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What Does Michael Dell Do for Charity?

MIchael Dell

Michael Dell is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies Inc, a multibillion-dollar company that sells computers, servers, software, and data storage solutions.

Michael Dell’s global recognition comes from his company, but the icon has done more than deliver Dell products. He runs a private, non-profit organization known as Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, which he uses to help society.

This guide provides insights into some of his charity works over the years. We will also discuss his background, career success, and other details which have motivated him to participate so much in charity. Keep reading.

A Brief Background of Michael Dell

Michael Dell is the owner of Dell Inc. and is also an investor, author, and philanthropist. He was born on February 23, 1965, in Houston, Texas. Michael was a bright student, and his father, a then orthodontist, often pushed him to pursue medicine. However, Dell showed great interest in business and technology and was eager to try new tech things.

At the age of 15, Dell bought an early Apple computer to break it and build it again to see how it functions. He then started his venture to make personal computers and at 19, he dropped out of the university to focus entirely on his newly established business, which is now known as Dell Inc.

Dell has survived multiple setbacks in his career, including losing the consumer market. As of 2022, Michael Dell has a Net Worth of $52 billion and ranks number 24 on the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people.

Charity Work Through Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

Generally, Michael Dell charity is accomplished through the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF), an Austin-based non-profit organization. This organization aims to improve the quality of children's lives through health, better education, and family financial stability.

MSDF was founded in 1999 by Michael and his wife, Susan. Their main aim with the initiative was to help children in India, South Africa, and the United States.

MSDF has given out more than $2.25 billion since its foundation and is considered among the top 20 givers in America. The organization does not advertise most of its donations, but here are some of the most notable charity works done by Michael Dell through this organization.

$1 Billion Donation to Non-Profits

In 2017, Michael Dell offered a $1 billion contribution to social entrepreneurs and non-profits in India. The money, released in installments, was meant to help financially affected people, including poverty-stricken families and business people. This was an individual donation, where Michael contributed his money to the foundation to be sent to non-profit organizations.

$100 Million Donation to the University Of Texas

In 2020, Michael and Susan Dell foundation donated $100 million to help low-income students at the University of Texas. The money, spread out to be given over ten years, was meant to increase graduation rates in the university, considering that many students drop out due to financial issues.

In 2013, the foundation donated $50 million to help develop a medical school at the same university.

$36 Million Donation for Disaster Relief

In 2017, Dell committed to offering $36 million to aid in disaster relief in Houston. In the statement, Mrs. Dell acknowledged that she and Michael grew up in Texas and were saddened by the current state of their home place, hence their donation.

$25 Million Donation to Seton Healthcare

In 2015, the Dell foundation made a $25 million donation to finance the expansion of teaching programs in Seton healthcare. The gift was also meant to help advance the hospital services, increase machines and improve the hospital's resources.

$15 Million to Ukrainian Families

In 2021, Dell, through the foundation, donated $15 million to help Ukrainian families who had greatly suffered from the Ukraine-Russia clashes. A part of the statement offered during the donation read, “Susan and I are donating $15 million to support Ukrainian families. We stand with Ukrainians and everyone who has generously supported them during this hard time.”

$25 Million to Children's Hospital

This is one of the oldest donations given by Michael Dell through the organization in 2004. The foundation donated $25 million to help construct the Dell Children's Center of Central Texas. The donation enables the hospital to get more CT scanners, conduct bone marrow transplant services, and many more.

$38 Million Donation to End Homelessness

In 2021, MSDF made another huge foundation for three non-profit organizations which help homeless people in Austin. In addition, the organization gave $ 1 million to help construct 100 apartment units in the same area.

$100m Donation Towards Coronavirus

In 2020, Michael Dell and his wife, through the organization, donated $100 million to help small business owners affected by Coronavirus, so that they can improve their businesses.

$18 Million Match Donations

In March 2022, Michael and Susan Dell organization donated $18 million to fund Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships is a non-profit organization that helps deliver healthcare services to developing countries globally.

$1.8 Million Donation to Friends of Israel's Defense Forces

In 2014, Michael and his wife Susan donated $1.8 million during a Hollywood Gala Event. A Friend of Israel's Defense Forces is a non-profit organization that offers recreational, cultural, and educational activities for Israeli soldiers.

Through the organization, soldiers and veterans can access scholarships, and families of fallen soldiers can get financial help. During that gala event, more than $33 million was contributed.

Charity Work Through Dell Technologies Inc.

Besides the organization, Michael Dell also participates in charity work through his company. In 2020, the tech billionaire issued a statement that the company was donating millions in cash and tech to help fight the pandemic.

Besides, the company has a giving and volunteering program where the employees make small donations and channel the money to non-profit organizations. In 2022, Dell technologies donated to more than 10,000 non-profit organizations globally.

Besides, the company regularly donates tech devices, like personal computers, to non-profits to help them digitize their daily operations.

One of the most notable donations is when Dell technologies donated laptops in South Africa to help families complete their digital literacy course.

Michael Dell and Scholarships

Michael Dell strongly believes in education, and that’s why he regularly supports education programs at all levels. University students are welcome to try their luck with the Dell scholarship, which supports 500 scholars annually.

People who qualify for the scholarship get $20,000 in funds which they can use for fees and upkeep needs. In addition, the scholars get a Dell personal computer, textbook credits, and full support from the Dell family.

Maintaining Entrepreneurial Spirit Through Donations

Michael Dell is one of the few entrepreneurs who identified business opportunities while still young and never looked back. When he entered the tech market, he aimed to avoid brokers by selling directly to consumers, offering better customer service, and selling at affordable prices. His business has undergone multiple changes, including name changes, which have helped him grow to the point of creating a non-profit charity organization.

He has made many donations to individuals, schools, hospitals, countries, and even non-profit organizations, and he still maintains his entrepreneurial spirit. Through his interactions with people, his businesses have continued to grow, and that’s why Michael Dell is considered one of the most influential people in the world.

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