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20 Things You Didn't Know About Amperity


Amperity is a Seattle, Washington-based startup that specializes in the provision of software and services to empower global consumer brands by unlocking all their customer data. To better help people to use data and improve service to customers, it is changing the way that companies identify, connect with, and understand their customers through a Customer 360 view that improves marketing performance, provides accurate customer insights, and enables world-class experiences. If you're not yet familiar with the company, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Amperity.

1. Amperity is a versatile organization

According to Crunchbase, Amperity is listed under five different industries because of the large scope of services that it covers. It is an analytics provider to help businesses learn more pertinent information about their customers. It is a Big Data company that unlocks relevant facts and information about customers. It uses machine learning technology, to improve marketing through a platform that is distributed in the form of useful software.

2. Amperity is a young company

The Seattle startup is still in the early phase of its development. It was founded in 2016. Amperity has only been in operation for five years, but it is growing and expanding at a rapid rate, which is impressive for the length of time that it has been in business. During a time when many new startups flounder and fail, Amperity has found solid footing with a platform that has been well-received by its target audiences.

3. The founders of Amperity are serial entrepreneurs

Derk Slager and Kabir Shahani are the co-founders of Amperity. This is the second business that these two entrepreneurs have established together. Their first business venture was a tech company called Appature, which focused on providing businesses with marketing tools and big data access. The pair enjoys a long history of friendship and successful business endeavors together.

4. Amperity has an impressive customer base

Amperity has attracted the attention of some of the largest and most beloved brands in the world. They provide business solutions for Alaska Airlines, The Gap Inc, Wynn Resorts, Kendra Scott, Moet Hennessy USA, Starbucks, Seattle Sounders, Planet Fitness, Lucky Brand, Kendra Scott, Stanley, and numerous other brands. The solutions specialize in helping clients develop customer loyalty programs that specifically target the needs and preferences of their unique customer bases through data access that helps them better know and understand their customers.

5. Amperity has a 17-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team that is in charge of Amperity is comprised of seventeen members. Kabir Shahani is the chief executive officer and co-founder. Derek Slager is a co-founder and chief technology officer. Amy Pelly is the chief financial officer. Kris Larson is the vice president of solutions engineering enablement and SI leader, Dave Fetterman is the vice president of engineering. Stephen Meyles is the chief architect. Chris Chapo is the vice president of advanced analytics. Christina Miller is general counsel for Amperity, and they are joined by nine other members of executive leaders.

6. Amperity has a five-member board of directors and advisors

Amperity has a board of directors that is comprised of six highly qualified advisors. Kevin Johnson is a member of the board serving on one board in an advisory role. Chris Picardo joined the board in December 2017 as a board observer. He is a senior associate at Madrona Venture Group and currently serves on 7 boards in advisory roles. Rajeev Singh joined the board as a member in May of 2016. He is the CEO of Accolade with 2 portfolio companies. He currently serves on 4 boards in advisory roles. Kelly Wright is a board member who serves on 4 boards in advisory roles. Ashu Garg joined the board as an advisor in December of 2019. He is a general partner at Foundation Capital and has founded one organization. He currently serves on 21 boards in advisory roles.

7. Amperity uses a complex array of technologies

Amperity's website and solutions offer visitors and clients a smooth and seamless experience. This is because of the complicated orchestration of advanced technologies that are at work behind the scenes. Amperity's website actively uses 34 technologies that are distributed across 76 technology products and services to power and run its website. Some of the technology products that are active include HTML5, Google Analytics, jQuery, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Amazon, Mobile Non Scaleable Content, and dozens of others.

8. The overhead for IT is high for Amperity

Amperity has not disclosed the amount that it regularly budgets for its IT overhead, but our experience in reporting on the expenses associated with the kinds of technology products that are active on the site confirms that it is expensive. Amperity uses a larger number of technology products than the average website, which generally runs into the tens of thousands minimally per year. With its 76 active technologies, we're confident in estimating that the line item on the budget for IT expenses for Amperity is likely more than $100,000 per year. The kind of advanced technology being used is expensive, yet effective and dependable.

9. Amperity remains unique in its niche

Amperity has an edge over its competitors because it uses unique technologies that cannot legally be copied or imitated. No other company in its niche can use the same technologies as Amperity has secured registration of two trademarks in the advertising and business class. This exclusivity helps Amperity maintain unimitable products and services for their client base protected under trademark laws.

10. Amperity is growing in website traffic

We were impressed to learn that Amperity's website traffic is growing in its monthly visit numbers. The growth rate is an astronomical 46.2 percent. As of the last 30 days, according to the analytics provided for the website, the figures are accurate. The number of monthly visits to the site averages 31,527 unique visitors. This grants Amperity a ranking of number 618,716 out of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web due to its high monthly web visitors.

