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The 10 Best Irish Creams Money Can Buy

Irish Cream

If you have tried an Irish cream liqueur before, you know it's a treat you can't resist. The creamy and rich beverage made from dairy cream and Irish whiskey always feels luxurious regardless of how you serve it. Irish creams can be served in many ways, such as making a chocolate martini, adding to Ree Drummond's Irish coffee, using it in chocolate dessert drinks, or adding it to your favorite St. Patrick's Day drink. However, with many Irish cream liqueur brands available today, choosing the right and best bottle for you can be challenging. Here is an exclusive review of the 10 best Irish creams money can buy.

10. Ryan's Irish Cream ($15)

This is one of the most consistent, high-quality Irish creams you can purchase. Ryan's Irish Cream is manufactured with imported whiskey, and like most Irish creams, the brand recommends that you enjoy the drink on the rocks or in an after-dinner drink. Although budget-friendly, this Irish cream has delicious flavors of vanilla and rich chocolate, making it perfect for adding to your cold or hot coffee. While it's not very velvety in the mouth when drunk alone, it has all the flavors ideal to spike a tasty indulgence of your wish.

9. Saint Brendan's Irish Cream Liqueur ($18)

Saint Brendan is named after Brendan of Clonfert, a traveling 6th century Irish Monk, manufactured in Derry using The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey and real cream. He sailed in the Atlantic Ocean searching for the Garden of Eden, having a run-in with a sea monster, and discovering an island. It features a delicious blend of triple-distilled whiskey and cream with notes of marshmallow, vanilla, and chocolate. It's great for adding to the hot cocoa mix as well as a sweet after-dinner drink double as a dessert. It's also great for pouring into iced coffee for an afternoon treat or packing it to keep you warm when going for a long ocean journey inspired by the spirit of its namesake.

8. Carolans Irish Cream ($19)

This Irish cream bottle has been in the market for over forty years, so you are guaranteed its high quality. Carolans was inspired by Turlough O'Carolan, a blind Celtic harper who was a singer and composer in the 17th century. Along with cream and whiskey, the Irish cream drink features a touch of honey for a natural sweetness that makes it unique from the rest. Instead of a dominant chocolate note that other brands boast, the honey flavor makes it versatile for making cocktails of different stripes. More so, you can choose to add some chocolate on your own if it's the type of drink you want.

7. Emmets Irish Cream ($20)

The Emmets Irish cream has been infused with cocoa beans and vanilla, providing a multi-dimensional flavor palette. The cream is smooth to drink with a characteristic liquor taste for those who love savoring Irish whiskey's spice. Instead of having a boring store-purchased whipped cream, you can make your own homemade whipped cream by adding hints of exclusive flavors with Emmets. The drink makes a perfect topping for a boozy ice cream sundae or hot cocoa.

6. The Whistler Irish Cream ($28)

The Whistler Irish cream is a unique Irish cream that prides itself on using a single pot still Irish whiskey with triple distilled, malted and unmalted barley in its formulation. This provides it with a hint of spice and warm flavor. According to Irishmalts, this is among the most potent Irish creams on this list, with the highest cream content, ABV content, and whiskey percentage. It's ideal if you don't want an overly sweet drink. The Whistler Irish Cream also offers a great way of spiking a chocolate egg cream.

5. Baileys Almande ($29)

If you are a non-dairy drinker, you have not been left behind, and you can now join in the fun with the Baileys Almande. This dairy-free Irish cream liqueur has been made from almond milk and vanilla flavor, providing a bit different texture and taste. It has a lighter texture than the classic drink and a somewhat nutty flavor, making it ideal for chilled cocktails. So, if you have gone vegan, you still got an Irish cream to enjoy.

4. Kerrygold Irish Cream ($28)

Kerrygold is a reputable brand famous for producing the beloved cheese and Irish butter. The Kerrygold Irish Cream was launched in 2014. It's relatively new in the market but has already gained a considerable fan base and won the World's Best Liqueur Award in 2016. It has a characteristic-rich mouthfeel and isn't overly sweet. It comes with a rich base cream, bold chocolate flavor, and hints of vanilla and caramel, giving it a velvety smoothness. According to Taste of Home, you can also pour it into coffee for a pick-me-up indulgent.

3. Coole Swan Cream Liqueur ($30)

You will love this Coole Swan Cream Liqueur if you are a fan of the sweet white chocolate flavors. It's a premium choice, with everything about this bottle screaming luxury. The drink is manufactured with Belgian white chocolate, fresh Irish dairy cream, and single malt whiskey. Just one sip will feel the lusciously smooth palate that envelopes your tongue with a velvety tapestry of cocoa butter, vanilla, nutty, and toffee spices. The cream, chocolate, and triple distilled Irish whiskey balance perfectly, preventing a cloying sweetness in the aftertaste.

2. Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur ($32)

Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur is the go-to drink as a conversation starter and flavor. This Irish cream prides itself on high quality, scoring a 97 at the 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge and its farm-to-table procedure. The cream used in the liqueur is derived from five family-owned farms situated in County Cork, Ireland. The brand combines premium triple-distilled Irish whiskey with cream milked from the family-owned County Cork farms. This drink is packaged in an elegant milk bottle container and was given the Chairman's Trophy at the 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Heavy in the mouth, the drink is full of espresso, crème caramel, and a hint of toasted coconut.

1. Baileys Original Irish Cream ($39)

Baileys takes the top position for being the first original Irish cream on the market from way back in 1974 but is also one of the best. It's not surprising that a classic is one of the best you can buy. Its original formulation was from surplus cream from factories, extra alcohol from a distillery, and Nesquik chocolate powder. According to Bakers plus, the drink is an excellent blend of premium Irish dairy cream and unique vanilla and chocolate blend for a one-of-a-kind taste. This cream has a two-year shelf life regardless of how you store it or when it's opened. Baileys Original Irish Cream is available almost anywhere and can be used for anything, particularly alongside an Irish dessert.

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