to move beyond not only the horrors of war but also the prewar era artistic styles and influences. The undulating and asymmetrical lines that characterize Art Nouveau are inspired by the beauty of nature and the more symmetrical linear patterns of Japanese ukiyo-e art.

The highly stylized flowers are visually arresting to say the least. Perrier-Jouët chose this style to adorn their bottles in order to evoke that beauty and peace. The elegance of Art Nouveau lines is used to this day by Perrier-Jouët and many other companies to create an almost sensual yet classy appeal.

The particular design on the 811 champagne bottles is inspired by Belle Epoque Cuvée, drawn by Emile Gallé. Arguably his most famous work featured the iconic anemonies (flowers) you see mirrored on the bottles and in this singular pen.

Maison Perrier-Jouët

Based in the Épernay region of Champagne, Maison Perrier Jouet was founded by Pierre Nicolas Perrier, a former cork supplier and his wife Rose Adelaïde Jouët (Adele) the year after their wedding. Though they wouldn't purchase the Avenue Du Champagne building that eventually became the permanent home of their fine champagne until three years later.

Upon his father's death, Charles Perrier took over the company and created the first brut. However, it wasn't until his nephew Henri Gallice took over the company that Perrier-Jouët gained the iconic bottle. He commissioned the now-famous design in 1902, but it was initially too expensive to reproduce for sale. Only four custom made magnums were ever created, and these went into a cellar.

In 1959, the Gallice family sold to Champagne Mumm (who later became part of Pernod-Ricard in 2005). It was Champagne Mumm's cellar master André Baveret who found the iconic bottles hidden in a cellar and decided to take the design and use it for the Belle Epoch cuvees. By this time, the designs could be easily reproduced thanks to technological advances.

The Anniversary Edition Pen

The designer elements of this singular and lovely pen are all carefully chosen to remind the bearer of a bottle of the Belle Epoch cuvee. The body is mainly comprised of a rare green cotton resin that evokes the dark intrigue of the glass bottle. Engraved in 18k rose gold around the barrel is a reference to the famed original art created for the hand-painted bottles with it's iconic and refined aesthetic.

The golden nib and top of the cap both bear the PJ mark of the company. Additionally, the cap and ring of the nib holder both bear the Omas logo to show the intricate and thoughtful collaboration between these two grand creators of fine quality products. A cutout letter O on the barrel also marks this pen as an Omas original design.

Made to carefully and comfortably fit the hand, the pen measures 5.7 inches / 14.5 centimeters. It weighs a mere 1.1 ozs to imbue it with a light yet firm feel. For an even more exclusive experience, you can (try to) find a copy of the exclusive Luxury Limited Edition in 20 numbered pieces. It may be guiding the lily, or anemone as the case may be, but the smaller collection of limited edition pens are even more unparalleled option for inscribing your most important paperwork.

Final Thoughts

Sophisticated and smart, this pen is truly a collector dream for aficionados of both brands. Along with its elegant packaging, there is no better way to show off your cultivated style and excellent taste. A document signed with this pen has the distinction of being marked with the discerning history of Omas and Perrier-Jouët as well as the bearers' own individual brand.

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