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The 10 Best Waterman Pen Models of All-Time

Waterman Pens

Everyone has a pen preference—ball point, fine point, fountain, etc. There are a ton of different pens out there, but there are only a select number of luxury pen brands that are really worth the attention. The Waterman pen company has been making some of the best and most sophisticated luxury fountain pens since 1884. There’s a reason why this manufacturer is still around, and that’s because they create custom pens that turn into legacies. Today, you can find Waterman pens that sell for $50, but you’ll also find pens that sell for $200. In no particular order, here’s a list of the 10 best Waterman pen models of all time.

1. Waterman Perspective Blue, Rollerball Pen - $126.35

This pen is made in France just like all the other Waterman pens. The first thing you’ll notice is the deep Waterman blue of the cover that preludes the blue lacquer of the pen inside. The pen has an instinctive modern design. It has clean lines that’s reminiscent of an architectural style. This Perspective Blue uses Waterman’s Rollerball technology to produce a fine blue ink like you’ve never seen before. It’s simple and elegant, and your strokes with this pen will look just like so.

2. Waterman Black with Golden Trim, Fountain Pen - $87.71

You can get this Waterman Black with either a fine or medium nib. Depending on your preference, you’ll find that both nibs are equally pleasant to write with. This unique pen has a black exterior and has golden accents that add to its old-world luxurious look. What’s fascinating about this pen is that its nib is made of 23k gold and stainless steel. This pen writes with stunning blue ink that only Waterman can offer.

3. Waterman Hemisphere Black with Golden Trim, Ballpoint Pen - $48.99

Here’s another black and gold pen for comparison. Roughly half the price of the Waterman Black, the Hemisphere Black writes with a ballpoint tip. Not everyone can manage with a fountain pen, but no worries. This ballpoint Waterman is just as good. The Hemisphere also features a sleek black lacquer and 23k golden trim. The overall slim design of the pen allows for an easy grip. The 23k golden clip is an added bonus. This particular pen writes with a medium tip that will not dry out.

4. Waterman Expert Precious, Rollerball Pen - $79.76

There are so many details on this Expert Precious pen that makes it stand out even among other Waterman pens. The matte satin black lacquer is a stark contrast against the palladium-plated barrel that makes the body of the pen. It has a unique cigar shape reminiscent of a Parisian afternoon. The angular grooves on the body of the pen add that touch of sophistication. This Rollerball writes with pure finesse.

5. Waterman Expert Black Lacquer with Golden Trim, Ballpoint Pen - $66.74

It’s classically stylish and effective. It’s the pen for the executive. The deep glossy black lacquer is mesmerizing, and that is only accented by the golden trim. The clip of the pen is also made out of 23k gold. You’ll have to twist this pen to open and close; its retractable twist makes for easy accessibility. You’ll feel exactly how smooth this medium tip writes, and it’s hard to write with anything else after you’ve written with this Waterman Expert.

6. Waterman Carene Ballpoint Pen Pouch Blue Obsession Gift Set - $196.80

When you’ve got a pen inspired by a yacht, you know it’s going to be something special. The Waterman Carene is reminiscent of both ocean and vessel. The blue lacquer on the pen is like the Caribbean waters—fresh and airy. A metal cap that’s both modern and classy contrasts the blue body of the pen. The silver of the cap features a crisscross design that represents Waterman’s history. There’s truly no other pen like the Waterman Carene, and this Blue Obsession is probably one of the best gifts you can give anyone who’s even remotely into pens.

7. Waterman Expert Matte Black, Rollerball Pen - $79.86

If glossy isn’t your style, Waterman has an option for you. The Expert Matte Black offers all the qualities of a traditional Waterman pen but without the shine. The matte black is extremely modern against the palladium-plated trim. It makes for a truly intense pen perfect for the most intense writer. While modern and simple, this pen is also strikingly elegant. It writes with the finest black point that maintains consistency when writing. This Waterman Expert is as comfortable as anyone would want a pen to be.

8. Waterman Expert Stainless Steel, Rollerball Pen - $73.75

This Waterman has the sophisticated cigar silhouette and the usual executive flair. What’s different with this pen is the lack of lacquer, which creates a different look altogether. The Waterman Expert Stainless Steel is ultra sleek and contemporary. It’s a simple piece that can function both as your everyday pen or the pen you sign your most important documents with. It’s weighted enough for stability but not too heavy for discomfort.

9. Waterman Perspective Black with Golden Trim, Ballpoint Pen - $86.79

With clean lines and sharp angles, this Waterman Perspective will remind you of a glorious skyscraper against the Parisian sky. This black-lacquered Waterman Perspective has a stunning golden trim that leads up to the ballpoint pen. The tip writes with such flawless fine glide, and the black ink matches the lacquer on the pen’s body. This pen is manufactured in France with innovation and modernity in mind, but it also has the quality that makes a pen a Waterman.

10. Waterman Expert Black with Golden Trim, Rollerball Pen - $72.24

This pen is mostly black lacquer, but the golden trim highlights the elegant silhouette of this Waterman. It’s just the sort of pen that resonates Waterman’s timeless elegance, but it’s the tip that makes this pen worth it. This Waterman Expert has the Rollerball tip that Waterman is famous for. It writes with effortless control, and it’s comfortable to touch. There’s truly no better pen to write with everyday than this Waterman Expert—possibly apart from another Waterman pen.

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