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The 20 Best Places to Visit in August in the U.S.

San Diego

To have a memorable trip, August is a great month to do so. The summer season is still in full swing, meaning plenty of places to shop and sight see. In addition, the summer holidays in the United States are ideal for having unforgettable experiences because of the warm weather, extended days, and abundance of daylight. You may wonder, "Where should I go on vacation in the United States in August?" when figuring out where to spend your summer break. With any luck, you'll find lots of inspiration for a summer vacation in the U.S.

Here are the 20 most excellent and most picturesque destinations to visit in the United States in August, whether you like drinking craft beer outdoors in hipster cities or prefer more typical beach resorts with boardwalks.


20. Rockland, Maine

Visit Maine in August to enjoy the pleasant weather (average high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and clear blue skies. You have a choice between visiting an incredible art museum and floating high in the air to see things from a higher distance, or you can live the classic New England dream one and a half hours North of Portland as you embark on a cruise (keep an eye out for whales). There are countless activities for people to participate in and have the best fun in the U.S.A. The 3.5-mile Rockland Harbor Trail connects the city's center to the waterfront in a pleasant stroll.

It would be amazing to breathe in the good fresh air outside. You can also purchase tickets for the sunset sailing trip, which departs from Camden Harbor and showcases the Maine coastline. According to Be My Travel Muse, the Great Falls Balloon Festival is family-friendly and filled with hot air balloons, cuisine, and entertainment. You can also go to the Maine Lobster Festival, where you may sample the best cuisine and learn about the locals.


19. Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a great destination to visit any time of year, but in August, the state comes alive for tourists because of its museums, historic sites, and lively downtown. Visit the downtown core to view the murals painted by local artists. These massive murals, beautifully crafted and highly reflective of the area's present culture, should not be missed. If you enjoy the arts, visit Providence in August when the quaint town comes alive. Going to the riverbanks on a fantastic night and warming yourself near the lit campfires is a terrific way to spend some time.

Hot Springs

18. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs Mountain is home to 47 springs that produce 1 million gallons of hot 62c or 143F water daily for the community below. Rainfall has no impact on this water because it is fossilized and has been present below the earth's surface for 4,400 years. Hot Springs is nearly as well-known as Miami for its Art Deco architecture, thanks to a construction boom spurred by the resort's success even in the Great Depression. The United States' first national park was established in Hot Springs in 1832. The town was founded on the belief that the springs had curative powers, and today the National Park Service cares after the eight ancient baths that make up Bathhouse Row and the gardens surrounding them. This is a go-to place for you to visit in August. Take that trip to hot springs and experience its magical pull.

Long Island

17. Long Island, New Jersey

Long Beach Island, located off the coast of New Jersey, is consistently ranked as one of the best vacation spots in the United States during August. Even though there aren't many permanent residents, this place gets swarmed by vacationers every summer. To successfully learn about this neighborhood's surrounding areas, you should visit the Museum of N.J. Maritime History and Long Beach Island Historical Museum. According to Travel U.S. News, the stunning natural beauty of the island is fascinating, and it is only fitting that you pick your binoculars for a day of animal seeing at the Island Beach State Park.

Finger Lakes

16. Finger Lakes, New York State

Finger Lakes, which spans more than 23,000 square kilometers, is too large to adequately explore in a single weekend; therefore, we advise making multiple trips. Since the area is so big, starting at a central location is better and moving outward from there. You might also choose to stay in Syracuse, Ithaca, or Corning (also known as America's Crystal City and the home of all things glass), stay at a resort, or set up camp close to a lake. A new resort next to Canandaigua Lake offers a wide range of water sports, from wakeboarding to canoeing. There are hikes for every ability level, several of which pass through the local waterfalls. Additionally, there are music festivals, casinos, and theatres for people who enjoy the nightlife.

Door County

15. Door County, Wisconsin

One of the most important tourist destinations in the U.S.A. in August is, without a doubt, Door County, Wisconsin. Charming coastal towns, unique shopping, excellent fishing, abundant cherry and apple orchards, and breathtaking scenery have earned it the nickname "Cape Cod of the Midwest." The county's diverse architectural styles reflect the region's long history, which stretches back to the original Belgian and Scandinavian inhabitants. The peninsula, as well as the islands, are dotted with lighthouses and shipwreck sites. A handful of tiny lakeside towns are also fantastic destinations for road trips. There are numerous live music performances, including bluegrass performances by regional bands. The best time to pick cherries is in August in Door County, allowing you to visit the many orchards.

