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10 Authors Similar to Colleen Hoover


Colleen Hoover's reads have become favorites among many avid readers in the last decade. She is an American author of adult romance, fiction, and psychological thrillers. She writes such prolific stories that readers cannot help but pick up her books repeatedly. It Ends With Us is one of Colleen's most famous books. It is no secret that she has been on numerous best sellers lists and that it is attributed to the fact that readers stay glued to her books, and when they finish, they go looking for other authors like Colleen.

In January 2022, It Ends With Us became New York Times Best Seller. Colleen Hoover was born in 1979 in Texas and published many books on her own before getting her first book deal. She has written over 20 books, and 11 of them have been on the New York Times Best Sellers list. She has won several awards, including two Goodreads Choice Awards.

Although her books have been doing well on their own, the recent Tiktok wave has been good for her book sales as her fans, who call themselves the CoHorts, make videos about her amazing books. Since Colleen's books are in various genres, there are several authors whose works come close to hers in different genres. Like Colleen, these ten authors are masters in their works, with unexpected twists and amazing plots that will leave you wanting more. If you are a hopeless romantic or even a sucker for thrillers, the list below will help you find a few authors whose reads you might enjoy.

10. Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid is best known for her critically acclaimed novel, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, as well as her novels Malibu Rising, Maybe in Another Life, and Daisy Jones & The Six. She was a Media study major at Emerson College in Boston, and after she graduated, she got into the film production industry. Taylor worked as a casting assistant in Los Angeles before she landed her first book deal. Her first book was titled Forever, Interrupted, and it was published in 2013. She started writing for television in 2015 when she got a deal to co-write Resident Advisors on Hulu.

Although she writes a lot about historical fiction, her books are great reads for Colleen Hoover fans. They will especially find her book Maybe in Another Lifetime an interesting read. The book follows the life of Hannah Martin, a 29-year-old single girl who runs into her high school sweetheart in a bar. She then decides whether to go back home or follow her ex-boyfriend. The book follows two simultaneous storylines of the consequences of each decision. Her book Daisy Jones & the Six, a historical fiction that follows the lives of a 1970's rock band, is being made into a television series by Prime Video.

9. Penelope Douglas

The Punk 57 author writes contemporary, erotic, and adult romance novels. Her writing focuses on some topics that might be considered too modern, and her books are enjoyed by people who are open to getting out of their comfort zones. Penelope Douglas has you covered if you love hot steamy romance novels with rebellious characters who break the rules. She was born and raised in Iowa, U.S.A., and got a Public Administration degree from Northern Iowa University. According to When You Write, she has admitted that she did not want to pursue a career in public administration and only studied the course to please her father. Penelope then joined Loyola University, New Orleans, and got a Master's degree in Education.

Penelope's books have been on several bestseller lists, including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the U.S.A. Today. Some of her successful book series include The Fall Away and The Devil's Night. Her standalone books like Punk 57, Birthday Girl, Credence, and Misconduct are also fun favorites. These books did not just make it into bestseller lists because of aggressive marketing campaigns. Penelope worked hard and creatively wrote mind-gripping novels that are worth your time.

8. Lauren Dane

Lauren Dane is the perfect author if you are looking for Adult romance novels full of erotic scenes. She is a great storyteller who started writing at a very young age, her imagination ran wild even before she could talk, and she always entertained people by telling them her stories. Lauren still loves to talk, and many people now get to read her stories through her critically acclaimed and award-winning books. Although romance is her main genre, she also writes Science fiction books.

Lauren's books span the romance genre, with her imagination taking her readers to unreal worlds. From writing about witches, undiscovered universes, shifters, and rock stars, readers are bound to go on endless romantic journeys with her characters. Some of her favorite book series are Petal Georgia, Brown Family, Chase Brothers, and Goddess with a blade. Books from Lauren's Brown Family series have been featured in the New York Times and the U.S.A. Today's bestseller lists.

7. Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole is an amazing African American author of contemporary and liberal books. According to Good Reads, her work spans different genres, including Romance, historical fiction, and science fiction with stories that include diverse characters from spies in the civil war to modern-day doctors. Alyssa was born in 1982 and started her career as an author by publishing novellas and short story collections. She likes to center her stories around significant historical events like the civil rights movement and the revolutionary war. Alyssa has published over 25 books and won multiple awards for some of them, with An Extraordinary Union winning four different awards.

The award-winning author is best known for her romance novel An Extraordinary Union, published in 2017. Like Colleen Hoover's psychological thriller Verity, Allysa's 2020 book, When No One is Watching, is an amazing read for people who love the genre. The book is about a woman living through her neighborhood's gentrification and the sinister reasons behind her neighbor's disappearances. In 2021, the book won the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original.

6. Alisha Rai

Alisha Rai delivers amazing books that avid romance readers can hardly put down. She writes erotic and contemporary romance novels that advocate for greater diversity in the romance genre. She is best known for her books, Serving Pleasure and Hate to Want You, featured in the Washington Post's 2015 best romance novels of the year and Entertainment Weekly's ten best romance novels of 2017, respectively. Before she started writing, Alisha worked as an attorney. She published her first e-book in 2009. As Alisha was starting her career, she looked for book deals but was mostly rejected and told romance novels with ethnic characters would have trouble selling. Alisha is a contemporary writer and includes characters from different ethnicities in her books. Her books also include the sexual identity field.

