6 Tips to Expand Your Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing

Any prosperous business owes its success to a combination of factors, but one of the essential ingredients is the work performed by the employees. Of course, competitive products and services are the backbone, but if you don’t have a good team of people backing them up, the chances of success are slim. The digital marketing team is in charge of the promotion of your products, so choosing a set of people who have the necessary creativity and good working habits is crucial. Naturally, once your business starts booming you will also need to expand that team, so in view of this, here are six tips on how to recruit the right people for your business.

Search globally

Hard-working and talented professionals live all over the world, so there is no need to limit yourself to just the city or country where your business is physically located. With today’s technology and communication means, you can get any message across and connect any group of people. Remote working does require some base conditions to be fulfilled, such as a steady Internet connection, proficiency at one common language (e.g. English) and an apt attitude to fit into a team of people they have only met online. Of course, you can organize a team building event, or a visit to your offices so the remote working employees can meet and strengthen team bonds. 

Look into competition

Learning more about your competition will help you improve your own business. If they are successful, look into what drives them and who their employees are. If they are not successful, learn from their mistakes and make certain your own approach doesn’t resemble theirs. Having an idea of their team structure can serve as a guide on how to rearrange your own team and which skill set to look for in new candidates. However, you can also contact your competitions’ employees and offer them better conditions or a higher salary to come to you. In this way you would acquire experienced team members who possess knowledge and skills to help you with your team, and the whole business consequently.

Rethink your offer

In order to attract content mages to your marketing team, you need to consider whether what you are offering to your employees is stimulating enough. Besides providing them with a suitable salary, try putting yourself in their shoes and combining those ideas with what is required for the team to function, as well as your budget. Since people mostly spend 8 hours at work, adequate working surroundings can be the tipping point to your favor. Find a comfortable coworking space for them, one that will fit their needs. Depending on the team’s requirements, besides exclusive, you can also opt for shared workspaces, if those would prompt their creativity. A reward system for those who distinguish themselves can also prove to be tempting.

Use social networks

Considering you are searching for employees for your digital marketing team, you should go digital and employ social networks to the fullest. If you are looking for inventive and prolific individuals, you need to present your business in the same manner and entice them with a set of creative strategic posts. For context, there are around 60 billion business pages on Facebook, all of them active, so your posts related to job openings will not be odd ones out. As for the posts, you can, for example, make short videos of the present employees, giving candidates a glimpse of the working atmosphere. In addition to that, you can think of a task or a riddle, they need to resolve, so they can apply.

Offer internships

Give an opportunity to students or less experienced candidates as well. They can start off with an internship and learn about marketing essentials such as SEO, paid marketing, email marketing and etc. If they satisfy the demands of a thriving marketing team, you can offer them a permanent position.  In this manner, you are tailoring employees to your business’ needs, instead of re-training candidates who are used to a different way of operating. Also, they might possess some other skills that can contribute to the team’s approach to internal and external communication or task organization.

Ask for recommendations

Chances are that your present employees are the ones you should be asking about what kind of people are fit for their team. They know their business best as well as what kind of personality and skill set is necessary for the team to be top-notch. They might know candidates who could be perfect for the job since they most probably are in contact with people from the same niche. It goes without saying that those recommended candidates still need to go through the interview procedure, but this could save you a lot of time. Instead of having 400 candidates to narrow down based on their CV, you would have 20 recommended to choose from.

In order to grow your digital marketing team, you must put as much effort into finding the correct strategy to target your prospective employees as you did while your business was evolving. Consider hiring inexperienced people, as well as remote employees since they can turn out to be the pool of creativity each marketing team needs.

If you already know who the talents you need are, thanks to your competition, it would be wise to try and win them over. When planning your strategy, make sure you incorporate social media, but also, you might want to ask the other team members for advice. They are the most informed ones regarding the work requirements and the desired employee profile.


Jacob Wilson is a business consultant, and an organizational psychologist, based in Brisbane. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for Bizzmarkblog.com

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