Memphis, Southwest Tennessee

14. Memphis, Tennessee

It's no surprise that Memphis is considered one of the greatest American cities to visit in August, with its helpful inhabitants, historic sites, and delicious food. Memphis is the destination if you are even the slightest Elvis fan, even though it's not the most proper place to escape the August heat. Elvis Week features bingo, a 5k run, and a competition for tribute artists to honor everything. Even though it may seem pointless, make sure to visit Gus's Fried Chicken before leaving Memphis. It is regarded as the best chicken restaurant in the area and delivers a tremendous southern classic that must be tried!

Park City, Utah

13. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah, is another fantastic option for August travel destinations in the U.S.A. It is the best place to enjoy the mountains and a wide variety of water sports. According to Global Grasshopper, the Kimball Art Center and the Egyptian Theatre are great places to visit if you're interested in some culture. It's the ideal place to spend a day of artistic inspiration because it's open all year and features terrific art exhibits and fantastic concerts. As the top destination for fly fishing and paddle boarding, the Provo River is frequently crowded with visitors having a good time. Be sure to stop at the Guardsman Pass Scenic Byway since it stretches over 14 miles and runs into the Wasatch Mountain Range, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Half Moon Bay

12. Half Moon Bay, California

Half Moon Bay is a lovely location located south of San Francisco if you're searching for places to visit this summer. The pricing range will be extensive, and you'll have many options, from resorts and hotels to remote campgrounds and quaint bed and breakfasts. Several seaside communities with views of rocky seabeds and white sand beaches are built on cliffs between Half Moon Bay and Atherton. Because Half Moon Bay is located in a region with frequent landslides and geological stresses, it can only be reached by a narrow two-lane road. The 2-kilometer Devil's Slide Trail, which offers fantastic views of the spectacular coastline, was recently built and has quickly gained popularity with walkers.

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

11. Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

If you're looking for unusual August vacation spots, Petrified Forest National Park should top your list. The Arizona desert can indeed get very hot throughout the summer. Nonetheless, if that doesn't put you off, you're in for a real treat by checking out this natural phenomenon. Going to Petrified Forest National Park is like traveling through time. The petrified tree trunks are from a time when this area was lush and fertile, hundreds of millions of years ago.

These trees died and became mineralized replicas of their original shapes even before dinosaurs roamed the planet. As a result, the petrified logs that give the park its name are shockingly vivid, and vibrant colors are a delight to see for all you science nerds out there. In addition, many historical human remains were discovered here, such as the ancient pottery fossils and other items found in the 800-year-old Puerco Pueblo.

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

10. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Since it includes more than 200 glaciers and 97% of the park is covered in untamed, undisturbed wilderness, Glacier Bay National Park is among the most desirable destinations in Alaska, particularly for nature enthusiasts. Everywhere you look in Glacier Bay National Park, the scenery is breathtaking. According to Traveling Lifestyle, the park has a wide variety of waterfalls, from minor, easily accessible falls to enormous, dramatic cascades. On the contrary side, waterfalls in Tarr Inlet are among the most stunning in Alaska and are also among the most accessible. So treat yourself to admirable scenery and quiet environments.

Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor

9. Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor

Summertime temperatures in Acadia National Park are in the high seventies, making it the most comfortable time of year. In addition to its year-round balmy temperatures, it boasts many stunning natural and enticing artificial attractions. Staying in Bar Harbor allows you to access many different dining and retail opportunities. Then, when you're ready to see more of the park, you may take a drive around the scenic loop, hike some famous trails, or go rock climbing on the shore. Given that it is peak season, it will be challenging to avoid people, which is a drawback. Arrive there as soon as possible.


