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How The Mudslide Cocktail Got Its Name


The Mudslide Cocktail has been around for decades. It's still a popular drink and a staple on the list of most mixologists. Have you ever wondered who invented it and where it got its name? Our curiosity got the best of us. There are a few origin stories but they all confirm that the Mudslide cocktail is an old classic. To make the perfect Mudslide and serve it under the appropriate conditions, it helps to know the history and the original purpose of its creator to build an ambiance around the drink. It even gives you something to tell your guests or patrons should the topic arise.

What is a Mudslide Cocktail?

A Mudslide Cocktail is a rich and decadent adult beverage that contains 2 ounces of Bailey's Irish Cream or Kahlua, 1/2 ounce of Vodka, 1 cup of ice, and chocolate syrup. These are the ingredients for a basic Mudslide Cocktail, but it's evolved over the years into a few different more decadent forms. If you have these essential elements you can make a basic version of the cocktail, but we'll cover all the possibilities later.

The history of the Mudslide Cocktail

A few origin stories exist for the creation of the Mudslide Cocktail. Hamilton Beach Commercial staff retells the legend of the Wreck Bar on Grand Cayman as the location of the legend. They explain that the legend alleges the drink was created by a bartender called Old Judd at The Wreck in the 1950s. A customer asked for a White Russian. The bar did not have the required heavy cream, and substituted Irish cream liqueur, creating the first version of the Mudslide. It was alleged to become a signature drink of the bar housed in a thatched hut.

Conflicting views on the origin of the Mudslide Cocktail

The origin of the Mudslide Cocktail is a controversial topic. refutes the legend and instead claims the cocktail originated in the 1970s. They claim that the Mudslide was a creation of Bailey's label to help market its Irish Cream product that emerged on the market in 1974. If the main component of the drink didn't hit the market until the mid-'70s, it's unlikely that the beverage was created in the 1950s. Whether the Mudslide originated in 1950 or the 1970s, it's still an old classic with a long history of nearly half a century.

How to make the perfect Mudslide Cocktail

The Mudslide Cocktail can be made in a few ways and still fit into the category of its allotment. It's a dessert cocktail with a sweet and creamy base, ideal for an after-dinner adult treat. Will Cook For Smiles offers recipes for making the cocktail on the rocks and frozen. The first version is for after-dinner sipping with the latter, as an ideal hot-weather treat.

Mudslide Cocktail on the rocks

To make a Mudslide on the rocks, Combine the ingredients in the recipe above using either Kahlua or Bailey's Original Irish Cream, the vodka, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a cup of ice in a shaker and mix until well blended and chilled. Transfer it into a cocktail glass. Omit the chocolate syrup from the mixing process, then drizzle it as a garnish on the inside of the cocktail glass if you prefer. It creates a lovely aesthetic.

Frozen Mudslide Cocktail

To make a Frozen Mudslide Cocktail combine all the ingredients, including the ice, and a scoop of Ice cream, in a blender. Select the pulse setting to blend the ingredients until smooth, and set aside. Prepare a tall cocktail glass by tipping it to a 45-degree angle, and pour the chocolate syrup on the sides of the glass, creating a decorative swirl. try to keep the lines of the chocolate uniform. If you're concerned about the appearance, don't worry because the addition of the blended ingredients will create a swirling effect. Add the Mudslide cocktail mixture and garnish with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup on the top for a decadent frozen dessert cocktail.

Other versions of the Mudslide Cocktail

If lactose is an issue, this is probably not the best cocktail for you. You can substitute a few ingredients. Substitute the ingredients containing lactose to create a simile of the beverage. If you wish to create a lactose-free version of the Mudslide Cocktail, or a gluten-free beverage, it is possible to come close to the original flavor.

Lactose-free Mudslide Cocktail

To create a Lactose-Free and gluten-free Mudslide Cocktail on the rocks, substitute Bailey's Almande in place of Bailey's Original Irish Cream liqueur with a splash of lactose-free milk. The Almande version is lactose and gluten-free. for the Frozen Mudslide, substitute dairy-based ice cream with lactose-free ice cream. It's essential to note that some vodka labels contain grain. Search for a brand of Vodka that is certified gluten-free if your goal is to avoid gluten.

Final thoughts

The Mudslide Cocktail is an old classic from the 1970s, or perhaps earlier, depending on which version of the origin story you believe. We've not found documentation that proves which version of the story is accurate, but we know it's been around for decades. It's a versatile cocktail that you can make in three ways. Mudslide Cocktails are mixed and served on the rocks. This version is for an after-dinner dessert drink for sipping. You may create a Mudslide Cocktail in its more decadent form as a frozen cocktail. You can make a tasty drink with a visual appeal by adding chocolate syrup rings around the inside of the glass before you add the cocktail, and dress it up further for dressy events by making the frozen version with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. If you're lactose or gluten-intolerant, you can still enjoy the Mudslide Cocktail with a few healthy substitutions that remove all threats of gluten and lactose. It's a fun cocktail to show off your creative skills with the right glasses and a can of whipped cream.

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