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20 Awesome Things to do in Chicago with Kids

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago is arguably the most populated city in Illinois, a state in the U.S. It is located offshore of Lake Michigan. The city is famous for its diversity in economic activities and its noticeable city activities surrounding technology, culture, finance, and industrial commerce. Chicago's population is more than 2.7 million people. The population has a less than one percent growth rate. Non-Hispanic whites are the majority hence the dominant language is Native American English.

The city has one of the most unpredictable climates, which keep on changing on an almost hourly basis. Celebrities such as Kanye West, Shonda Rhimes, The Obamas, Hillary Clinton, and others have homes in this city. Over the years, Chicago has become one of the favorite places you can visit with your kids. We shall discuss and inform you of the best 20 awesome things you should do with your children in Chicago.

Chicago Loop Temple

20. Visit the Chicago Loop Temple

Religious centers act as both historical and spiritual sites. You can choose to take your children for a religious tour and visit the Chicago Loop Temple. Located at 77W Washington Street, Chicago Loop Temple is probably the most beautiful church in Chicago. If you have enough time, you can also visit the Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago Temple, and the Fourth Presbyterian Church, among others. The tour will play a lot in making your kids more tolerant of different worshiping groups and practices.

Register and Participate in the Chicago Fastest Kid Competition

19. Register and Participate in the Chicago Fastest Kid Competition

In Chicago, there are competition events that combine both adult and kids' competitions. The famous one for Kids is the annual Chicago's fastest Kid competition. If you are visiting when the Fastest Kid is not available, you can try the Windy City Ninjas. They also give your kid an opportunity to form teams and compete in different activities. Such engagements will help improve your kid's school and team-building performance. As a parent, you have to be there to cheer your kid as they participate. Showing up support for your kid will increase the bond between the two of you.

Take Your Kids to Train Martial Arts at Chicago Kitoh Shotokan-Sugiyana Karate-Do

18. Take Your Kids to Train Martial Arts at Chicago Kitoh Shotokan-Sugiyana Karate-Do

Martial Arts is one of the best ways of instilling the discipline philosophy in your kids. You and your kids can enroll in several martial arts schools in Chicago. Chicago Kitoh Shotokan-Sugiyana Karate-Do is one of the best martial arts schools in Chicago. If you find it too far from your place, you can access Forteza Fitness, Physical Culture, and Martial Arts, Hyun's Hapkido Taekwondo & Self-Defense Schools, and the Lions Tae Kwon Do & Kung fu, among others. Take your child to get martial arts discipline and improve their defensive skills. The relevant bodies fully accredit all the leading martial arts schools in Chicago.


17. Tour and Take Photos of Exceptional Buildings in Chicago

Chicago city is home to some outstanding buildings with unique designs. These buildings act as directional point marks and tourist attraction features as well. They differ in age, design, height, and use. If your kid is interested in buildings, this is the city to bring them to. Some famous buildings in Chicago are the Tribune Towers, Willis Tower, Wrigley Building, Aqua Tower, Lake Point Tower, and the Merchandise Mart. To understand the old age designs of buildings in Chicago, you can visit the John Raber House, Old Chicago Water Tower District, Rosehill Cemetery Entrance, and John Weinert House, among others. Whether built recently or many years ago, you have an opportunity to have one unique photo on your wall.

Cleaning of Parks

16. Volunteer in Cleaning of Parks

The art of giving and expecting no returns is one of the most important skills which we must teach our children. It helps in improving their social understanding of the environment. Each park in Chicago has an open general cleaning day, choose the most suitable one and show up with your children. To conserve the environment, you can take your children to plant native pollinators and threatened species after the cleaning.

Amazing Woodson Regional Library

15. Take Your Kids to Visit the Amazing Woodson Regional Library

When on holiday, it's always good to remind your children that they are still students and that the fun life in Chicago should not carry them away. If you are on an extended vacation, you can take them to visit some of the best libraries available in the city. Located at Halsted Street, Woodson Regional Library is one of the best libraries in the city. Albany Park Branch, Lincoln Belmont Branch, and The Poetry Foundation Library are other libraries you can access. All these libraries have assistants who are child friendly, and they will help in guiding your children.

North Avenue Beach

14. Visit North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach is located at Lincoln Park, the most populated beach in Chicago. It has attracted high-profile celebrities from different parts of the world. You can relax on the beach, play beach games, take a beach walk, and enjoy the breeze with your children. In addition, at the beach, you will have exposure to Chicago's culture, especially the foods, music, and dances. The welcoming people of Chicago will allow your kids to engage in any activity with theirs. According to Travel Lemming, Oak Street Beach, North Avenue Beach, Montrose Beach, Foster Beach, and the famous Hollywood Beach are also the other best beaches you can take your children to.
The Chicago Riverwalk

13. Teach Your Kids How to Fish at The Chicago Riverwalk

When kids reach the age of 9-15, they become naturally conscious. Fishing is one activity that enables children to have a more relaxed understanding of the waters besides teaching them how to concentrate. The Chicago Riverwalk gives a peaceful environment where you can take your children to fish. They will even give fishing boats at a meager cost. Kindly note that this activity is for children who have developed cognitive skills. When you see your kid is afraid of water, you can fish in the shallow waters.

