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What We know about Ferrari's SUV: The Purosangue


Ferrari is at it again and the luxury automaker is keeping pace with the raging demand for an SUV vehicle. The rumors have been confirmed and it looks like we're going to have yet another contender in the ring for the 2022 model year. It's been one of their best kept secrets and although Ferrari is trying to keep this one back for a surprise, spycams and inquisitive minds have managed to tear through the veil of secrecy to learn as much as they can about the new Ferrari SUV that will be called the Purosangue. Here is what we know about the upcoming model so far.

Ferrari finally caves

It's no big secret that Ferrari has long bowed its neck and refused to alter the course of its prestigious sexy and sporty models that are known for their crazy speed and high end luxury. These are not the kind of cars that you buy for the family and although the kids love it when they get to ride in one to soccer practice, that hasn't been the original intent. It looks like this is all going to change with the new 2022 Ferrari Purosangue, which has all of the earmarks of becoming Ferrari's first crossover SUV. CEO Louis Camilleri has long defended the trajectory of the automaker and it's as though the words sport utility vehicle were an offense, but we've seen a change in attitude recently with their admission that the new line coming out is going to be an all wheel drive four seat model that will be 60 percent hybrid. We do detect an effort on the part of Ferrari to bridge the communication gap in the very name Purosangue, which is translated from Italian to mean "pure blood." This suggests we're in for a new SUV the likes of which the world has never seen before.

A big change for the brand

Camilleri himself has stated that the brand name Ferrari and the term SUV do not gel well together because the brand has not historically represented this sector of the industry, so for Ferrari, this truly is a big deal and it could have somewhat of an impact on the name, perhaps for the positive or it could go the other way, so we're left to assume that it's going to be extra special and it's doubtful that it will resemble an SUV, at least aesthetically speaking.

What we're told about the basics

Spy cams have captured images that gave the viewers just enough to make some educated guesses about the new vehicle. Some of the greatest minds in new model sleuthing have determined that the new Purosangue is going to be a front mid engine in architecture, and that so far in its development process, there will be a dual clutch gearbox at the rear with a hybrid engine system with one or perhaps two electric motors to keep the torque on par with the Ferrari reputation. They're guessing that there will be hidden features such as pop out door handles, C-shaped headlights but when it comes to the fuel engine, it's still anyone's guess. Slashgear poses that rumors about either a V6 or V8 are going to compliment the all-wheel drive.

Taking their time and going for perfection

We wouldn't expect Ferrari to produce anything less than sheer perfection and this is confirmed by Camilleri who is still remaining vague about the details of the new Purosangue, but he did confirm that it's going to be a significantly more expensive vehicle. The brand planned to start rolling the first models out in 2019, but they're still tweaking the small stuff so it's likely to be an initial run that starts in 2022 with a confirmed 15 new models presented to the world as limited run cars and special editions with a balance between practicality and performance.

Confusing messages

Camilleri definitely does not want the new Purosangue to be called an SUV because this simply isn't the Ferrari persona, but it certainly sounds like this is the platform under which the new vehicle will be classified, at least by the rest of the world. Further examination of the known facts about the car believe that it's going to be available in two and our door models and that the body style is likely to be comparable to the Lamborghini Urus, which by the way, is going to be the direct competition for the new vehicle. Spy cams also noted that it has an elevated ground clearance, although they're careful to camouflage the car when test driving. Although it's tough to nail down which engine will be used, there are currently three which would be likely candidates, and these include a V12 engine, a V8 that is a 3.8 liter twin turbocharged or their new V6 twin turbocharged 2.9 liter hybrid type. It's hard to say because Ferrari could already have something new in the works that nobody is even aware of.

Final thoughts

If you're confused about just what the new Ferrari SUV is going to look like and how it's going to handle, don't feel bad because so is the rest of the world. Its exciting to have confirmation that the brand has finally given in to keep up with the current public demand for SUV type vehicles, even if they can't fully bring themselves to label it as such. Lamborghini was willing to give it a try and there was definitely demand for high priced luxury SUV models, so we don't think Ferrari will have any troubles when it comes to marketing and clearing their inventory. It's just like Ferrari to offer a new concept such as this in a special or limited run edition, and to make several variants, because the low numbers will increase their value and collectibility, even if they are sports utility vehicles. What the heck, they're still going to carry the brand name and this, for many will be a welcome event, that is for those who will have the estimated $200k plus we believe will be requisite for ownership. All in all, the consensus is that it's a good move on the part of the brand and we're all waiting with anxious anticipation to see the first real pics when the brand decides that it's time for a true reveal.

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