If you read Colleen Hoovers, Reminders of Him and loved it, you will love Alisha Rai's book series Forbidden Hearts. The series features three books; hate to Want You, like the Romeo and Juliet version of forbidden lovers. Wrong to Need You is about a woman still in Love with a man who is her brother-in-law after she married his brother. Hurts to Love You follows the story of a woman in Love with her big brother's friend. The books all live up to the forbidden love theme and will captivate readers who love romance reads.

5. Julia Quinn

When people think of amazing historical romance writers, Julia Quinn is bound to come up. The Bridgerton writer has become a favorite, especially among the young crowd that has been pulled into the books by the Netflix adaptation of her book series Bridgerton. Julia was born in 1970 in New England and grew up in California. She was an avid romance novels reader from a young age. Her first book, which she wrote at the age of 12 after reading the Sweet Valley High book series and Sweet Dreams, was rejected but did not stop her.

Julia has written over 35 books and won numerous awards, accolades, and recognition. In 2010, she became a Romance Writers of America Hall of Famer. She has received the prestigious RITA Awards for several of her novels, including On the Way to the Wedding, What Happens in London, and The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. Her Bridgerton Series was adapted into a Netflix series and the second season, based on the book The Viscount Who Loved Me, became the most-viewed English drama on Netflix at the time of its release. According to her Media Kit, nineteen of her books were simultaneous New York Times bestsellers.

4. Christina Lauren

Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings decided to write books together and combined their names to form Christina Lauren. The duo authors write books that fit into the young adult, romance, and adult fiction genres. They met in 2009 while working on online fanfiction, and their relationship became close friends. In 2010, they decided to become a writing duo and signed their first agent in 2011. They have co-authored more than 25 books, and 18 of them have been on the New York Times Best Seller list. Although the duo's first publication was released less than a decade ago, in 2013, they have gone on to write over 25 books, which is no small feat for a duo in less than a decade. The Book Page referred to them as a loving and dynamic writing duo.

You only need to see the number of accolades and honors they have received to know that their romance novels do not disappoint. Since 2013, they have received more than 60 honors, nominations, and awards from prestigious institutions like Goodreads, Audible, and Barnes and Noble, and even featured in Oprah's romance novels we couldn't put down list. The duo is most famous for their Wild Seasons series, including Sweet Filthy Boy and Dark Wild Night. The Beautiful Series also features critically acclaimed romance novels like Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger.

3. Rebecca Serle

Rebecca Serle is best known for her book In Five Years and her book series, Famous in Love. Her books, including The Dinner List, In Five Years, When you Were Mine, and The Edge of Falling, have been listed on the New York Times Bestseller list. Apart from being a romance novels author, she is also a television writer. Rebbeca grew up in Maui, now a New Yorker, although she has a house in Los Angeles. She studied at the New York School and graduated with a master of Fine arts degree.

Her most recent book, One Italian Summer, was named by Goodreads as one of the most anticipated books of 2022. Her New York Best Seller In Five Years can be compared to Colleen Hoover's Maybe Someday. Although they have different storylines, both follow the lives of two women in a love triangle. According to Marie Claire, the In Five Years storyline is not just a simple, straightforward love story, but it is complex and makes for a fascinating read.

2. Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes is a journalist, a romance author, and a screenwriter. She has won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award twice, an incredible achievement. The English Journalist has also become an award-winning novelist, and her books are on several bestseller lists. Jojo was born in 1969 in England and got her journalism degree from City University. She also worked for The Independent for ten years, after which she fully immersed herself in her writing career. Publishers rejected her first three books, and just as she was about to give up writing, publishers started bidding for her fourth book.

Me Before You is perhaps her most famous book. In 2016, the book spent 19 weeks on the New York Times Top 10 bestseller chart. It has won many awards, including the Nielsen Awards, Platinum Hall of Fame, Gold Hall of Fame, and the American Library Association. According to Penguin books, Me Before You has sold over 15 million books worldwide and the boom in sales can be attributed to the 2016 movie adaptation. Some of her other award-winning titles include Silver Bay, The Last Letter from Your Lover, After You, and The Giver of Stars, among many other titles. If you are a Colleen Hoover fan, you will thoroughly enjoy Jojo's books.

1. Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy is an award-winning, critically acclaimed writer. She is the author of Romance, mystery, and Thriller novels, and her books are mostly in the contemporary romance and romantic suspense subgenres. The Canadian author grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and graduated from York University with an English degree. Elle had a knack for writing from a very young age, and when she was a teenager, she knew it was time to start actively pursuing her dream. She wrote her first romance novel when she was twelve, which might raise a few eyebrows since she was so young. Elle has won numerous awards for her captivating books, including the RITA Awards for Mid-length for Him in the best contemporary romance category.

She loves to write about strong feminine heroines and sexy male characters. Like Colleen's, It Ends With Us, her books are centered around the heroine who falls for bad boys. Elle's Off-Campus series is very popular among romance enthusiasts, with The Deal and The Score from the series being nominated for various awards and the series being on several Best Seller lists.

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