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10 Awesome Things To Do in Little Italy Boston

Great Molasses Flood Plaque

One of the hidden gems of Boston is a waterfront community on the North End of the city. Little Italy sits in a historic part of the city where some of the oldest buildings in the city are still standing and in use. It's a sensory experience in an area that has a lot to offer for the locals and visitors. There's so much to do that we've prepared a guide to point out ten awesome things you have to do when you're in Little Italy Boston.


10. Eat at Pauli's

Little Italy Boston is home to some of the most exceptional dining venues. Pauli's is a premier eatery in the community. It's located at 65 Salem Street. When you're out exploring, it's a great place to grab a sandwich or enjoy a full authentic Italian meal. The menu lists signature meals of the restaurant with tortellini and Ravioli dishes. They also serve sandwiches, wraps, and grinders. The price for most sandwiches is under $10. They also make some of the best Lobster Rolls on the waterfront.

Paul Revere Statue

9. Visit the Paul Revere Statue

The Paul Revere Statue is one of the most popular attractions for tourists in the area. This historical landmark is set on a tree-lined path. It's in Boston's Little Italy on the North End in Paul revere Mall. There are quite a few bakeries along with way. You can sit and look at the statue while enjoying a snack. The Paul Revere Statue was built in 1823 by Italian immigrants.

Old North Church

8. Tour the Old North Church

The Old North Church went up in 1723. It's the oldest church building in the city called Christ Church. It's the church where Robert Newell hung two lanterns from the church steeple to warn that British soldiers were approaching by sea. It's a significant piece of history that sits in the area where the statue of Paul Revere sits Cost for admission is $4 for children under 12 and $8 for adults. The tour comes with an educational component that explains events occurring when Paul Revere made his famous ride in 1775.

Skinny House

7. Visit The Skinny House

The Skinny House is another popular attraction not far from the Old North Church. It's at 44 Hull Street. It's the skinniest house in the city of Boston. The home has a long history that goes back to the post-Civil War era. Joseph Eustis built the home as a spite house. While other family members built large homes on expanses of land, Joseph came home from his journey across to sea to a small piece of property. It was only enough to erect a skinny home. He built the skinny house to spite his relatives and ruin their view of the Boston Harbor. It went up for sale in September of 2021 and is still available.

Tour Copp's Hill Burial Ground

6. Tour Copp's Hill Burial Ground

Copp's Hill Burial Ground is another historic landmark in the city. It's the second oldest burial ground in the city, established in 1632. Copp's Hill is the final resting place for the famed Puritan ministers Increase and Cotton Mather, as well as the grave of Shem Drowne, and many other notable figures in Boston's history. You get a sense of the era that existed nearly four hundred years in Boston's past.

Paul Revere House

5. Visit The Paul Revere House

The home of Paul Revere, the famed midnight rider and silversmith is also located in Little Italy, Boston. The house has been converted into a museum of the American Revolution. It's open to the public and you can schedule a tour to learn more of the details of Paul Revere and his life.

Mamma Maria

4. Have a night out on the town at Mamma Maria

One of the best nightlife venues in Little Italy is Mamma Maria. It's a lovely townhouse that offers a romantic venue with locally inspired cuisine. It's wise to secure reservations because of the popularity of the restaurant. It features five private dining rooms that offer intimate dinner settings for couples and families. Food critics give the restaurant high ratings for its atmosphere, service, and premium quality meals and beverages.


3. Enjoy fine dining at Tresca

Tresca is one of the best special occasion restaurants in Little Italy Boston. If you desire to immerse yourself in the culture of Little Italy Boston, there is no better place to do so. It's an upscale establishment that series Tuscan-inspired cuisine.


2. Eat the best Italian pastry in Little Italy Boston at Mike's Pastry

Mike's Pastry is lauded as the best pastry shop in Little Italy Boston. The lines are long on weekend nights so it's best to visit at another time unless you don't mind waiting in line. It's one of the most legendary dining scenes in Boston. The bakery is small but it has some of the most interesting display cases. You can find tiramisu, Zeppole, cannoli, cookies and more. The bakery goes back to its opening date in 1946 and is a staple in Little Italy Boston.

Great Molasses Flood Plaque

1. Visit the Great Molasses Flood Plaque

The Great Molasses Food Plaque is a memorial situated on the waterfront that offers a slice of history that tells of a bizarre tragedy in Boston's history. It tells of the tragic flood of molasses in a wall that was 40 feet high crashed down upon the people in the area. A storage tank exploded under pressure on January 15, 1919, taking out railroad tracks, inundating the neighborhood, and crushing buildings. The tank has structural defects and failed, killing 21 persons. You can still feel the stickiness on the sidewalks after all these years. There is no website associated with the plaque. It is at 529 Commercial Street.

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