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The History of and Story Behind the Dell Logo


The logo of the popular Dell computer brand is one that is easy to recognize. The quirky off center capital E draws attention to the name of the brand in a simple circle. Have you ever wondered who gets the credit for developing the logo? We were curious so we investigated the history and story behind the Dell Logo. Here is what we learned.

The first logo for Dell

According to 1,000 Logos, the first logo for Dell appeared in 1984. It was a simple iteration of the name of the company in serif font, not much like today's more modern version. Logo Realm offers a graphic of the very first Dell logo with the name Dell in all capital letters in black, against a white background. A simple pair of parallel lines were placed at the top and bottom with open sides to draw attention to the name. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the first identifier for the brand.

Big changes in 1989

Five years after the creation of the Dell logo, the first notable changes were made. Instead of featuring a top and bottom line, the name appeared with no other enclosures. The most notable difference was the turning of the letter E. In 1989, the E was turned to the side to draw attention to the brand. Although this might seem like a small change, the meaning behind it is significant. The turning of the letter E is what makes the story behind the Dell logo so interesting.

The meaning of the Dell logo

Michael Dell sought to create a company that would "turn the world on its ear." These were his words. The letters were displayed in a thicker font in a deep blue color. Within the design world, this new design stirred a bit of controversy. It was considered to be "clunky" and "unwieldy," but this simple adjustment made the name stand out and it sent a definite message about the intention of the brand for those who could decipher this from the visual representation. It made an extremely plain logo different and even unique.

Steady improvements were made

The Dell corporation held firm in retaining the sideways "E" in the logo. In 2010, the logo further evolved to include a circle around the name to indicate that it was a trademark. This added yet more emphasis to the name while keeping it somewhat plain and simple. The most recent change to the Dell logo was made in 2016. The chunky size of the font was toned down to a slimmer version. but all other elements of the logo remained the same. This is the logo that is currently in use.

Facts about the founder of Dell

The Dell logo may look like a lazy approach was taken to choosing a design to represent the brand, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Michael Dell launched the company from his UT dorm room. Be built the company from scratch and has continued to make advances in employing the most current and relevant technologies in computer design, to become on of the largest manufacturers in the world. The logo has been the subject of some harsh discrimination over the years, but like the company itself, it has withstood negativity. It's about taking the idea and staying the course, constantly building and looking forward from one year to the next. Michael Dell's vision has propelled the company forward and the Dell logo stands as a reminder of the consistency and quality. It's interesting that the font of the logo was slimmed with the latest iteration, particularly when we're seeing more slim profile laptops and computers produced by the company. The concession to slim the letters, whether intentionally or to, reflect the fact that computer technology is becoming more compact. It is capable of doing more with less space.

Collaborators for the creation of the Dell logo

Logo development is serious business because it is the symbol that triggers our memory and gives us a sense of familiarity and recognition. Michael Dell didn't create the logo solely. According to Famous Logos, Siegel + Gale, the global strategic branding agency was brought on board to develop th first logo. It was Dell's instruction to turn the E to the side. Some time later, the Dell corporation hired the Lippincott branding firm to design the typeface for the Dell logo. Under the influence of Dutch type designer Jos Buivenga, the Museo font was chosen.

Rationale for the color

The color blue was chosen as the official color for the logo because of its meaning and significance. The lighter blue color is calming, but it inspires other emotions and qualities. It stands for confidence, intelligence, trustworthiness, and loyalty. These are the core values that are imparted in the choice of the color.


Although the Dell logo may seem to be plain except for the quirky sideways turned E letter, it's much more complicated than that. Much though has gone into the careful design of the image. There were a few teams of seasoned professionals in the branding industry who gave their input on the development. Thought went into each part of the logo from the color down to the size of the lettering and its representation. The finished product, which has definitely been a work in progress, offers an accurate and thorough description of the company. Dell has stuck to its principles and commitment to provide innovative technology that would turn the world on its ear. So far, it's made good on that promise, and the reputation that it has gained is closely aligned with the characteristics implied by the color blue, particularly when it comes to intelligence, confidence and trustworthiness. It's a widely recognized and approved brand in the world of computer technology.

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