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The 10 Best Boxed Wines Money Can Buy

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Often underestimated as a quality product, there are boxed wines on the market that can rival some of the best-bottled wines. Aside from boxed wines regarded as the more economical choice for the frugal, the flavor quality is not always compromised when this packaging procedure is done right. The primary reason why boxed wine typically sells less than traditional bottled wines is the fact the usage of expensive glass is replaced with materials that leave behind a considerably smaller carbon footprint. Among wine drinkers who happen to be discerning environmentalists, they will pick boxed wine over the bottled versions most of the time. Another advantage boxed wine has over bottled wine is the ability to maintain its quality level even when the packaging has been opened. When properly sealed after a glass or two of wine with still much left behind, the boxed wine can still taste just as good from that box three days later when going for another glass. Bottled wines don't have this luxury. Bottled wines, once opened, already have been compromised with the exposure of air that will work its way through the content within the bottle. Boxed wine, because it is stored inside a plastic bag within a box, does not get exposed to air as you tap into its content. For wine fans who live on their own as a single, or as a couple, boxed wine may prove to be the better buy if they're not the type of consumer who is able to devote a full evening to down an entire bottle of wine. Typically, a traditionally sized bottle of wine has six glasses' worth of content to consume. As a single person, unless you're willing and able to down that much wine within a twenty-four hour period, odds are there is unused liquid still inside the bottle that will have to either be used as an ingredient for a cooking dish or straight-consumed with the knowledge the taste quality is no longer there or thrown out entirely.

Boxed wine also serves as an ideal alternative to serving at special occasions where the guest list is sizable enough to warrant the need to purchase boxed wine that holds one hundred ounces (three liters) worth of content. The beauty of this decision serves as an economical alternative to purchasing enough bottles of wine to accommodate the guest list. At large functions such as weddings, often the guests remember more about the amount of food and wine that was available rather than any other detail that took place. During occasions such as these, running out of wine would be just as unwise as running out of food. On the same note, having too many opened bottles of wine that can't be returned is not smart either as it will all too often get thrown out as waste. Cooks who know their craft that work with wine can easily make good use of it. However, not everybody is a cook. With the concerns of the environment reaching new levels of awareness and solutions continue to rise, so has the appeal of boxed wine. While the frugal and the environmentally-conscious have already been favoring boxed wine for some time now, more consumers are finally discovering that this form of packaging the crushed grape product is not as inferior to the bottled versions as originally perceived. As is the case with all products, some are worth the money spent on them and some are not. The list provided in this article is ten of the highest recommended boxed wines money can buy. Of course, it's all subject to personal taste, but when it comes to quality, nothing less than the best will do.

10. Provisions Rose Wine

A 3-liter box of Provisions Rose Wine averages about $17.00 USD per bottle. From award-winning winemaker, Hal Landvoigt, the same who is also the genius behind the infamous House Wine brand, the Provisions Wine Company, which hails from Maine, USA, has brought forth an amazing selection of wine that come in boxed form. The standard 3-liter box offered with the Rose Wine is considered the overall favorite from the company, but the rest of the lineup has been known to impress as well. Unlike most rose wines, even they come in bottled form, there is no hint of an artificially sweet finish. This rose is aromatic, clean, and refreshing, which can make the tasting experience feel like a classed-up version of a strawberry lemonade seltzer.

9. Pour Haus Cabernet Sauvignon

From California's Pour Haus, the highly favored cabernet sauvignon red wine has managed to successfully come in a boxed form that so few wineries are able to accomplish. The bold, oak-flavored blend of raspberry, rhubarb, spice, and strawberry is met with a mildly acidic texture that is luscious and full-bodied. Pairing this up with rich, and perhaps high fatty foods will serve as an ideal balance to make the most out of your meal. The sensitivity of cabernet sauvignon usually doesn't bode well in boxed form, but Pour Haus not only makes it work but does so in masterpiece form. Normally, a three-liter box will sell for $18.00 USD at the store.

8. Frontera Sauvignon Blanc

From Chili's Central Valley, Fronetra's sauvignon blanc in boxed form is one of the most favored wines served at large functions such as anniversaries, business gatherings, and weddings. The refreshing crispness of the green apple, lemon, and tropical fruit in wine form leaves a clean finish that matches any light meal with ease. Chilean wine is notorious for the zippy flavor that's put into their selection of wines, and it's a formula the people of Frontera have perfected in both bottled and boxed form. Boxed versions of Frontera's sauvignon blanc is

7. Black Box Red Blend

From California, Black Box specializes in boxed wine and is usually the top choice among many establishments as the house wine they serve their customers. The recipe of the red blend wine Black Box specializes in features the mildly sweet combination of blueberry, cherry, earth, and raspberry. Red blend wines are growing in popularity due to what the very label suggests, which is a velvety blend of the best attributes of different flavors that work in a recipe that is pleasing to the palate. Black Box seems to have perfected the recipe of not just the red blend lineup, but the vast majority of boxed wines that are favored by bartenders, caterers, and restaurants will have more than one type of wine produced by Black Box. As for its red blend recipe, the mix of pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon is sourced from Argentina, Chile, and California. A box sold from the stores typically goes for $22.00 USD.

