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10 Things You Didn't Know About the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show saw the unveiling of the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo, an impressive supercar by the Italian automakers. It is powered by the highly potent Ferrari V8 engine that has 15 awards on its sleeve so far. The vehicle pays homage to the previous Ferrari supercars, such as the F30, F40, and F58. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about this auto beast.

1. The F8 Tributo’s Exterior View

The F8 Tributo is among those stunning supercars whose design is a thing of beauty. It brings the new design era for Ferrari, characterized by an extensively reworked front S-Duct from the previous 488. The front-end is adorned by modern horizontal LED headlights, with the new cooling intakes and brakes designed to maximize airflow. The rear Lexan screen highlights the monstrous V8, with louvers that assist in heat expulsion. Its rear spoiler covers the taillights - a classical return of the twin light cluster.

2. The F8 Tributo’s Dimensions

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo back

This latest Ferrari version sits low and wide, combining low-curb weight and wide track to achieve terrific acceleration and cornering capabilities. It is 77.9 inches wide, 181.5 inches long, and has 66/64.8 track measurements for the front and rear, respectively. Its 47.5 inches height might cause a little discomfort to the driver's lower back and hip. Furthermore, its body is crafted from lightweight carbon fiber and Lexan material, keeping the curb weight as low as 2,932 pounds.

3. The Exterior Colors

According to “Car Buzz”, gone are the days when Ferraris came in red or yellow. The F8 Tributo comes in four color categories, including solid, historic, metallic, and special. The solid type, like the Giallo Modena, is a vibrant yellow that some people prefer. Other red variants include Rosso Corsa, Rosso Mugello, and Rosso Scuderia. The metallic category features Grigio Ingrid, Nero Daytona, Grigio Silverstone, and Blu Abu Dhabi. Paying tribute to the legacy of Ferrari motor sporting is the historic option that features Verde British and the elegant Rosso Din. For the special category, you can find the Bianco Cervino and the attractive Blu Corsa.

4. The F8 Tributo’s Performance

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo front

The F8 Tributo has changed how people perceive supercars, with an entirely new meaning. Once you hit the track with this car, it provides a more focused and sharp feel. Combining a potent V8 engine and the lighter curb weight offers unmatched acceleration and braking capabilities. According to “Robb Report”, this ballistic V8 can accelerate to 60mph in under 2.9seconds, attain 124mph in 7.8 seconds and cruise at 211mph top speed.

5. The F8 Ferrari's Engine-Transmission

When it comes to engine performance, the numbers are significant for the F8 Tributo. The name F8 in itself reveals the brand's long love affair with V8 and mid-engines layouts. Its 3.9-ltr twin-turbo V8 engine produces a remarkable 710 horsepower at 8000rpm as well as 568lb-ft torque at 3250rpm. It is the most potent, non-special series V8 engine manufactured by Ferrari. This engine delivers power to the rear wheels through a seven-speed double-clutch transmission. In 2018, it was announced as the best engine ever in the last couple of decades.

6. The F8 Tributo’s Interior

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo interior

The 2020 F8 Tributo features a fully redesigned interior but retains the mid-engine Ferrari's classic, driver-oriented design. Its cabin has a mixture of digital displays, conventional switches, and premium materials that blend perfectly. The steering wheel is also well redesigned with easy to reach controls and resembles that one from the 812 Superfast models. There is also an extra passenger's side display that provides speed, data figures, and navigation options.

7. Trunk and Cargo Space

The F8 Tributo was thought after, and meticulously designed to minimize overall weight and maximize aerodynamic performance. Meaning you can't carry along your Ikea bedside table stands or golf clubs in the F8 Tributo. It would help if you understood that the car doesn't offer much in terms of trunk space. But it provides seven cubic feet, which allows it to handle as much weight as those cars termed practical like the Ford Explorer.

8. F8 Tributo Infotainment

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo back 1

When it comes to the infotainment section, there have been considerable improvements on the F8 Tributo when compared to its predecessors, like 488GTB. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) has been improved for more intuitive interaction with various internal systems. The smaller displays which flank the big analog tachometer exhibit infotainment data.

You may argue that this is nothing compared to what other high-performance cars in this category have to offer. For example, the McLaren 720S features a standard 7-inch, high-resolution touch screen alongside AM, FM, and DAB integration, voice control, Bluetooth, and aux input. On their part, Ferrari offers an optional 7-inch display that drivers can mount in front of the passenger dashboard, providing performance and infotainment.

9. F8 Tributo’s Safety Features

Ferrari doesn't have many safety features to brag about compared to brands like Volvo. However, it has some contemporary safety features such as a reverse camera, ABS brakes, and four airbags. Besides, the F8 Tributo comes with an advanced TCS (traction control system) that allows fine-tuning each detail, including launch control severity and slip angle. If you pair these with the high-performance braking system and powerful LED headlights, you have no reason to be afraid when entering the gates of Mordor.

10. F8 Tributo Price

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo side

The adage 'you got to pay to play' is more fitting in the Ferrari F8 Tributo's case. According to "Carbuzz", buyers will have to part with $293,480 to own this high-performance supercar. This price might be unrealistic to many people, but it's an absolute bargain when comparing it with models such as Ferrari 488 Pista, which goes for $350,000. Furthermore, the cost of the Ferrari F8 will go higher if you request optional extra features.


Ferrari has outperformed its expectation lately, consistently manufacturing mid-engine V8 supercars that top the charts for the world's best cars. At the forefront of this evolution is the Ferrari F8 Tributo, which is superior to the 488GTB. It holds the bragging rights as the most potent V8 powered car ever built by Ferrari. With such a breakthrough, every car enthusiast is curiously waiting to see what the supercar manufacturers have in store next.

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