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20 Things You Didn't Know About AppOmni


SaaS stands for Software as a Service. SaaS lets users like you and I to connect to cloud-based apps and use them. However, cloud-based applications need protection, and that's just where AppOmni steps in. AppOmni is the leader when it comes to SaaS Security Management. By calling upon AppOmni, organizations can have the tools necessary to protect their critical and sensitive data. AppOmni uses technology which continuously monitors the organizations SaaS ecosystem for security breaches. Companies which use AppOmni include Microsoft 365, Zoom and Salesforce, among others. AppOmni recently scored a $70 million in funds. It plans to use those funds to achieve and maintain a stronger global presence as well as continuing developing 5 star SaaS security management tools.

20 Things You Didn't Know About AppOmni

A big part of how AppOmni leads the pack in SaaS Security Management is the way they treat their employees. AppOmni is a forward-thinking company that believes that their employees should thrive, not simply survive. In order to become the best, they need people who are the best. As such, they nurture their stable of talent, ensuring they have a healthy work/home life balance. Being a believer in worker autonomy plays a big part in AppOmni's success. According to AppOmni, "Our team is empowered to enjoy life, work when inspired, and available when needed."

1. AppOmni on CloudTech's 2021 List of Innovative Cloud Companies

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This means that users, such as ourselves, can use cloud-based apps. AppOmni was recognized by CloudTech because of its concentrated efforts on providing security for third party applications, not just for network access. The basic function of AppOmni is to keep an eye on public access portals, third party applications and network access points, all while providing the continuous security.

2. APAC Expands AppOmni INFINITY Partner Program

In May of 2022 AppOmni announced its planned expansion to APAC and EMEA countries. APAC refers to countries in Southeast Asia, Southern Asia, East Asia and Oceania, while EMEA refers to countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asian continent. What does this mean? It means that those benefiting from the partner expansion will experience exactly what they need: Continued support with a center on software as a service security.

3. AppOmni Updated its Pricing Tiers

The leaders of AppOmni are quite clear on their intention to provide the absolute best in SaaS security for their clients. They're not only beefing up their security services but also implemented updated pricing tiers: Essentials, enhanced and enterprise. Essential refers to basic services, enhanced is a step up from basic, and enterprise offers the complete package to clients. By having these three pricing tiers, AppOmni is able to be more inclusive in providing services to a wider audience.

4. AppOmni's Customer Support is Superb

A huge part of AppOmni's growth comes from its unyielding support network for clients. Jeremy Miller of Coravant states that AppOmni's approach to service and support is second to none, stating that they offer clients, " training, resources, opportunities, and a truly collaborative approach that supports our success.

5. CRN Recognizes AppOmni in its Partner Program Guide

2022's edition of CRN's Partner Program Guide gave AppOmni a shout out for the second time based on their commitment to providing quality client care and proven investment skills. Their program guide highlights the best vendors in IT. Elements of consideration include client support, partner training and general resource availability. In short, AppOmni treats its partners well. The result is trust in a service which is easy to use while offering excellent support.

6. AppOmni Named as a 2021 SINET16 Innovator

The SINET16 award is an annual presentation to the top cybersecurity companies from around the globe. It acknowledges their excellence and commitment when it comes to providing clients with the best cybersecurity services. Of these companies only 16 are selected to receive the award. These 16 companies are referred to as the SINET16 Innovators. In 2021 AppOmni graciously accepted this award due to their dedicated efforts to provide and consistently improve their cybersecurity services.

7. AppOmni Score Three ISPG Awards in 2020

In 2020 AppOmni captured three awards from ISPG. ISPG or Info Security Products Guide awards are presented to companies in IT and cybersecurity that provide clients with unique solutions to their security issues. The awards received include: Gold for their excellent security solutions, Silver for Startup of the Year, Silver for CTO Brian Soby for CTO of the Year. CEO Brendan O'Connor expresses AppOmni's appreciation, “AppOmni’s most important achievement is our ability to help organizations institute security guardrails to protect cloud data".

8. Jeffries Tags AppOmni for SaaS Security

Jeffries is a financial institution involved in wealth management, investment banking, capital markets and more. For years Jeffries handled their own security but realized that times were changing. In effect, today information technologies is moving so fast that it's hard to keep up with security. After multiple attacks, Jeffries went to AppOmni for help. As a result, their cybersecurity is much tighter, cost effective and efficient.

9. The AppOmni Developer Platform Ensures Greater Security for Clients

The AppOmni Developer Platform means that their exceptional SaaS expertise will extend to any SaaS application. Here, your applications will be continuously monitored enhancing the level of cybersecurity in order to protect your sensitive data. By using their developer platform users such as clients, developers and partners will be better able to take a more aggressive and proactive stance against attacks.

10. AppOmni Uses a SaaS Security Checklist

This SaaS security checklist is unique to AppOmni. This checklist is designed to help clients comprehend just what a SaaS security program is, thus helping them to understand the services offered to them by AppOmni. The SaaS security checklist covers the following: Configuration and posture management, deep security architecture, automated workflow, DevSecOps, governance and risk compliance, system functionality, and continuous monitoring, threat assessment and detection.

