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How Startup Chowbotics is Helping Food Delivery Evolve


Chowbotics is a startup in the food industry that is changing the food industry in an innovative way that could revolutionize the industry. It's also known as Casabots in the vernacular, but legally titled Chowbotics Inc. Chowbotics is a business that uniquely merges robotic technology with food preparation for a service that streamlines the way that foods are prepared. Here is how Chowbotics is helping food delivery to evolve.

What is Chowbotics?

According to Crunchbase, Chowbotics is a startup that uses a unique robot called Sally to make salads. The salad-making robot is programmed to make customizable healthy and fresh salads, freeing the hands of restaurant staff to tend to other tasks. This is the first of its kind and it's destined to become a useful technology in the food preparation industry. Chowbotics was found by Deepak Sekar and launched on August 23, 2014, in the San Francisco Bay area. The business is also known as Casabots. It is a for-profit business that has received a round of Series A funding

Chowbotics was acquired by Door Dash, according to Techcrunch. This is good news for DoorDash, a company that specializes in the delivery of food from restaurants to consumer locations. DoorDash has plans to implement Chowbotics into their current services to look for new customers by providing their merchants with one more service to help them grow and expand their operations. Chowbotics develops and produces robots that function as salad bars that take the need for human interaction out of the equation of salad preparation. This technology is more timely than ever in a time when a massive pandemic has swept the nation. DoorDash plans to leverage the technology of their new acquisition to provide more support and bolster the success of their merchant partners.

Chowbotics has already done well with a total of $11 million raised in venture capital funding. The salad making function is one that provides a fully contactless feature to help prevent the possibility of transmitting the covid-19 virus. Users can also order ahead of time via the Chowbotics app. DoorDash has grown to become a leader in on-demand logistics and food delivery and this is just one more means of automating the food ordering, preparation, and delivery services. Their goal is to offer more nutritious and fresh foods that are easy for people to order and receive quickly and easily. In a society that has high expectations for on-demand services, it has great potential for achieving great success.

Chowboticssand DoorDash are still making plans

Exactly how DoorDash plans to use the new technology has not yet been fully strategized. They're still looking at how they want to use the technology to fit into their popular delivery services. Their goals are to improve access of their customers to fresh foods that are also safely prepared. Taking the human factor out of the mix enhances safety, but we have yet to hear about the ways that they are planning to expand beyond the preparation of salads. What we do know so far is that DoorDash plans to implement the Chowbotics technology in ways that will enhance local economies and give the businesses a boost.

Other integrated partnerships

DoorDash has partnered with Starship Technologies, a company that offers a similar type of robot. They're looking at the use of food delivery robots along with robotic food preparation and two means of using robotic technology to create new methods of food preparation and delivery that are truly contactless. Such a system has yet to be successfully developed, at least in any useful format. There are many obstacles in the way that still need to be resolved before this idea can become a reality, but the implications are immense for taking the business of food preparation and delivery into a totally new realm. Chowbotics already uses technology to work in a kiosk type kitchen for expanding food options. They're looking at robotic food preparation for any type of food that can be delivered in a bowl including cereal and other types of breakfast bowls, fruit bowls, yogurt bowls, and the list goes on.

What makes Chowbotics so attractive?

Chowbotics can robotically prepare fresh salads on-demand and according to the specifications of an order using a variety of different ingredients. The environment is sterile and safe, and food is stored in airtight containers that are safe from contamination. Convenient and fresh food services are two of the qualities that are highly valued by those who are busy yet health-conscious. Sally the robot is capable of making practically any type of customized food that fits in a bowl through a vending machine setting, according to the Chowbotics official site.

Final thoughts

Chowbotics is a startup that has mastered the art of preparing contactless foods that are made of fresh and healthy ingredients. This new and innovative technology follows a logical progression in the advancement of food science technology. We're coming to a time in the history of the planet when there is reason to be vigilant about the ways that foods are prepared. The fear of transmission of insidious diseases by human carriers with no symptoms of illness is a real threat. In addition to making food preparation safer, Chowbotic offers a means of creating a customizable vending station that allows consumers to push a few buttons and watch Sally the robot work its magic to create tailored meals of all types. We see the potential for this technology to not only boost the profits for vendors and restaurants, but also for home use at some time in the future. Could you imagine how much your life would be simplified if you could prepare complete meals at home with the touch of a button? Although this might sound like a futuristic technology out of a sci-fi movie, it may be closer than we all think. Chowbotics technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that food is prepared and served.

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