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10 Things You Didn't Know About Michael D. Farkas

Michael D. Farkas

Michael D. Farkas is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He serves as the CEO of Blink Charging Company. Farkas is an accomplished business owner who has learned a great deal through his career about making a go of it in rough economic times. Here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about him that you might find inspiring and encouraging if you're just getting started in your own venture, or if you've decided on a career in business and need a few examples of how to achieve success.

1. Farkas is the founder of the Blink Charging Company

According to Bloomberg, Michael D. Farkas is not only the chief executive officer of Blink Charging Company, but he is also the founder. He launched the business in October of 2018. He also serves as chairman of the board and oversees the operations of the business.

2. Blink Charging wasn't his first venture

Before establishing Blink Charging Company, Michael D. Farkas founded Balance Labs, Inc. The company is a consulting firm that offers startups business development and consultation services to help them become established through the developmental stages of their business ventures. Farkas believes in entrepreneurship and he is committed to helping others achieve their business goals. Farkus is the Chairman of the board for Balance Labs Inc as well as a director and the founder of the business.

3. Farkas is the founder of FGI in the finance arena

According to Wallmine, Michael D. Farkas has made a habit of launching new startup businesses. Most of them have achieved great success and have flourished under his leadership. In addition to the others, he also founded FGI, which is a privately held investment firm. His talents also expand to the financial sector of the business world.

4. He is also CEO of the Atlas Group

The Atlas Group is the parent company of Atlas Capital Services. The subsidiary company is credited with raising capital for a variety of private and public clients for two decades until it withdrew its FINRA registration in the year 2007. Farkas earned a solid reputation for making principal investments throughout a gamut of industries such as aerospace and defense, technology, automotive retail, agriculture, and telecommunications.

5. He attended Brooklyn College

Michael went to college after he completed high school. He realized that it was important to l(earn about his chosen career path before embarking on his career. He enrolled in the Finance program at Brooklyn College where he learned the basics about business and finance.

6. Michael D. Farkas is a serial entrepreneur

Mr. Farkas has launched five successful companies. Also, he has served as the chief executive officer and chairman for all of them. His assumption of top leadership assured that each of the businesses would be run according to his specifications. He is a confident businessman who understands the principles for making a business successful even in hard economic times. He qualifies as a serial entrepreneur and he may not be finished launching his universe of business endeavors yet.

7. Farkas nurtures his companies

In addition to leading the company, we learned through his LinkedIn page that he is the founder of the Atlas Equity Group, Inc. He started the financial investment firm in May of 1993. He is still actively involved as the founder and CEO at the present. This is a business that has been in operation for nearly 28 years and it continues to thrive after more than a quarter-century. Michael follows his established set of business principles to keep the companies that he has nurtured from startups moving forward, growing, and expanding. He is one of the most skilled and talented leaders in the business world. He operates efficiently, effectively, and doesn't break his stride.

8. He isn't greedy

We learned from 1Salary that Michael D. Farkas doesn't order a large salary from his position as CEO and Chairman of Blink Charging Co. For the work that he does, and the fact that he owns the company, his total compensation package was $548,438. He drew $480,102 for salary with $0 in bonuses and $0 in stock options. Other types of compensation totaled $68,336. These figures were taken from filings from the 2019 fiscal year. This is a remarkably lean figure for a man who is the founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board.

9. He owns and operates 5 companies at once

WSJ Markets shares Mr. Farkas' profile on their website. He currently serves as the executive chairman and chief executive officer of five different companies at the same time. He is one of the busiest leaders in executive business we've ever seen. He is currently the founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of Blink Charging Co. He's founder, Chairman, and CEO of Atlas Equity Group Inc., founder, CEO, CFO, President and Chairman of Balance Labs Inc., Director, President, Secretary, and Treasurer for Ze'evi Group, Inc, and he serves as the manager for the Farkas Group Inc.

10. He's achieved greatness before 50

Farkas is just 47 years old according to WSJ Markets. He has enjoyed a very successful career in business and finance. He's the kind of guy who seems to know how to start a successful business and he's shown the world just how good he is at it. Balance Labs, Inc. is one of his holdings that provides new startups with services that help them to become established and to develop through the various stages of early business formation. He's put his skills and talents to work for himself and others and he makes more money in the process. If you're looking for a role model or inspiration, Michael D. Farkas is the picture of success in the business and financial world. He knows how to get things done and how to keep up the positive forward momentum.

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