11. AppOmni Offers Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

SaaS and cloud platforms require constant monitoring for threats. After all, these aren't static platforms, but dynamic ones. As such any organization that only employs scheduled audits are not doing enough to protect their sensitive data. Organizations looking to protect their companies SaaS ecosystem really need to utilize a system which continuously monitors their ecosystem. By using AppOmni's tools, organizations will be able to actively act on alerts as they happen.

12. AppOmni's Services Help Prevent Data Exposure and Security Gaps

In today's ever evolving tech world, SaaS applications are growing along with their organizations dependence on them. Consequently, the necessary cybersecurity programs have not kept up. This means that an organization is at increased risk when it comes to their sensitive data. That's just where AppOmni steps in. Their continuous monitoring along with their innovative Developer Platform ensures that SaaS apps from both vendors and those created by the organization receive the optimal care they deserve.

13. Real Estate Group Emaar Partners with AppOmni

When Emaar's Group Technology division began having security issues, they turned to AppOmni to help resolve those issues and find long-term solutions. The result was a sound one: AppOmni provided Emaar's Group Technology division with the necessary protection, "we are moving our business to cloud and SaaS applications and visibility has become our center of governance. It’s our key priority and AppOmni solves this challenge.” Binoo Joseph of the Emaar Group.

14. Accenture Partners with AppOmni

Accenture learned the hard way that performing manual configuration checks was not only time consuming but also cost them productivity. In other words, doing things the manual way was a waste of valuable resources. Enter AppOmni. With AppOmni Accenture found that having an automated system was much more efficient and costs effective. By partnering with AppOmni Accenture found that they could do in a couple of days what used to take months. Not only was it faster, it was more accurate and offered clients better security for their sensitive data.

15. Scale Ventures Partnered with AppOmni

Scale Ventures is a company which seeks out tech startups that develop smart or cognitive software for businesses. While the company did its best to control their own security, they realized that in order to deal successfully with breaches in security they needed more help than their small IT/cybersecurity force could handle. Their search led them to AppOmni. AppOmni constant monitoring of their SaaS ecosystem proved successful. “AppOmni provides a real partnership around securing my cloud footprint. I hadn’t seen a tool do what they do with configuration management. I’m looking forward to adding more apps to our AppOmni footprint because I love what the tool does.” Bob Genchi, Scale Venture Partners

16. AppOmni Raises $70 Million

AppOmni recently raised $70 Million in series C round. Thoma Bravo led the charge with previous investors, Costanoa, ClearSky, Salesforce and Scale close behind. This newly acquired funding will allow AppOmni to continue to remain competitive, develop high quality products, and improve their global reach. The market for dependable and reliable SaaS security services shows no sigh of slowing down.

17. AppOmni's SaaS Security Management Solution Hits Google Cloud Marketplace

As we well know, AppOmni is among the world's leading providers of SaaS security. In 2022, AppOmni became part of the Google Cloud Marketplace. This means if you're in the market for the best SaaS security product, all one needs to do is hit up Google Cloud Marketplace and purchase it. Their SaaS security service will free up valuable time for IT specialists, integrate security controls into your companies SaaS ecosystem, and much more as it secures your companies sensitive data.

18. AppOmni Protects High Profile Applications from Security Breaches

You might not consider it, but you've probably used an application which is protected by AppOmni. For instance, if you've been involved in a Zoom conference, used GitHub, Slack, Google Workforce, Microsoft 365 or Salesforce, you've come in contact with a company that utilizes AppOmni's service. By employing AppOmni, these companies enjoy the security provided by their six SaaS Security Capabilities: Configuration and Posture Management, 3rd Party Application Management, Monitoring and Detection, Automated Workflow, DevSecOps, and Governance and Risk Compliance.

19. AppOmni's Four Steps to Increase SaaS Security

With more and more businesses employing cloud services with regard to data, there exists the possibility of successive data breaches. This is due to the fact that while the cloud continues to grow, SaaS security has still to catch up. Therefore, AppOmni has proposed four steps for companies to take in order to make their data more secure. These include: Share the responsibility of SaaS security, be aware that there are limits to tools available, clearly define who it is that handles SaaS security in the company, and be proactive with regards to SaaS security.

20. AppOmni Backs a SaaS Management Solution to Secure Critical Data

Sensitive data belongs to the organization. That being said, the organization is responsible for protecting their data. In a recent White Paper, AppOmni believes that from now until 2025, 99 percent of cloud breaches will be the clients fault. Due to the nature of the data held in SaaS applications they are now being targeted more and more. If security configurations aren't taken care of, then the risk of loosing critical data to an attack increases. To fix this, AppOmni suggests implementing a SaaS Security Management solution which is automated to monitor the SaaS ecosystem continuously.

Final Thoughts

As we've already established, AppOmni Is the leader when it comes to SaaS Security Management companies. Their patent-pending technology is second to none when it comes to security for cloud-based applications. In fact, their tech has no problem integrating into any SaaS ecosystem. As such, it helps to alleviate the workload of the organizations IT/cybersecurity staff, allowing them to concentrate on their other duties. All of this means the organization gets top-notch security for its SaaS environment.

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