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Five Companies Leading the Way in Social Impact Investing


The world is changing and attitudes toward the environment are being shaped by the harsh reality that the health of the planet is in decline. Social impact investing is the currently emerging trend that targets companies that adhere to socially responsible and ethical consciousness practices. This includes corporate ethics, social justice, and environmental sustainability. The practice of social impact investing also determines suitable investments as those that have the highest potential to result in a positive impact. Here are five companies leading the way in social impact investing.

5. Vital Capital Fund

Vital Capital Fund falls under the classification of a private equity fund. The fund has $350 million in assets. It invests in the development of sub-Saharan African areas, in projects and businesses concerned with the enhancement of the quality of life. The main focus of the Vital Capital Fund is in developing infrastructure, education, health care, housing projects, and renewable energy. Examples of these investments include the WaterHealth International project and the Luanda Medical Center, situated in Angola. It also invests in agro-industrial projects. The fund maintains a socially responsible focus on its investments.

4. Community Reinvestment Fund, USA

Community Reinvestment Fund, USA is a certified national non-profit, financial institution. It is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, established in 1988. The fund has over $250 million in assets. It maintains access to the Community Development Financial Institution Bond Guarantee program for additional long-term capital for project completion. The fund was established to help build communities and empower people to improve their lives. The focus is upon partnering with local private lenders to provide those engaging in community development projects with funding. It funds projects that grow businesses through the expansion of staff, making more jobs available for the community, and projects that increase energy efficiency. Some of the projects funded through the Community Reinvestment Fund USA include charter schools, small businesses, daycare centers, healthcare centers, and community housing project funding. All activities of the CRFUSA fall under socially responsible objectives to improve communities and the quality of life for those living in the areas targeted.

3. Blue Orchard Finance SA

Blue Orchard Finance SA is an international financial institution that has managed assets in the area of $3.5 billion. Its primary location is in Switzerland, with operations in over 80 emerging and frontier markets throughout Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The firm was founded for the commercial management of microfinance debt investment throughout the world, as a part of the 2001 United Nations Initiative to invest in entrepreneurs throughout the world. The firm provides equity and debt financing to institutions and businesses that are involved with the alleviation of poverty and hunger. It fosters entrepreneurship supporting those involved in education programs, and establishing food production as well as those that are working to positively impact the environment through decreasing the factors contributing to climate change. Investment in Blue Orchard Finance SA helps entrepreneurs and businesses concerned with social and environmental issues to expand their operations and help solve some of the social issues related to poverty, hunger, and climate change, with the expectation of positive social impacts from the investments. The fund also empowers people to make a change in the areas where they live, as well as throughout the world.

2.The De-Carceration Fund

The De-Carceration Fund is a unique social impact investment that is established to support enterprises that are proven to focus on the elimination of suffering that has been caused by the Criminal Justice System in the United States. The fund is concerned with returning power to those who have been deprived of their rights and their power. In cases where damage has been done to individuals through a broken system that has engaged in misaligned incentives, racial disparities, extractive business practices, and exploitative business models. Some 6.6 million people have been impacted by the system with a cost of over $80 billion annually. The fund invests in ventures that are involved with preventing entry, reducing suffering, and ending the cycle of mass incarceration that falls under the categories described to lessen the incidences of unfair treatment of citizens and restoring their rights when the system has failed to see them. This is a different kind of social impact that has been an ongoing issue in US society.

1. Tridos Investment Management

Tridos Investment Management falls under the umbrella of Tridos Bank as a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based financial institution. It manages more than a dozen sustainable investment funds. The focus of Tridos has been on social impact investment beginning in 1995 with 56 primary areas of interest. Among them is agriculture with a focus on organic farming, sustainability of agricultural practices, education, renewable energy, and healthcare. Tridos Investment Management has assets of an estimated $5 billion. The group maintains an international focus with its investments distributed throughout India, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. it is one of the Global Impact Investing Network's founding members with a focus upon bringing about positive social impact through its investments.

Final thoughts

These are five companies that are leading the way in social impact investing. Each investment opportunity offers a way for investors to become involved in improving the lives of people around the world and positively impacting the communities and world we live in. Some maintain a focus on infrastructure, and the improvement of communities, or groups of people who have not received the opportunities or resources that would allow them to prosper and give back to their local communities. Others seek to change the way that businesses function by providing funding for more earth-friendly practices to help eliminate practices that contribute to climate change. If you're looking for an investment opportunity that can help to improve the world that we live in, these are funds that maintain a strict focus on placing investments in people and projects that will make a difference and effect positive change.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

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