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The Five Best Dry Vermouths to Make a Gibson Drink


A Gibson is one of the most popular types of Martinis, but the list of ingredients means you must choose your vermouth label with care. Not all vermouths will work well with the ingredients for a Gibson drink. We've researched to learn what celebrated mixologists recommend to achieve the perfect Gibson drink with no flavor or essence conflicts. Not all sweet elements are bad. Some enhance the onion flavor and work well enough, particularly if their essences fade quickly into the background when tasting. The vermouth you choose must complement the flavor of the onion bride ingredient in this drink. Here are the five best dry vermouths for making the perfect Gibson cocktail.

5. Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth

Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth is distilled in Languedoc-Roussillon, France. It has an ABV of 18 percent. This vermouth is a blend of dry white wines. The creation process involves macerating the wines with botanicals that work exceptionally well with the onion brine of the Gibson Martini. The distillers combine the highest quality premium ingredients sourced from reputable producers. Gentian is obtained from France with Roman chamomile, Tunisian bitter orange peels, and Indonesian nutmeg. The botanicals fade into the background and blend remarkably adding a few bright notes with a hint of earthiness from Coriander and Italian orris root. This is dry vermouth that is moderately bitter at the finish. It is one of the most exquisite choices for making the Gibson Martini cocktail with complimentary notes that add to the unique personality of the character of signature homemade rinks.

4. Vermouth Routin Dry

This label is made in Savoie, France with an ABV of 16.9 percent. The recipe includes 17 botanicals and species blended with French white wine. The taste is dry with a blend of bitter almonds, wormwood, rosemary, juniper, and rose petals that take the predominant positioning on the palate. The floral notes fade into the background, allowing the more herbaceous essences to emerge for the perfect pairing with the ingredients in a Gibson drink. This is a label that is becoming increasingly difficult to find because of the high demand for the product.

3. Perucchi Extra Dry Vermouth

Perucchi Extra Dry Vermouth is made in Spain. It is traditional vermouth with a history that goes back hundreds of years with one of the oldest distilleries in history. The Perucci Montana Distilleries has a solid reputation for producing some of the most revered labels in the region. The process for distilling Perucci Extra Dry Vermouth involves aging in soleras used many times over with careful observations in each step of the process. This iteration was first developed in 1876 at the distillery in Valencia Spain. Over fifty plants, fruits, roots, and spices are combined with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. The alcohol by volume is 15 percent. It provides a delicate flavor that is slightly herbal with a played-down juniper essence.

2. Imbue Bittersweet Dry Vermouth

Imbue Bittersweet Dry Vermouth is an off-dry label created and distilled in Oregon State in the US. It is herbaceous vermouth that offers a blend of sage and chamomile fragrance on the nose and palate. Mixologists recommend it for inclusion in the Gibson Drink because of its qualities that blend with the onion brine without clashes of aromas or tasting notes. It is balanced vermouth with a complex persona featuring hints of pear, vanilla, and tangerine that quickly recede with a bitter finish that lingers on the tongue. It is made with organic ingredients including Pinot Gris Brandy locally distilled in American oak casks with dried raw botanicals. Lemongrass and honey lurk in the background with hints of their presence.

1. Cinzano 1757 Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry

The top pick of dry vermouth for a Gibson drink is Cinzano 1757 di Torino Extra Dry. Thi is a special label that features some of the most complex herbal notes with an aromatic experience on the nose. The fragrance is deep with high notes of sage and thyme, both exceptional companions for the onion brine of a Gibson Martini cocktail. Mixologists confirm that 1757 Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry is one of the most aromatic and balanced vermouths on the market today. Essences of baking spices rise on the palate, bringing in elements of light and dark for added versatility. The label is created in small batches with methods that go back to the country of Italy with three centuries of family involvement in the development and evolution of the label. It's a hand-crafted extra dry vermouth that can easily be used in Martini's of all types, or straight over the rocks as a neat.

Final thoughts

These are the five dry and extra dry vermouths that work the best when crafting a Gibson drink. While some do contain notes of citrus and floral herbs, the botanicals fade quickly into the background and do not interfere with the onion brine of the Gibson. We were careful to include a variety of different dry vermouths for your consideration, although a few may be difficult to find. If the labels are unavailable on your first try, continue looking, as each is usually available for your enjoyment through some online retailer.

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