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Five Companies Leading the Way in Content Moderation Technology

Content Moderation

Content moderation is a service that is used in social media along with other communication platforms that are interactive and contain posts and comments made by members of the forums and groups. Various methods are employed by content moderation companies, but usually include the use of both human monitors and AI powered automated systems. Most social media and other online venues that allow for communications have rules that govern the allowable content. Information exchange that does not conform to the rules is removed from the site and the person responsible is warned that they have broken the rules. This technology is used to help prevent disinformation, fake news, and conspiracy theories as well as violations including harassment, profanity, and other offenses. Content moderation companies screen monitor and approve user-generated content for websites and organizations to ensure that the communities are safe and healthy for communities. They work to identify predatory, hateful, vulgar, spam, and other inappropriate content to protect users. Here are five companies leading the way in content moderation technology for 2021.

5. Pure Moderation

Pure Moderation is a content moderation company that provides clients with 24/7 content moderation and a full range of BPO services. The business has provided services for more than 15 years. It offers multilingual text moderation while also monitoring brands, social, video, and image content across all existing online platforms. It's compatible with Snapchat,, 500px, YouNow, Imgur, and others. This is one of the leaders in the content moderation tech industry. It processes more than 3.5 million daily submissions. What makes Pure Moderation unique is that it uses human-led content monitoring versus artificial intelligence-only powered automated systems. Pure Moderation believes that it's necessary to keep humans involved in the process.

4. Hive Moderation

Hive is a content moderation tech company that uses an automated system that performs to the levels of human accuracy in detecting violations of content under predetermined parameters. The solution that Hive Moderation offers monitors all types of media including GIFs WEBP, Audio, videos, images, and Live Streams in one compatible API. The artificial intelligence-powered program returns tagged metadata in real-time. Hive Moderation is one of the largest and most successful leaders in the content moderation industry, processing billions of API calls monthly. It currently serves some of the most popular platforms which include Reddit, Voodoo, Cognizant, Dispo, Plato, Yubo, and many others. These companies rely on the high-quality service offered by Hive Moderation.

3. LiveWorld

LiveWorld is a content moderation company that employs the use of a deep understanding of language and culture as considerations when providing services for its customers. This helps to avoid making mistakes one way or the other when analyzing content for its propriety in terms of the pre-established rules for the client company. Multilingual services are available with customization for the unique needs of the various customers they serve. LiveWorld maintains a staff of moderators available 7 days a week, 25 hours per day, to provide the best possible service for clients and to meet their every need. LiveWorld is a 2020 Pharma Choice Award-winning for social media. The company has been officially recognized for excellence in the provision of services This company is a popular choice for healthcare organizations due to its expertise in laws and rules about this niche of the industry.

2. Besedo

Besedo is a leader in content moderation technology that combines both human-powered services with artificial intelligence technology. This versatile service provider goes over and above traditional services by offering content monitoring and detection services plus image quality, counterfeits, screen monitor fraud, cyberbullying, de-duplication, illegal items, categorization, and nudity. Besedo also offers clients options for receiving monthly reports, quality assurance, and consultancy, depending on the preferences of the clients. The value-added services that Besedo offers have made it one of the more popular options in content moderation technology. The additional features offered are discretionary and available upon client request, but customers can work with Besedo to tailor the types of services that are the most fitting for each situation. Potential clients also have the option of requesting a demo before deciding if this is the right service for their organization. Some clients find the categorization feature particularly helpful for weeding out irrelevant items. This helps to reduce churn and increase conversion rates, which is always welcome news for sites that seek to monetize their businesses through visitor conversion. Besedo offers four different product solutions to help meet the unique needs of each client.

1. Chekkee

Chekkee is a leader in the content monitoring industry because of its uniqueness that causes its solutions to stand out among the others. The company offers moderation services for a broad range of platforms including forum, community, and user-generated content. It also monitors website, media, image, and video content. Chekkee's monitoring services are based on an artificial intelligence-powered product that features automated system analysis along with quality assurance, and real-time reporting. The services offered are tailor-made for each client, and this is one of the biggest differences that makes Chekkee stand out. It employs reputable domain professionals who monitor the provision of services to ensure that each client receives the best possible services to meet their situations. Chekkee is an international company that is Australian-owned with offices stationed in the Philippines and other parts of the world. The company focuses on a range of industries with expertise in the following areas, including but not limited to e-commerce, dating sites, social apps, app guidelines, gaming sites, agency campaigns, and children's sites. Chekkee realizes that each client is unique and may have different needs. While the other companies on this list do an exceptional job of meeting client needs, Chekkee truly goes the extra mile in customizing services to meet unique client needs on an individual basis. This company is one of the best when it comes to its adaptability and flexibility in designing its tailored product packages for each client. Services are provided continuously 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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