11. Amperity is the most popular in the United States

Amperity's web traffic statistics indicate that it is the most popular, or most often visited by people from the United States. Ninety-six percent of the web traffic originates from the USA with a monthly visits growth rate of 45.99 percent from this country. Three percent of the web traffic for Amperity comes from India. One percent of the visitors are from Pakistan, one percent are from Canada, and one percent are people from Romania. Decision-makers use the statistics to help plot future directions about where the interest lies in the company or the products and services offered for possible future growth and expansion of its presence in key regions.

12. Amperity has made one acquisition

Amperity has acquired a company called Custora on November 5, 2019. Custora is a New York, New York-based startup that has grown to become a leader in advanced customer analytics for the retail industry. Before the acquisition, Custora received a total funding amount of $20.3 million. It adds to the scope of the services offered by Amperity, increasing its presence nationally, from coast to coast, and increases the valuation of Amperity.

13. Amperity has achieved unicorn status

According to Geekwire, Amperity is one of the most recent unicorn companies to emerge in the Seattle, Washington area. Its most recent round of funding has raised an additional $100 million to give the company a big boost that pushed it to the necessary valuation that exceeds $1 billion. Amperity joins the elite class of Washington state companies that is now at 12, which is a significant number of Seattle Seahawks fans that refer to themselves as the twelfth man for their cheering section, known to roc the stadium with a deafening roar.

14. Amperity is a venture capital-backed business

Amperity has attracted the attention and the confidence of several notable venture capital investors. The Seattle-based startup has most recently completed a round of Series D venture capital fundraising that raised $100 million from investors. The total amount of funds raised for Amperity through VC funding so far is $187 million. The Series D round indicates that Ampertity has advanced to the status of a late-stage VC-supported business.

15. Amperity provides greater insights into consumer behaviors

The kinds of data that Amperity helps its clients to unlock are valuable in creating better services for their customers. Through Amperity's platform, clients have access to information about how individual customers interact with the brands including their habits through purchase history, mobile app usage, emails, website traffic, as well as physical visits to the store and websites. The marketers of companies using Amperity's software and services can gain a more holistic understanding of individual customers to develop customer loyalty programs, increase sales, and drive enhanced brand loyalty, according to LinkedIn.

16. Amperity has secured big investor confidence

Investors realize that Amperity represents a good opportunity to make a tidy sum on the return in investment in the Seattle startup. Proof of their prudence is seen in its recent unicorn status. The Series D round of funding was led by HighSage Ventures, joined by exiting backers including Madrona Venture Group, Madera Technology Partners, Tiger Global Management, Declaration Partners, and other notable investors. Confidence in Amperity remains high amount its investors.

17. Revenue is strong for Amperity

Revenue for Amperity has grown over the past year by nearly one hundred percent. Although specific metrics are not being shared, Amperity reports that the acceleration of digital adoption driven by the worldwide pandemic has been a factor in the growth. The past twelve months have been prosperous for Amperity with the addition of dozens of new enterprise client that has helped to fuel its tremendous growth. Amperity's software products are compatible with other software products from its competition including Salesforce, Adobe, and others.

18. New members have been added to the board of directors

Amperity has added a few new members to its board of directors, not previously mentioned. the managing director of the Madrona Venture Group, Matt McIlwain is one of them. There is also a celebrity onboard. Music superstar Ciara has joined the Amperity board of directors as an advisor.

19. Amperity is preparing for new growth

Funding has not been a problem for Amperity with its powerful VC backing. The enterprise has plans to expand its current operations and to grow its workforce significantly in the short term. Amperity currently has a workforce that numbers 225 persons employed across Seattle, and New York. The startup shared that it is following through with its plans to add another seventy-five positions to the firm, increasing its workforce headcount to 300 by the end of 2021.

20. Amperity is a startup to keep your eye on

You won't find Amperity stock for sale or trade on any of the public stock exchanges. So far, it is still a privately held business. The owners have full confidence in its current fundraising strategies with revenues picking up the pace at a nearly one-hundred percent year-over increase. Everything is looking bright and sunny for Amperity's future as it continues to thrive in the tech environments of Seattle and New York. There have not been any indications for plans to take Amperity public because fundraising has not been an issue. It's not a company that is open to all investors as it is doing well enough with its horde of private investors. We don't see an IPO anytime soon in Amperity's future, but you never know when this will change. It's still a business that bears watching as the outlook for its continued growth and expansion is good. Amperity is an impressive tech unicorn joining the ranks of the growing numbers of unicorns emerging from the Pacific Northwest. It will be exciting to see what happens in the next 12 months. We have high expectations for Amperity and believe it will become a leader in its niche of the marketing and tech industry.

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