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The 10 Best Golf Courses in Reno, NV

Sierra Sage Golf Course

Known as ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’, Reno is a city in the northwest section of Nevada. It is best known for its large casino industry, and this is what attracts many visitors to the area. However, the casinos are not the only leisure activity that you can enjoy in this city, as another popular option is golf. Reno has some outstanding golf courses, each of which presents players with different challenges and unique golfing experience. Most of the golf courses in this area are also in a beautiful desert setting against the Sierra Mountains. Here are the 10 best golf courses in Reno.

Montreux Golf & Country Club

10. Montreux Golf & Country Club

In terms of beauty, this is one of the best golf courses in Reno because it sits at the foot of the Sierra Mountains. Montreux Golf & Country Club is a gated community, the main feature of which is the 18-hole golf course. This is open to the public at set times. During your visit to the club, you can also enjoy a game of tennis and a top-quality meal in the clubhouse once you have left the golf course.

Rosewood Lakes Golf Course

9. Rosewood Lakes Golf Course

Operated by the City of Reno, this golf course is located in the southeast of the city. According to USA Today, it is a relatively flat course that covers wetlands across the Hidden Valley neighborhood. In addition to the pleasant setting and the challenges of the gold course, it is a great place to play because of the wildlife. Golfers regularly spot lizards, pelicans, herons, and Canadian geese while they are enjoying their round of golf.

Wolf Run Golf Club

8. Wolf Run Golf Club

Wolf Run Golf Club is one of the newest golf clubs in Reno. It is set in the foothills in the deep south of Reno and mainly consists of desert scrub dotted with a few large trees. The greens are in excellent condition and there are outstanding practice facilities, including a 10,000 square foot putting green and a driving range with grass tees. After a round of golf, you can enjoy a delicious meal at The Wolf Run Grill, which serves casual food throughout the day.

Red Hawk Golf and Resort

7. Red Hawk Golf and Resort

The Lakes Course at this golf club was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Hills Course is the second of the golf courses at this club, and this was designed by Hale Irwin. Arguably, the Lakes is the better of the two courses to play. This course features natural lakes, cottonwood trees, natural springs, and over 100 bunkers. The signature hole of this course is the par-3 17th hole, which you play completely over water. This golf club has excellent practice facilities.

Canyon Nine Golf Course

6. Canyon Nine Golf Course

Players have described Canyon Nine Golf Course as being both fun and challenging while also offering excellent value for money. It is an executive par-3 walking course that is ideal for enjoying a quick nine holes after work. There are no set times for play and no membership fees are required.

Wildcreek Golf Course

5. Wildcreek Golf Course

Wildcreek Golf Course boasts two courses. The Championship Course is a par-72 18-hole course that has a rating of 73.3 and 7.047 yardage. The second course is the nine-hole Executive course. This features par-72 and yardage 1,420. Both courses are open to the public throughout the year. The club has outstanding practice facilities, including a grass range with 20 stations, putting greens, and chipping greens. The course was designed by Phelps Benz & Associates, and it first opened in 1978. The courses are now operated by Duncan Golf Management.

Sierra Sage Golf Course

4. Sierra Sage Golf Course

The affordability of this golf club is what attracts many people, although the course itself has some excellent features that make playing there interesting, and it is set against the stunning backdrop of mountains. There is the option to play either nine holes o the full 18-holes. Those who have played on this course have described it as rather unforgiving due to the scrub on either side of the fairways, which is typical of golf courses in this desert setting. This means that players must apply all their skills to get around the course without losing too many balls.

Washoe County Golf Course

3. Washoe County Golf Course

The main features of this golf course are the long fairways that are lined with mature deciduous trees. If you are playing in the afternoon, it is likely that the winds will add to the difficulty level of playing on this course. It is a popular place to play amongst the locals because it is one of the most affordable options. There are also excellent practice facilities for you to brush up on your golfing skills.

LakeRidge Golf Course

2. LakeRidge Golf Course

Three Best Rated lists LakeRidge Golf Course as one of the top public golf courses in Reno. Located on Golf Club Drive, this 18-hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., and it was opened in 1969. This championship golf course has several challenging holes, of which the par-3 15th hole is the most famous. There are also hazards throughout the course to make the game more interesting.

Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

1. Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

According to Golf Advisor, the best golf course in Reno is Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. If you only visit one golf course during a trip to Reno, Nevada, then this is the one to choose. This course is the home of the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic and it is set next to Lake Tahoe and against a mountainous backdrop. It was designed by George Fazio in 1968, and it has an interesting layout that includes plenty of water hazards and elevation changes. This course is considered to have one of the best finishing stretches in the world, which starts at the par-5 16th hole that plays directly towards the lake.

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