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20 Things You Didn’t Know about Weglot


The internet is globally accessible, but that does not mean everyone all over the planet can seamlessly read and understand the content on every website. Localizing your content allows you to reach more people from different regions, allowing them to comprehend what you are trying to say. Weglot is an award-winning localization solution that helps businesses translate their websites and go multilingual. Not everyone may know what Weglot is or what it does do. This article highlights 20 things you might not know about Weglot.

1. What is Welgot, and what does it do?

Founded in 2006, Welgot is a localization tool designed to help website marketers and developers make their sites multilingual. It is a powerful tool that allows businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to translate and display the content on their websites in multiple languages. Weglot translation plugin provides a simple, fast, reliable, and user-friendly way to transform your site from local to global in minutes. According to their website, Weglot is a SaaS tech startup that enables organizations to turn their websites multilingual within a short duration and helps them manage all their translations effortlessly. For instance, if you have a website in Spanish and want it displayed in English and French, adding this plugin to your site will help get it translated into the preferred languages and displayed to the end visitors.

2. Why do you need a localization tool like Welgot?

Localizing your content is no easy feat, yet the rewards of effective localization can extend far beyond the benefits. Whether you are a small or multinational company, it is imperative that you serve your content in the languages that your customers speak. Fortunately, Weglot is a premier translation solution for organizations that need to provide their content in more than just one language. With this tool, businesses and marketers stand to gain by reaching a broader audience because it makes it easier for their readers to understand what they are trying to share with them. Translation of websites and related marketing materials using the Weglot translation plugin also helps companies find new markets that might be inaccessible due to the language barrier. Other benefits include: Minimizing bounce and improving conversion rates, Establishing a competitive advantage, Enhancing brand image and Facilitating cost-effective marketing.

3. Welgot is designed for speed and accuracy

The localization solution integrates machine translation, professional translation, and post-editing, providing users with the best translation quality at an affordable cost. The Weglot translation plugin features an intuitive translation management dashboard that allows you to translate media files, text, and SEO metadata in one place. It makes the process of translating a large website easy and efficient. You do not need coding or developer time. Install Weglot, choose your desired language or languages, and let the translation plugin do the hard work on your behalf. In addition, you can either separate localization into specific languages like website and product pages or have one single translation to any language.

4. Supported technologies

Weglot started with WordPress, which makes nearly half of its users, but it is compatible with other technologies. You can install this plugin in different content management systems like Squarespace, Drupal, WooCommerce, Wix, and Shopify. It is also compatible with web technologies.

5. The WordPress advantage

Weglot works seamlessly with WordPress and is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. Whether you choose one of the 36 premium StudioPress or select other themes, you can rest assured that Weglot will turn your site multilingual in less than five minutes. It offers a simple interface to ensure that all the content is automatically detected, translated, and displayed without the need for duplicate sites or pages.

6. Getting started

Installing the Welgot translation plugin on your site takes a few minutes. Click on install and then activate. You will need to create a Weglot account to get your API key. Use the key to activate the plugin, then select your original language followed by the translation language. Click on the save button and refresh the page. Following this process will enable you to add a built-in language button that is displayed on your website. Weglot allows you to edit or customize this button. Weglot provides this button to ensure that all visitors to your site will get the entire content translated into a specific language with just a click. The plugin will correct and detect all the strings attached to a particular page and then send them to the API through your API key. It will get all the translations connected to the original content and replace them through HTML. The page will then be served under the ‘/es’ page and redirected to the end-user or visitor.

7. Is Welgot free?

Weglot is not entirely free, but you can take advantage of the 10-day free trial, which offers 2,000 page views and 2,000 translated words. The tech solution provides a flexible pricing plan to suit different needs and requirements. According to Weglot, the cost of acquiring this solution varies. The number of translated languages needed and the number of words in the project are the two determinants.

8. The ‘In-context editor’

Weglot translates all your content into any selected language and allows you to approve these translations through its in-context editor. The technology product processes translations using Google Translate, DeepL, and Yandex. You can have multiple team members edit and approve the suggested translations to ensure you are content with the outcome. All the changes and translation edits are reflected on your website in real-time. Weglot is valuable as it relieves job pressures from small business owners and managers who are required to do translations in large quantities of documents.

9. Multilingual SEO support

Weglot translation solution supports ‘Multilingual SEO’ in several ways. First, it will translate web content on the server-side to allow search engine bots to recognize the translated versions of the pages. Second, it translates the entire website, including the titles, headers, widgets, navigation menus, footers, and other features. Essentially, this shows that Weglot translates 100% of a site or page and not the content area alone. In addition, language sub-directories are created, allowing the translated content to be correctly indexed by search engines like Google. According to Dazzle, the page meta information is also translated, and users can choose to redirect visitors to pages in their preferred language.

