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A Closer Look at the $1.47 Million Aurora Diamante

Aurora Diamante

When you sit in a corner office somewhere, it means you are tasked with some of the executive decisions, and most probably your signature will end up on many office documents. Take for instance the President, he has to sign so many bills and reports, and you might wonder what kind of pens he uses to append the signatures; is it a regular one or does the government set aside a ridiculous amount of money for executive pens? According to CNN, President Trump signs executive orders using a Century II black lacquer and gold roller ballpoint pen and the White House ordered 150 of them. The pen is manufactured by A.T Cross, and Donald Trump's predecessors set precedence by also using the Cross pens although Clinton is the one who stamped the tradition. Now, when you learn that there is a pen that goes for $1.47 million and yet even the White House where the most powerful government in the world is housed uses a pen that costs less than a hundred dollars, you have to wonder who in the world would want to own such a pen. However we live in a place where there exists a book that records the greatest achievements and since there are multibillionaires, it would not surprise us to see one of them write a check of $1.47 million in exchange for the Aurora Diamante. If you also have some millions to spare and are interested in owning this pen, how about you first learn all you can about it.

Platinum barrel

You will often hear of a music artist having gone platinum and although the expression is thrown about by the media, most people do not understand what it means. For an artist to go platinum, he needs to sell 1 million copies of a single record, and of course, that translates to massive financial success. In comparison, the gold benchmark is when the artist sells half a million copies, and therefore, you can begin to understand the weight that platinum carries even in the music industry. The Aurora Diamante has a barrel that is made exclusively from platinum, two hectograms to be precise. Platinum is a precious metal, and since they are priced depending on their weight, two hectograms are equal to two hundred grams, which is quite a significant weight hence the price. Besides, platinum is very scarce since it is not mined as much as other precious metals; hence, it is bound to be more expensive than the rest.

Gold Nib

Anyone passionate about Greek mythology must have read the story of King Midas and how he turned whatever he touched into gold. So popular is the myth that those who have an ear for soul music must have listed to Midnight Stars' "Midas Touch." Gold has for so long become a symbol of wealth, and even Christians read that baby Jesus was presented with three gifts by the Wise men from the East and gold was among them, to signify he was a king. The Aurora Diamante must have been constructed with the rich as the target audience because it has a golden nib. With such a pen in hand, writing has never been as valuable, and it makes whatever you put down worth reading, even if it is a lame joke. The solid gold nib is 18 carats, and it contributes to the astronomical figure of $1.47 million.

De Beers diamonds

Diamonds are undoubtedly the most preferred way of pimping any jewelry or accessories, and the minute they are added, the price tag skyrockets. Aurora Diamante is encrusted with 1,919 De Beers diamonds that weigh more than 30 carats. The choice of the manufacturer to use De Beers diamonds must be because they emphasize quality and De Beers is reputed as the world's leading diamond firm, controlling 35% of the global diamond production. For almost the entire 20th century De Beers controlled the diamond market, but the monopoly has since been broken down as Wikipedia enlightens us.

If you are keen, you will notice that the number of diamonds used is precisely 1,919, which is in line with when the Aurora Company was founded. As such, since it is attached to the history of the company that made it, the pen is sure to have a price that speaks of the fact.

More about the manufacturing company

After Italy experienced war, they signed the Versailles treaty in 1919, and it became the beginning of laying the foundation of a new Italy. Consequently, a rich merchant saw this as his opportunity to make a mark by turning his dreams into a reality through the establishment of Aurora in Torino, as explained by Aurora. Since the founding of the company, the pens produced have always been of the highest quality, and nothing has come in the way. Not the destruction of the original offices in Torino after the Second World War nor the decision to expand the factory.

Unlike auto manufacturing companies that have some of the car parts made in other countries, Aurora prides itself in making all the parts of the pen. The extremely high standards are met through continuous, thorough inspections as well as recruiting highly-trained staff. The only thing that Aurora outsources is the ink which still undergoes testing to ensure it does not compromise the high standards that have come to be synonymous with the company.

Why the high price?

Now that you know that Aurora Diamante has an 18-carat gold nib, 30-carat diamonds encrusted on the barrel and a 2-hectogram platinum barrel, you might start to see why the pen comes with such a high price tag. Even if the history of exceptional standards of the manufacturing company may have something to do with the price, there is still one more thing you are yet to know. Aurora makes only one of these pens per year, so if you have enough cash not to feel a pinch spending millions on a pen, you might get this one or wait until next year when they make another.

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