Davis Theater

12. Take a Night and Watch a movie at Davis Theater

Like adults, children also have a right to watch movies. Chicago boasts of more than ten kid-friendly movie theaters. The theater has its programs laid out on its websites. You can easily engage your child and help them choose the best movie and theater they would like. According to Mommy Nearest, you can take your kids to Music Box Theater and CMX Cinemas Market Old Orchard. Each theater center has specific times when they open, kindly do not fail to choose one when you visit with your children.


11. Take Your Children to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center for Indoor Gaming

Inspired by the fact that there is a continued decrease in outdoor places for children to play, LEGOLAND Discovery introduced the art of creating playgrounds in houses. Their services are also available in Chicago. Your kids will access two rides, 4D Cinema, and ten build-and-play zones. Parents are allowed to accompany their kids as they engage in different activities. When one is unaware of how a particular game is played, one can seek the services of the attendants who are always ready to help your children.


10. Engage in Water Games with The Chicago Sailboat Charters

Chicago has some of the best water gaming services in the world. It is a highly rated company offering different water game services; you can have one of the best water-stay days with your children. They will offer you a fantastic tour guide. It's been thoroughly vetted as far as safety measures are concerned. They even have onboard food services. So, you should not worry about what will happen to your kids if they need food on the journey.


9. Have the best Nature Walks at The Chicago Lakefront trail (28.3 kilometers)

There is no good feeling like the one you have when walking with your young ones. It gives you a lifetime peace feeling. You can also relax on the trail and give stories to your children. The most attractive feature of the walking trail is along water bodies, giving you a cool breeze as you walk around. The trail is open to the public, and you shall be expected to pay at no given time.


8. Enjoy seafood at Joe's Seafood Restaurant

According to TripAdvisor, Joe's Seafood serves one of the best mouth-watering seafood meals. They have not only ready food but also take special orders from different clients. The restaurant is famous for its excellent customer care services and low prices. If you are visiting Chicago, do not stress yourself by trying to find out where your children will eat; take them to the restaurant, and you will have the best meal you have ever had.

Water Tower Place

7. Shop at the Water Tower Place Mall

It is always good to teach your kids how to go shopping at their tender age. Shopping with your children will give you a rare opportunity of assessing their product taste preferences besides giving them product comparison skills. Water Tower Place is a magnificent mall that houses different shopping outlets from all the leading suppliers. The most recognizable feature of the mall in it is easily accessible from Michigan Avenue. Your children will have the best opportunity to compare and select the product they will find most suitable.

Blue Man Group

6. Maximize the Kid-Friendly Theatre- The Barrel of Monkeys

Kids are great lovers of artificial games, and The Barrel of Monkeys can take care of this when you are in Chicago. It is one of the best places for your children to improve their imaginations. It has art programs to help your kids improve storytelling and social-emotional skills. Blue Man Group and ComedySportz can also offer your kids the best games.

Ritz Carlton Chicago

5. Take your kids to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Their accommodation is one of the best in Chicago. Located within Water Tower Place near Lake Michigan, the hotel has some of the best services and can offer you and your children a tour of the neighborhoods. The hotel has a unique Ritz Kids program that your kids can take advantage of. They will get an opportunity to tour the surroundings and play.

Music Festival Chicago

4. Attend the Chicago House Music Festivals

Chicago annually organizes a music festival through the mayor's office during the summer. It attracts different musicians and bands. During the festivals, you can take your kids to have exposure to the best music ever. The event organizers are sensitive to school calendars. The event is designed with kids in mind; you will find the festival has a special place for parents with children.


3. Participate in Indoor Skydiving at iFLY

iFLY allows your children to experience flying in their state-of-the-art wind tunnels. iFLY employs the use of a technology-powered exercise in which they have taken enough steps to ensure maximum observation of health and safety rules. The exercise is not only made for children but adults as well, and it helps in the management of kids' fear of falling. You can also host birthday parties, team buildings, and corporate events at iFLY. iFLY also accepts gift cards from several trading stores, so if you shop in one of the local trading facilities, you still stand a chance to enjoy their services.


2. Engage in Biking Tours

Several biking entities will allow you to have your kids enjoy biking games. The Bike and Roll Chicago and Bobby's Bike Hike can give some of the most exciting biking packages with special equipment such as comfy trailer carriers, child seats, and tag-a-long attachments. You can teach your children how to bike; if they know it, you can easily take a tour of the different cycling trails. Chicago's local administration has passed policies that ensure adequate respect for bikers by other road users. Do not let your children stay indoors because they do not have anything to do; cycling will make them busy and physically fit.

Lincoln Park Zoo

1. Watch Animals in the Parks Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is located in the heart of Chicago. Your children will interact with animals of their choice in the park. The weekends are the busiest days when kids can make new friends under parental guidance. The park is open to the public at affordable service fees. If you are a parent and want your kids to have a blasting weekend, take them to Lincoln Park Zoo, and they will enjoy it. Brookfield Zoo, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the Shedd Aquarium are other places to take your kids.

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