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A Closer Look at the 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo is among the few small luxury SUVs that provide amazing driving dynamics. The 2022 Stelvio comes with a distinctive look that gives it an edge over its competitors. Plus, this new Stelvio is built mainly to focus on providing the user with a unique drive experience. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and what it has to offer.


Unlike other luxury SUVs and Crossovers that are best known for their simple designs, the 2022 Stelvio is one of the best small luxury SUVs with impressive and up-to-date designs. Along with beautiful bodywork, Alfa Romeo has fitted the new Stelvio with a compact and high-performance chassis to improve the overall driving experience. Under the hood of the vehicle, there is a 4-turbo gusty that blends well with a well-calibrated rear transmission and all-wheel drive. Moreover, the interior of the new 2022 Stelvio has some sleek touches, including lengthy column-mounted paddle shingles and a wooden trim option. It also comes with various exciting features such as a small cargo and back seat area. Although rivals such as the Porsche Macan and BMW X3 are considered a better option than the 2022 Stelvio, it is ideal for people looking for a low-maintenance, stylish, and top road performance vehicle. There are two versions of the Stelvio model. This includes a sportier version featuring carbon-fiber trims and the all-wheel version that has a wooden designed interior.

2022 Updates

At the start of 2022, Alfa Romeo decided to rename the Time Sport trim the Veloce and included other newly upgraded features. This includes automatic high beams, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and rear and front parking sensors. Moreover, every Stelvio model now comes with standard built-in navigation, wireless phone charging, front and rear heated seats, an auto-dimming rearview mirror. The Sprint and Veloce trims come with dark exterior trim on the skid plate, exhaust tips, roof rails, and grille.

Engine, Performance, and Transmission

The 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that provides 280 horsepower via an 8-speed automatic transmission. In addition to sounding great, the Stelvio's engine helps in achieving high road performance. The new Stelvio has a maximum towing strength of 3000 pounds and better road handling even with its huge 20-inch wheels. Based on tested versions, the vehicle proved to have a smooth power delivery and responsive throttle. Like its rivals, the new Stelvio model has an impressive maximum cornering grip but more comfortable driving dynamics. Also, it has exceptional quick reflexes with minimal effort applied, particularly for a crossover.

Interior, Cargo, and Comfort

The new Stelvio model offers a comfortable driving position and an interior fitted with state-of-the-art materials. The Stelvio also boasts of having a center console with a removable tray underneath, leather upholstery seats, stunning aluminum touches, and pleasurable front and rear seats. Like the Giulia Sedan, the Stelvio features an easily accessible smartphone slot between its cup holders and near the driver's left knee. When it comes to storage capacity, the model has a small cargo area behind the rear seat, which is less spacious than other crossovers in its category.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The infotainment system of the 2022 Stelvio comes with a standard screen that is 8.8 inches in dimension. It immediately responds to the handy rotary controller on the center console as well as other touch inputs. Other standard features in the new Stelvio model include an Android Auto Integration, Built-in navigation, and Apple CarPlay. Although the vehicle's infotainment system is visually attractive, the navigation alerts might come late, inconveniencing the driver. This can be easily fixed by the use of one of the two standard smartphone-integration interfaces for navigation purposes.

Driver-Assistance Features and Safety

The 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio has a number of standard driver assists features. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have tested the car and published its crash test results on their official websites. Some of the main driver-safety features of the 2022 model include:

  • Standard blindspot monitoring
  • Standard forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking
  • Standard adaptive cruise control

Fuel Economy

Like its fellow 4-cylinder rivals, the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio model has an outstanding highway range and real-world fuel economy. The rear-drive model has a highway range of 29 and 22 in the city. A Stelvio model tested by Car and Driver on a 75 mph highway fuel-economy direction was rated at an mpg of 26 at the completion of the test route. Although competitors such as the Lexus RX and BMW X3 do better in this category, the Stelvio has a unique persona and undisputed road performance. The EPA website contains additional details about Alfa Romeo Stelvio's fuel economy.

Pricing and Availability

The 2022 model is available in several trims. You should undoubtedly go for the Stelvio Ti because its unique standard features include a built-in navigation system, larger 19-inch wheels, dual-pane sunroof, and other desirable options. The Ti also offers several wheel designs and extra paint color options for an additional cost. Furthermore, the Stelvio Ti has a performance package that features a limited-slip differential and aluminum paddle shifters. There is also a premium package that includes a leather dashboard, a 14 speaker Harman/Kardon audio stereo, as well as upper doors.

  • Warranty and Maintenance Coverage
  • Below are some of the new Stelvio's warranty and maintenance coverage features;
  • Complimentary maintenance coverage for 10,000 miles or 1 year.
  • Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles.


In June 2022, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce model was included in the powerful Alfa Romeo lineup, with the strong bi-turbo V6 Quadrifoglio and the mighty Turbocharged 4 sport. This Veloce version comes with more upgraded features than the previous engines in the outgoing models. Other enhancements include improved driving dynamics, better handling, a stylish interior, and outstanding road performance. Overall, the 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is worth the investment.

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