10. The Weglot’s Visual Editor

The Weglot’s Visual Editor is one of the best features of this solution that allow users to browse their sites and make translation changes directly. It helps you modify any content, but it is powerful in modifying navigation menus and SEO meta information.

11. Professional translation

Users can order professional translations from the options provided on the Weglot dashboard. They will need to access the word review page, select the words they intend to translate and add them to the shopping cart. The cost of professional translation will depend on the language you want to translate.

12. What happens if you get wrong translations?

Weglot translation plugin will translate your content into dozens of languages. If there is an error in the translation, you can easily rectify it manually. Unusual and recurrent words, including brand names, can be added to a dictionary, enabling Weglot to translate them consistently.

13. Managing translations

The Weglot solution makes it easy to integrate the plugin into your site by placing all key settings on one page. However, you need to access the main website to manage your translations. This section also lets you view translation statistics, check your billing, and modify settings, among other things. At the bottom of the configuration page, there are several options like translating emails and AMP, enabling searching in visitors’ native languages, and redirecting users based on their browser language. The translation plugin also includes a configuration box for managing translations for custom posts. A host of additional settings are also available in the Weglot settings section that can potentially improve your translation. You can use the general settings page to enhance automatic translations by; narrowing down the type of website you intend to translate, the specific industry it is in, and the role you are playing in the project.

14. Switching to private mode

Weglot has a unique functionality that allows users to switch to private mode and make their translation edits in the background before going live. With this, you can ensure all your content is perfect and only display the desired quality. You can opt to either display automatic translations or make translations private from the ‘translations’ page.

15. Does Weglot slow your website?

Website performance is a primary concern for entrepreneurs and something they want to pay attention to before integrating a new plugin or service into their websites. According to Winning WP, Weglot does not affect a site’s performance even after displaying numerous additional pages.

16. Adding conditional exclusions

The default function of Weglot is translating all the content on a website. However, you can add conditional exclusions from the main Weglot website, allowing you to remove a specific page from translation. Alternatively, you can hide some parts of a page by defining an exclusion CSS class.

17. Welgot support

According to Augustine’s interview on WP Mayor Podcast, Weglot does not have a formal internal policy outlining the specific language used in user support. The company uses English by default, but if they identify that users are speaking other languages, they are allowed to switch. The company’s support team comprises members who are fluent in.

18. Is Welgot’s translation 100% accurate?

The accuracy of neural machines, which is the technology applied by Welgot’s automatic translation, records a 60 to 90% translation accuracy. Welglot servers will automatically detect your content and use artificial intelligence tools to get it started with new languages. To improve this accuracy, you can edit your content manually or engage the services of professional translators. Proofreading is also essential when getting your content translated. You can use different grammar checking and proofreading tools to make your copy error-free. Machine and professional translators alike can make grammar errors and typos, which may make your website look unprofessional. Even native speakers are prone to confusing specific grammar rules. Therefore, using grammar tools to check your translations will go a long way in helping you produce a flawless copy and gain more confidence.

19. Other features and functionalities

The Weglot dashboard provides an overview of your plan and lets you see the total number of translated words and views for a specified duration. You can also check the percentage of reviewed words or import or export translations in XLIFF or CSV formats. If you use automatic translations only, without making edits, the percentage of reviewed words on your account will be indicated as 0%. Users can also apply different filters to narrow down their results. For instance, you select a particular word to view suggestions, apply labels, see the history of translation, or mark it as reviewed.

20. Who are the users of Weglot?

Weglot is suitable for all sizes of businesses and individuals. The current users comprise a mix of profiles ranging from business owners, bloggers, and marketing specialists. Technical experts also make up a significant segment of Weglot users, and these range from full-time developers and those with basic skills. Weglot is a technology firm that provides a website localization solution and related services to help international organizations reach their global markets. From a website translation plugin to language translation consultancy and professional translation services, Weglot provides an efficient, reliable, fast, and easy way for businesses and individuals to take their website from local to global in five minutes. Since 2016, Weglot has successfully worked with over 5000 organizations from different countries across the globe and has more than 50,000 websites currently using it. The main difference between the Weglot translation plugin and other traditional solutions is that Weglot will take care of the hosting of your translated content. Once you integrate your site with the Weglot plugin, you remain the rightful owner of your content and hold all the rights. However, Weglot becomes the host. The tech startup takes taking care of all the technical aspects involved in content translations and language lingo.

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