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10 Awesome Castles to Check out in Michigan

Miner's Castle

When you think about castles, chances are the first places that come to mind are across the pond in England or another European country. However, one state in the U.S. boasts many different castles waiting to be visited and toured. Michigan's distinct structures are a variety of different styles as well as uses and great places to visit or stay for the whole family. Throughout this list, you'll take a trip back in time and learn a little history. Undoubtedly, after reading some of them, you'll want to book your next trip to some of these cities just to catch a glimpse or take a series of incredible photos detailing your journey. These are 10 awesome castles to check out in Michigan.

10. Castle Rock - St. Ignace

According to Castle Rock, MI, this is one of the most well-known lookout spots in the state. This isn't a castle you can walk through, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of things for you to do. First, if you hike to the top of the formation, you will have amazing views of Mackinac Island and Lake Huron. Aside from the incredible pictures you can take, you will also be able to take your picture with folk hero Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox.

9. Hoyt Public Libary - Saginaw

Jesse Hoyt gave the city the funds to build this library because he wanted to promote education and give back to the community despite never maintaining a full-time residence there. Nonetheless, Hoyt contributed to the overall economy in industries like lumber, banking, and even salt throughout his life. The Hoyt Public Library is a timeless reminder of all this prominent businessman did for the area. When the library first opened in 1888, they brought in one of Boston's most well-known and respected librarians. This contributed to the auspicious nature of the project. Today people can curl up in the main reading room in front of a fireplace while getting lost in their favorite book.

8. Castle on Lake Michigan - Shelby

Many people search sites like Vrbo or AirBnb, looking for unique places to stay. This is undoubtedly one you may want to check out if you want to feel like a prince or princess during your vacation. According to Vrbo, the castle has a stunning view of Lake Michigan and is almost 5000 square feet, big enough to bring a whole group of friends who want to soak up the scenery and nearby things to do. Although it may look like a castle on the outside, you'll find tons of modern amenities throughout the property, which sits on almost two acres.

7. Meadow Brook Hall - Rochester

Matilda Dodge Wilson, the widow of John Dodge, one of the biggest names in the automotive history, had this castle built with her second husband, a lumber mogul. Nowadays, it's a historic landmark housing a museum and a wedding venue. There are many different tours offered, including a flashlight tour where visitors are guided to the ornate details of the castle. You may want to participate in the behind-the-scenes tour for history buffs. You will be treated to knowledge about the inner workings of the house.

6. Bavarian Castle Shops - Frankenmuth

Visiting this location is a step back in time. The German-style castle houses the world-renowned Bavarian Inn Brewery. There are many different shops boasting everything from amazing wine and cheeses to souvenirs to help you remember your visit. Additionally, you'll find shops devoted to toys and dolls; a can't miss for your little ones or inner child. If you visit during the holiday season, you will also get a chance to see Bronner's Christmas Store, one of the largest in the area.

5. Castle Farms - Charlevoix

If you've ever dreamed of a fairy tale wedding in a castle, this may be your spot. Additionally, it's also an excellent place for families to explore and boasts Michigan's largest outdoor model train set. As you wander the castle's rooms, you will also see a variety of different historical collections, including antique toys even items from royal families around the world.

4. Grand Army of The Republic Building - Detroit

According to Detroit Historical, it is located on Cass and West Grand River, which is land given to the city by Lewis Cass. Construction started on the building in 1899. Initially, its primary purpose was for meetings. However, they also added several shops and office suites for other businesses. Nowadays, Mindfield Media has its offices on the top two floors, but the rest of the building houses a memorial for Civil War veterans.

3. Henderson Castle Bed and Breakfast - Kalamazoo

Henderson Castle is located off West Main Hill overlooking the downtown Kalamazoo skyline. One of the most prominent businessmen, Frank Henderson, built the castle in 1895. He only spent four years in the castle before he passed away. The castle has seen many evolutions and different types of businesses throughout the years, including an art center. It became a bed and breakfast in 2011 when renovations started converting it into a unique place to stay in Michigan.

2. Castle Museum - Saginaw

This is the location for the historical society in Saginaw county. While in the museum, visitors will learn about the area's ever-evolving history, including archaeological finds. The site is also the largest lumber producer in the world. The Saginaw historical society took over the castle in 1979 and has since worked diligently to bring the area's history to life.

1. Curwood Castle - Owosso

This castle is located on the Shiawassee River. Its name comes from James Oliver Curwood, who wrote several adventure novels inside the Norman-style castle walls. He lived there for four years until his death in 1927. The castle is now a museum where you can learn about Curwood's life and some history about the surrounding areas.

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