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The Five Best Glamping Campgrounds in Tennessee

Tennessee Glamping

Everyone’s idea of the perfect vacation is different. While some people prefer to get as close to nature by camping under the stars, others want to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable break with a range of amenities and leisure facilities. There is another group that wants the best of both worlds, as they want to experience nature without forfeiting the luxuries of a hotel room. For those people, the best way to get everything they want out of their vacation is to book a glamping break. Glamping is a term coined to describe glamorous camping, and it generally means people stay in upgraded versions of tents or unique forms of accommodation that are neither a tent nor a hotel room. It also usually involves staying in a rural setting so that glampers can enjoy all the pros of camping without the cons. There are some fantastic glamping sites in Tennessee, and each offers something different in terms of the accommodation and the overall experience. Unlike traditional campgrounds that often accommodate large numbers of people, most glamping campgrounds have limited accommodation as the serenity of being away from the crowds is all part of the experience. Here are the five best glamping campgrounds in Tennessee.

5. Airstream Farm Glamping, Henderson

For those who enjoy the retro vibe, Airstream Farm Glamping is the ideal choice. It is a spacious converted Airstream bus that sits next to a wooded area in a fenced pasture on Stillwaters Farm near Henderson, Tennessee. Inside the Airbus, a comfortable bedroom provides accommodations for two people. There is also a separate living area decorated with retro items and a queen-size futon that can accommodate a further two guests. There is a separate bathhouse that boasts a gorgeous clawfoot tub. While soaking in the tub, you can also soak up the breathtaking surroundings. Those who have stayed at Airstream Farm Glamping have enjoyed the experience of waking up close to the farm’s animals in the morning, then starting the day sitting in the Airbus with a cup of tea. Some things to enjoy in nearby Henderson while you are in the area include Chickasaw State Park, Prison Mounds State Archeological Park, Goodman Ranch, and Shiloh National Military Park.

4. Luxury Tennessee Glamping Geodesic Dome, McMinnville

If you dream of sleeping underneath the stars but also like to stay warm and dry, then the Luxury Tennessee Glamping Geodesic Dome in McMinnville offers the perfect solution. All About Glamping says that the geodesic dome sits atop a mountain close to McMinnville, and the clear material from which the dome is made means you can enjoy impressive views across the surrounding landscape as well as being able to relax in bed stargazing. Inside the dome, there is 450-square-feet of space that includes a cozy bedroom, a neat bathroom, and a fully-equipped modern kitchen. There is even more for visitors to enjoy outside, as some of the outdoor amenities include a wrap-around deck, a fire pit, a grill, and a hot tub. The dome is ideally suited for couples who want to share a romantic glamping break together.

3. Huff Farm Glamping, Maryville

Huff Glamping Farm is a fourth-generation working farm that has glamping tents surrounded by colorful trees. The tents are only a short walk from the river, so guests often spend time kayaking or fishing. Most of the camping gear you would usually take on a camping trip is already set up in the glamping tents, and there are also some luxurious items to make your stay on the farm as comfortable as possible. The farm’s owners like to add a personal touch to make you feel at home, so expect to find additional gifts like flowers and candies on your arrival. Maryville is a good location to stay if you want to explore more of Tennessee during your stay, as both Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are achievable day trips. Some activities and attractions to enjoy in Maryville during your stay are Sam Houston Historic Schoolhouse, Bicentennial Greenbelt Park, Cades Cove Museum, and Blue Goose Farm and Vineyards.

2. Tennessee Glamping at Deer Park, Dunlap

A glamping spot that consistently receives high ratings from those who have stayed at the campground is Tennessee Glamping at Deer Park in Dunlap. Glamping Space says that guests stay in a treehouse cabin that sleeps up to six people and is kitted out for comfort and relaxation. Visitors enjoy cozy nights in the cabin playing board games, reading a book, admiring their surroundings from the cabin’s elevated position, or just relaxing. During the day, head outdoors to explore one of the many nearby hiking trails in Fall Creek Falls State Park or Savage Gulf, then spend the night eating and chatting around the fire pit. If you visit the campground between March and December, you can watch a movie at the newly-added outdoor theater. Other features of the cabin include free breakfast, a BBQ grill, a stove, an indoor fireplace, silverware, and free Wi-Fi.

1. Getaway from Nashville, Moss

According to Jones Around the World, one of the best glamping campgrounds in Tennessee is Getaway from Nashville, which is in Moss. Getaway is a glamping brand with locations across the United States, and they have earned an excellent reputation for the standard of the accommodation. At the Moss location, there are 50 cabins that can sleep between two and four people, and they are set in the stunning Moss Forest. Each cabin has hot showers, cooking equipment, heating, and air conditioning. Outside, the cabins boast fire pits for visitors to sit around at night. Although the campground is in a beautiful rural setting, it is only two hours by car to the historic city of Celina, so there are plenty of things to enjoy within traveling distance of the campground. Other things to do near Moss include Bunkumm Cave Loop Trail, Up the Creek Winery, and Standing Stone State Park.

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