8. Portland, Oregon

Portland is a fantastic destination all year round, but August is undoubtedly one of the most significant times to visit the U.S. You can attend the Elephant Garlic Festival in Portland, Oregon, where the celebration is done with music, local cuisine, and family-friendly activities. There are dahlias at the Dahlia festival that people can attend and enjoy a picnic while listening to live music. There is also Portland burger week, where you are presented with the chance to enjoy a variety of delicious burgers at reasonable prices. Get your tickets to see the Willamette Valley's forests, waterfalls, and boutique wineries while hiking and enjoying a picnic lunch.

Lake Tahoe

7. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe has magnificent surrounding mountains, and the city has a legacy of holding the Winter Olympic Games. Additionally, it offers year-round outdoor pursuits, including camping, skiing, and snowboarding. Further, you can explore its attractive districts or participate in the trendy downtown scene. The best sailing and boating may be found on the clear lakes. It's not surprising that Tahoe constantly ranks as one of the nation's top vacation spots. Enjoying the calm waters of the lakes is an excellent way to relax your body.

Cambria, California

6. Cambria, California

Around August, Cambria's weather begins to cool off, allowing you to explore the area's biking and hiking trails without baking in the scorching sun. If you're still feeling warm, head to Moonstone Beach for a refreshing plunge and some people (or seal!) watching. It has already been established that Cambria is the habitat of many seals, and it's not uncommon to see them basking on the shoreline. It's offbeat, yet it makes for a great photo chance. According to Local Adventure, this is a relaxing vacation that retains the classic feel of summer because of its abundance of antique shops, quaint boutiques, fine dining options, and delicious ice cream shops. Stroll through the city's old quarter when you've had enough time at the beach.


5. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is among the most incredible destinations in August in the U.S.A. due to the numerous festivals and enjoyable things to do at this time of year. Reap the benefits of the summer nights with live music and low 80s temperatures as you stroll around the city holding donuts in each hand and a handmade memento from the markets. There is the August Moon Festival in Chinatown, where there are various cultural performances, Chinese crafts, calligraphy, and arts. Take a lovely stroll, have a bite to eat, and enjoy some fantastic jazz at the Boston Jazz Festival, which is a local favorite.

Big Island

4. Big Island, Hawaii

Two things about Hawaii are well-known worldwide: hula and beaches. They are abundant on the Big Island. Of course, diving and snorkeling are fantastic alternatives, but you may also try stand-up paddling and surfing. Magnificent beaches and a wide range of water sports amenities draw visitors who want to ride the waves. Also essential is a hike through some of the world's most pristine tropical jungles. To enjoy the outdoors, history, culture, animals, and beautiful beaches, you must visit the Big Island.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

3. Yellowstone National Park

The month of August is prime hiking time in Yellowstone. Due to being one of the driest and hottest months, temperatures average approximately 70 degrees, making for a beautiful day outdoors. All of the paths and facilities may be used without any problems. Being on a boat is also enjoyable at this time. Yellowstone attracts more than four million visitors yearly because of its geysers, hiking routes, and other natural wonders. The majority of these guests travel throughout the summer. Visit the park for an outstanding experience in your summer.

San Juan Islands

2. San Juan Islands, Washington

The next suggestion for the top U.S. tourist destinations in August is the Washington state's San Juan Islands. It's a fantastic option for nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy being outside. According to Two Scots Abroad, the islands generally have mild weather throughout the year, with the finest months being late summer and early fall.

Orcas Island is more remote and rugged, and it has some fantastic walks, including a 6-kilometer ascent of Mt. Constitution, from which you can view Mount Rainier and Vancouver on a clear day. After stuffing your face at the local eateries, you can work off those extra calories by choosing from various outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking. In addition to being breathtakingly stunning and lovely, this area also offers world-class whale viewing opportunities, so if that's something you want to check off your bucket list, come here!

San Diego

1. San Diego, California

August is an excellent month to visit this beachside California city because the summers there are not too hot. Early August to mid-month sees a significant drop in beach numbers as youngsters return to school. Grab your boogie board, pack a picnic, and spend the day at Pacific Beach or La Jolla Shores Beach to take advantage of the renowned Southern California sunshine. The San Diego Zoo and Padres baseball games are just two of the many entertaining things to do in San Diego. When strolling through Balboa Park, be sure to stop at the Japanese Friendship Garden, where you have the opportunity to understand Japanese culture. The best time to book a hotel is from the middle of August through Labor Day Weekend, after which rates start to rise again.

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