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The 10 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines in the World

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Wine lovers who are tired of the hangover or just trying to cut back on alcohol calories have an exceptional option. Non-alcoholic wine can help you meet your health and fitness goals without sacrificing the flavor you love. Some people shy away from these beverages because they don't believe there are any products out there that come close to the real thing. We have good news for anyone who enjoys their wine but insists on enjoying the full experience minus the detrimental effects of alcohol. We've identified ten non-alcoholic wines that taste like their alcoholic counterparts. Here is a list of the best NA wines in the world for your consideration and enjoyment.

10. Surely Non-Alcoholic Wines

The Surely Non-Alcoholic wine label gets high ratings from its customers for tasting just like wine. The only thing missing is the alcohol. The label takes pride in providing wine that does not taste like grape juice or vinegar. it is made by Californian winemakers with premium sourced grapes, hand-selected. The wine is fermented, then the alcohol is removed to leave behind the natural flavor of the wine. The result is a low-calorie, gluten-free wine.

9. Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

This non-alcoholic wine is made in the Rheingau, Germany region. It's a Riesling that features minerals, green apples, and lime tasing notes. Winemakers complete the process for creating a wine that is light to medium-bodied. this sparkling Riesling is then de-alcoholized to retain the flavors of the wine minus the calories and alcohol for a healthier and delicious beverage. This label is available in a bottle or a can.

8. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon is rated as one of the best non-alcoholic red wines in the world today. This full-bodied California wine is made with premium ingredients including blackberry skin, cherries, black currants, and milk chocolate. Sweet baking spices are detectable on the nose with hints of chocolate, blackberry, and currant with tasting notes of cherries, black currant ad chocolate with hints of sweetness from the spice. The finish is dry and smoothly acidic.

7. Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay

Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling chardonnay is ranked as the best organic, vegan sparkling Chardonnay on the market today. It's a sparkling white wine that has been dealcoholized. The process of removing the alcohol leaves behind the delicate aromas and tasting notes of the Chardonnay. The sugar is reduced to half for a low-calorie indulgence for teetotalers.

6. Codorníu Zero Rosé Alcohol Free Wine

Codorniu Zero Rose Alcohol-Free Wine is made in the Penedes region of Spain. It's a sparkling Rose infused with red fruits with the tasting notes of strawberry predominant. The bubbles are plenteous. It's one of the most highly recommended non-alcoholic wines for the holiday season. The body of this wine is light to medium. It's one of the most celebrated alcohol-free Rose wines in the world today.

5. Luminara Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay 2018

Luminary is a non-alcoholic label with a delicate fragrance on the nose, predominantly fruity. The aging process brings the aromas and tasting notes to the fore. The first sensation is fruity on the palate. It unfolds with hints of French and American Oak. The aroma is thanks to the barrels used to age the wine. It has a creamy texture on the tongue with the flavor of wine with the alcohol removed. This Chardonnay is a Napa l Chardonnay that is an exceptional replacement for its alcoholic counterpart.

4. Freixenet Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Wine

Freixenet is a light-bodied sparkling wine fermented and aged with traditional winemaking processes. It undergoes a delicate alcohol removal process that leaves the flavors of the wine intact. It's a newer option on the market. It developed after years of trial and error. The scent of citrus, lemon and tropical fruits emerges on the nose. On the palate, it is bubbly with a smooth and sweet flavor and a vibrant finish with lemon zest, ripe citrus, and tropical fruit notes. It is one of the closest to alcoholic wine without the calories or the effects of the alcohol.

3. St. Regis Nonalcoholic Shiraz Rose

This alcohol-free rose hails from the country of France. It is a medium to full-bodied wine that caters to discriminating tastes in wine drinkers. On the nose, it smacks of citrus with the aroma of raspberries and red currants. on the tongue, the layers of red currant are the first to emerge, followed by a hint of raspberry, followed by a lingering note of citrus with a zesty kick. The finish is long and lingering.

2. Fre Alcohol-Removed Merlot

Fre Merlot is a medium to full-bodied wine made through traditional winemaking processes and aging. It is a California wine. Gentle alcohol removal processes result in kept characteristics, aromas, and tasting notes of its original version, minus the alcohol and many calories. The texture is silky and smooth with notes of black plums, followed by a hint of cherries and nuances of sweet spice at the finish.

1. Stella Rosa Naturals Peach Non-Alcoholic Wine

Wine lovers who are keen on the flavor of peach will enjoy the Stella Rosa version of de-alcoholized wine. They make this Italian wine from Moscato grapes with white peaches and wildflower honey as the key ingredients. The calories are lower, plus you forego the effects of alcohol with this 0.3% ABV peach wine with tasting notes of white peaches, wildflower honey, and a hint of bubbles. It's a semi-sweet wine that tastes close to alcoholic wine.

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