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10 Things You Didn't Know About Shahar Waiser

Shahar Waiser is an Israeli businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the ride-hailing company called Gett. This is a unique business that provides ride-sharing services for corporations and business employees rather than for the general public. This makes the company stand out as being different from the rest in the industry. If you're not yet familiar with him, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Shahar Waiser.

1. Shahar Waiser is also Gett's founder

According to Topio, Shahar Waiser not only leads the executive branch of the company, but he is also its founder. He is the sole owner of the company at this point in its development. Gett is one of the fastest-growing companies in the on-demand transportation industry.

2. Waiser is a serial entrepreneur

Gett isn't the first company that Gett has founded. He is an international serial entrepreneur who has a unique talent for establishing new startups and making them profitable throughout the world. He established Comverse in Russia in the early 2000s decade and ended up filing for an IPO and making it a publicly traded company with a $300 million record in sales under his leadership as its CEO. He is a trailblazer and a record-breaking dynamic professional entrepreneur who has a proven track record for success.

3. Shahar moved to the Silicon Valley

In 2005, Shahar Waiser relocated and moved to the Silicon Valley in California. While there, he continued his serial entrepreneurship and established a company called Loyalize. This startup focuses on social engagement services in San Francisco. The business was acquired by the publicly-traded company Viggle. After selling Loyalize, he moved forward and established Gett, an e-commerce on-demand transportation network that has international reach.

4. He goes by the name Dave

According to LinkedIn, Shahar Waiser is also known by the nickname Dave. This is the name that he uses for his LinkedIn profile, but his legal first name is Shahar. He is based out of Israel and lists this as his official country of citizenship although he has achieved successful business endeavors throughout the world. He has lived in many different countries, but he established Gett in his home country, then expanded its operations throughout many different countries and cities in the world.

5. Waiser has two decades of experience as an exec

Shahar Waiser has been working in executive leadership roles for more than twenty years. Most of his roles have been at the helm of companies that he has established himself. It is his passion for building and growing new companies that make him such an effective leader. He takes a good idea then uses his expertise to turn his concepts into realities. This is a rare talent that makes him unique in the business world.

6. He was educated in Israel

Shahar Waiser was accepted at The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo in 1997. He entered the computer science program and majored in internet and Java. He graduated in 2002 with his bachelor of arts in computer science. This four-year degree gave him the skills and knowledge that was needed to build software programs using the technology that powers the companies he would later create.

7. Shahar founded Infoauto

In February of 1997, Waiser founded another company that he called Infoauto. The business was launched while he was a student in the computer science program at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv. Remarkably, Shahar found the time to launch a business while fully enrolled in his classes. The company became successful and unique as the first of its type to provide a large classified ads system to help buyers find used cars and real estate in Israel. He charged a subscription fee that gave subscribers access to finding information about real estate and used cars on-demand. He built the company up, then sold it to the MARAM group in January of 2000. He had spent a total of 3 years with his business as its CEO before brokering the acquisition by MARAM.

8. He loves a challenge

According to Crunchbase, Waiser isn't satisfied with achieving the status-quo. He is a dynamic leader who insists on going beyond the average and providing unique services to stay on top of the competition. He's edgy when it comes to leadership and he is passionate about rising to all challenges to keep his business at the forefront of the industry. Waiser doesn't back away from a challenge, but rather he embraces them. Gett does not provide services for individuals but maintains a focus on companies and their transportation needs. This qualified Gett as a SaaS solution and keeps it within this category. Specialization in a niche that previously had issues securing on-demand services was a problem he identified. The solution in his mind was all too easy and it was realized in the launch of Gett.

9. Waiser invested $20 million in Gett

We also learned that Waiser has invested $20 million of his own money in his company Gett. He invested an undisclosed amount in a Seed round of funding on February 7, 2010, to help the new startup become established. On March 1, 2012, he invested another $20 million for Getts's round of Series B funding.

10. He entered into a partnership with the Volkswagen Group and may file for an IPO

As a part of Gett's international expansion, Dave Waiser agreed to a partnership with the Volkswagen Group. Per the details of the funding, Gett received a $300 million investment from the group in a round that raised over $750 million. In 2015, Gett, formerly known as GetTaxi was one of the fastest-growing companies with expectations to reach revenue growth of $500 million with a 400 percent growth annually. According to GeekTime, Waiser has plans to file Gett's initial public offering to make it a publicly-traded company and increase its revenues to a profitable status.

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