6. Black Box Chardonnay

Black Box has been awarded many times over for its lineup of boxed wines. Fans of chardonnay wine that are considering the idea of trying it in boxed format will find it difficult to beat the quality level Black Box has achieved with this white wine recipe. The aromatic and bold-tasting blend of apple, buttery oak, mango, and pear is semi-sweet with a lasting toasted finish. For lighter meals, a good glass of chardonnay makes a fantastic addition for the taste buds to enjoy the experience. In a sixteen-ounce box, the Black Box Chardonnay is normally priced at $4.50 USD. In a three-liter box, it normally sells for $22.00 USD.

5. Bridge Lane Red Blend

From Long Island, New York, this Boreceau blend of red is medium-bodied and full of flavors coming from plum, red apple skins, ripe cherries, and a subtle oak spice finish. Smooth and luxurious, Bridge Lane's recipe to bring forth that perfect red blend wine to serve at any occasion is especially appealing among minimalists and neighborhood backyard parties. The popularity of the Bridge Lane red blend is quite high as it seems to be among the fastest-selling boxed wine products on the market. Averagely priced at $35.00 USD for a three-liter box, it is certainly not among the cheapest, but the quality level that comes with the product is worth it.

4. Bandit Sauvignon Blanc

Since its 2003 startup, California-based Bandit is the boxed wine brand that's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as people who are often on the go. They come in either a sixteen-ounce box or a thirty-two-ounce box, which is made from eco-friendly, bio-degradable materials that add that little extra appeal for environmentalists and minimalists who also happen to enjoy wine. The smaller boxes are normally priced at $6.00 USD and the larger at $8.00 USD. While Bandit has a good selection of different wines to choose from, the sauvignon blanc tends to stand out the most as the favorite choice among many consumers and critics. The vibrant mix of citrus and tart green apples is not only what makes the aroma of this wine mesmerizing, but the impact it makes on the palate as well. Another interesting appeal about Bandit Wines is the decoration scheme that is put into each different type of wine they box as the representation of some of America's national parks are featured on it. The company also donates a small percentage of all its sales towards environmental causes such as the National Park Foundation and Protect Our Winters.

3. Malbec by House Wine

From Walla Walla, Washington, House Wine owes its success story to award-winning winemaker Hal Landvoigt and the brainchild of the operation, Charles Smith. Since 2009, House Wine has firmly established itself as a well-respected brand, not just in boxed wine format, but canned as well. On what seems like has become an annual thing, House Wine continues to win Bet Buy acclaim, as well as a number of other awards and recognition for the quality that goes into their wines. While the Malbec is the wine chosen from the brand as the flavor of choice, there isn't a wine from the brand that isn't worth trying. They're all really good, whether they be in boxed, bottled, or canned formats. In fact, House Wine is among the pioneers of the growing interest in canned wine products that are sweeping the nation. As for the boxed wines, House Wine is among the top choices by bartenders and caterers, especially the Malbec as it offers the aromatic mix of blackberry, oak, and sweet tobacco spices. Add the lush flavors of black plums and peppered clove with a silky-smooth finish, and this is a wine that will beautifully accommodate whatever else happens to be on the dinner menu. On average, a 3-liter box of House Wine goes for $22.00 USD.

2. Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel

Produced from California, Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel offers one of the most agreeable boxed wines on the market. From the winery of Bota Box, the Old Vine Zinfandel offers a bold, yet balanced acidity that features hints of black cherry, black plum, blueberry, and pepper spice. Like drinking jam in dark wine form, it pairs remarkably well with a backyard barbecue and grilled foods. Bota Box has its boxed wine come in three different sizes that start at the miniature size of sixteen ounces (500 milliliters), fifty ounces (1.5 liters), and just over half a gallon (three liters). The size options allow the consumer to determine which boxed wine purchase would suit the occasion best.

1. Vin Vault Red Blend

The award-winning Vin Vault specializes in boxed wines, thanks to the unique crafting qualities that have been poured into its high-quality lineup. Winemaking genius, Chris Willis, has been instrumental in Vin Vault's success story as one of the most respected boxed wine specialists in the business. The red blend wine that comes from the Vin Vault has not only earned a loyal fan following of consumers who like this type of wine, but also the wine-drinking crowd who typically don't care for red blends. The uniqueness that comes with the formula Vin Vault's Chris Willis has put into the red blend features an interesting twist of a dark roasted coffee finish. Match that up with the aromatic flavoring of black currant and dark berry, and it leaves an impressive enough experience that makes it easy to understand why Vin Vault continues to win one award after another.

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