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Should You Get An Ann Taylor Credit Card?


Should you get an Ann Taylor credit card? That depends on several factors. If you shop at the store often, yes. If you pay off your credit card monthly, yes. If you like to earn rewards, get access to preview new styles, and extra perks, yes.

Ann Taylor was founded in 1954 by Richard Liebeskind in New Haven, Connecticut. Ironically, the company has no connections to Ann Taylor other than marketing. "Ann" was chosen because it is a common name. "Taylor" was chosen because of the connection to the word "tailor" which connotes high end custom clothing. The store sells classic sophisticated women's clothing for business and casual wear. The clothing is known for its fine craftsmanship and stylish appearance. It is also as timeless as it is as trendy and chic. Ann Taylor's spin off store, Ann Taylor LOFT sells less expensive, trendier, and machine washable clothing. LOFT also carries a wider variety of business and casual clothing.

Ann Taylor sells quality high end clothing for the sophisticated and chic woman. If you shop at Ann Taylor regularly, you may be interested in an Ann Taylor credit card. With an Ann Taylor credit card, you will enjoy rewards points and periodic discounts to use at the store. You can enjoy membership with no annual fee. The APR is high, however, so if you do not plan to pay your monthly balance, the interest and penalty fees will offset the benefits of the rewards. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when considering Ann Taylor credit card.

Ann Taylor Store Credit Card

One option for Ann Taylor store credit is the store credit card. As with other store credit cards, this can only be used at an Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor LOFT stores or for online purchases. The card carries many benefits including an opening 15% discount on your first purchase, a $15 gift card to use during your birthday month, a $20 gift card when you earn 2000 points, and 15% off purchases the first Tuesday of every month. There is no annual fee, but the card carries an APR of 24.99% which is high. The card is issued and managed by World Financial Network Bank.

This is a good option if you do not have much of a credit history or you have a lower credit score. You should be able to easily be approved for this card. Most applicants receive instant approval with an initial $250 credit limit. Once you establish your credit, you can request a higher limit. You can manage your account online and with a mobile app.

Ann Taylor Comenity MasterCard

Another option for Ann Taylor credit is the Comenity MasterCard. With this card, you can enjoy the Ann Taylor rewards and use the card wherever MasterCard is accepted. The card is issued and managed by World Financial Network Bank. To apply, you must be 18 years old or older. You can apply for the card in an Ann Taylor store or online. In most cases, there is instant approval. You can manage your account online and receive paperless statements. There is also a Mobile Card app that allows you to access your account through your mobile phone.

The Ann Taylor Comenity MasterCard allows you to have the freedom of a credit card along with the perks of a retail credit card. When you use the MasterCard in an Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor LOFT store or online, you enjoy the same rewards as the Ann Taylor store credit card. For every $1 you spend at Ann Taylor, you receive 5 "Perfect Rewards Points". For every 2000 Perfect Rewards Points, you receive a $20 gift card. You get 15% off your first purchase and $15 to spend during your birthday month. You also receive Perfect Rewards Points for use of the card outside of the Ann Taylor stores. For every $1 you spend outside of Ann Taylor, you earn 1 Perfect Rewards Point.

Like the Ann Taylor store credit card, the Comenity MasterCard has no annual fee. There is a high APR, however. For this card, the rate depends on your particular credit rating. It is typically between 17.99% and 24.99%.

The Ann Taylor store credit card is a good deal if you shop regularly at Ann Taylor. The Ann Taylor Comenity MasterCard is an even better option because you can get the perks of Ann Taylor rewards and can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted. It may be more difficult to get, however, if you do not have credit or have a lower credit score. With either card, you can enjoy the perks of the rewards without paying an annual membership fee.

If you choose to apply for either Ann Taylor card, you should consider how often you will shop at the store and decide whether you will pay your balance monthly. Because of the high interest rate, you will not want to carry a balance on the card, so you will need to pay it off monthly. There is also no liability for unauthorized users, so your card is not quite as protected as other credit cards may be.

The bottom line is, the Ann Taylor Comenity MasterCard is a beneficial credit card to have. If you shop frequently at any Ann Taylor stores, you will benefit from the rewards program and extra discounts. You will also have access to preview special sales and sneak peaks at new apparel and accessories available. If you do not want to pay extra fees, just be certain to pay off your monthly balance. The store card is good if you do not have established credit. The MasterCard is a better bet if you do have decent credit. This card will help you earn rewards outside of the Ann Taylor stores that you can use for store discounts. If you purchase most of your clothing and accessories at Ann Taylor, you will certainly benefit from an Ann Taylor credit card.

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