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10 Things You Didn't Know about Vineet Rao

If you are into the world of online and social media marketing, you have probably come across Vineet Rao. MR. Vineet Rao is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Deal share, one of the fastest growing e-tailer platforms in India, providing indigenous as well as national daily products to customers. With the company hitting huge profit margins, the CEO has also come into a lot of limelight. So, what more information do you know about Vineet? Here is a look at ten things you didn’t know about Vineet Rao.

1. He Was Born in Jaipur, India

Vineet Rao was born in Jaipur, also referred to as Pinkcity. He grew up in the same town, famous for its rich cultural heritage. Rao and his other siblings were raised by his parents, emphasizing educational empowerment from a young age and attending the lower primary schools locally.

2. Vineet Rao Attended Saint Xavier’s High School

High schools play a significant role in shaping the life and career of a student. With Vineet Rao being one of the most successful career-wise in India, you are likely wondering about the high school he attended. Now you have it, Rao went to Saint Xavier’s Jaipur high school from 1987 to 1996, where he qualified to join college.

3. Vineet Rao Studied B-Tech at The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Vineet graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from a top Indian institution, IIT Mumbai, in 2000. Rao was one of the top students in his class, schooling in the college from 1996 to 2000. From here, he acquired multiple business and technology management skills, including; program management, product management, strategic planning, product planning, data warehousing, Microsoft SQL Server, business intelligence, engineering management, etc., as a base for his career path.

4. He Is the Founder and CEO Of Deal share. In

Founded by Vineet Rao, Sourjyendu Medda, and his friends, DealShare is a tremendously growing social e-commerce platform in India that discounts multiple consumer items that target WhatsApp users. The company was started in September 2018 with its headquarters in Jaipur and is presently functional in more than 25 cities. He started the company with the vision of disrupting the retail and e-commerce industry with a social and mobile-first approach. He rapidly got most of his friends to invest in the venture and subsequently lobby support from highly reputed institutional investors. DealShare claims to have 1.5 million monthly active clients that make more than 100,000 orders daily.

5. He Worked at Microsoft for More Over a Decade

Another thing you probably didn’t know about Vineet Rao is that he spent more than a decade at Microsoft in Seattle. Microsoft is an American corporation that develops licenses, manufactures, and sells a wide range of software services and products, including the Windows operating system. At this company, Rao focused on developing the database and enterprise cloud products as well as spent some years on mobile or consumer products. He was a member of the team launching the first Microsoft AI assistant, the Cortana version. He worked in the Microsoft office from March 2004 to around 2014.

6. He Started His Career at Trilogy Software

Vineet Rao began his career at Trilogy Software in 2000, one of the quickest growing enterprise technology startups headquartered in Austin. The software provides enterprise-class service solutions to the automotive industry. Trilogy’s mission is to enhance the automotive buying experience for consumers worldwide by supporting original dealers and manufacturers of equipment with digital applications, innovative software solutions, and customer insights. Vineet Rao made an immense contribution to accomplishing the mission during the time he worked for the company.

7. He Was the Head of SilkCloud

Vineet Rao has previously had three jobs, one being an MD, India at SilkCloud. After leaving Microsoft, Rao joined SilkCloud, later acquired by Unity Software as its head in India. He has worked at the company since October 2014. SilkCloud is a highly scalable eCommerce platform for retail businesses and technology companies.

8. He Was the Founder of Shopwest

Vineet Rao was one of the founders of Shopwest in 2015. This is an online platform where you can discover the best deals and cheapest prices on Watches, Women and Men bags, clothing, and footwear from the top international brands and retailers in India. You will find the largest selection of fashion products at Shopwest from Gucci, Guess, Michael Kors, Luis Vuitton, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc.

9. Rao Was the Founder of SpectraVR Studios

Rao is a passionate entrepreneur who, other than DealShare, has recently launched two startups in cross-border e-commerce and virtual reality. Rao has also taken part in founding other companies, including SpectraVR Studios and Stealth Mode Startup Company. With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, SpectraVR was founded in 2016 as the first Virtual Reality Media Production and Technology Startup in India, creating immersive 360-degree content, VR games, and Virtual Reality content. Stealth Mode Startup company focuses on empowering application developers to enhance how modern software applications are developed.

10. Rao Is Among the Top Wealthiest People in India

As the Deal share CEO, Vineet Rao has seen the company’s revenue increase tremendously. Recently, the company got the fifth Indian unicorn of the year by raising $165 million, with its valuation being more than $1.65 billion. According to statistics, DealShare was valued at $455 about six months ago and has seen its valuation quadrupled in less than a year with a vision of reaching $1 billion in revenue in the coming years. With Rao being among the top earners in the company and having worked for a couple of top companies, he is one of the top richest people in India.

Bottom Line

This is it! You now know more information and facts you didn't know about Vineet Rao. On top of being the current DealShare CEO, Rao has had an incredible career journey, working for some of the top worldwide companies such as Microsoft. In case of any question or anything you may want to add, leave it in the comment section.

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