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The 20 Best Hotels in Austin, TX in 2019

Lake Austin Spa Resort

If you are visiting Texas, then the state’s capital Austin is a great place to stay. This destination is where you will find many of the best tourist attractions in Texas, and it is an important part of the state’s history. There are plenty of things to see and do during your stay in Austin that will keep you entertained throughout your visit. Your choice of accommodation in this city will also make a huge difference to your overall experience, so it is something that you should think about carefully and compare your different options. There are hotels in Austin to suit every budget and each has something unique to offer its guests. To help you decide which is the best place to stay, the following are the 20 best hotels in Austin, Texas.

Archer Hotel Austin

20. Archer Hotel Austin

The Archer Hotel Austin is part of The Domain development, which is a mixed-use development including a residential area that is 20 minutes from downtown Austin. It is a quiet area, despite having plenty of restaurants and shops. The hotel offers a romantic boutique hotel experience that is ideally suited to couples. The rooms are understated, but the private bathrooms have many luxurious touches. Guests can enjoy live music in the evenings at the chic bar and restaurant. Other facilities include an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a business center. It is ideally located for those who enjoy hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

Lake Austin Spa Resort

19. Lake Austin Spa Resort

For many people, the most important element of taking a vacation is having the opportunity to relax and get away from the stresses and strains of their daily lives. If this applies to you, then the Lake Austin Spa Resort is an excellent choice. The relaxed vibe begins even as you approach the hotel as it is perched on a hilltop by a lake. The main facility at the hotel is its spa, and you will see many guests wandering around in their bathrobes.

South Congress Hotel

18. South Congress Hotel

A low-slung white building, the South Congress Hotel takes up an entire block in the South Congress area of Austin. It is popular with creative types due to the art that adorns the walls. The hotel bar is a lively place for guests to hang out and socialize, while the rooms are more relaxed, with minimalist styling and a gray and turquoise palette. An appealing feature of this hotel is the gifts they leave for their guests, such as packs of gummy bears, a brass bottle opener, and playing cards.

Hotel Granduca Austin

17. Hotel Granduca Austin

Inspired by Italian villas, this hotel has Italian themed décor and an Italian restaurant with a fantastic wine list. It has a luxurious feel that is ideal for relaxation, but it will also suit business travelers. Its position is one factor that appeals to guests, as it sits on a hilltop overlooking Austin, so it has spectacular views. Other features of this peaceful hotel include a courtyard and a billiards room. Many of the rooms have Juliette balconies so that they can enjoy the views from the privacy of their rooms.

Native Hostel

16. Native Hostel

For an experience that is a little different, you might consider staying in the Native Hostel. This is laid out in dormitories with bunk beds. The dormitories are decorated in a Native American style, which is different from anything else you will see in Austin. This is a budget-friendly option if you want a no-frills experience and intend to spend most of your time exploring the city during your stay. Despite the low cost and the unusual sleeping arrangements, this hostel manages to have the feel of a boutique hotel.

Miraval Austin Resort & Spa

15. Miraval Austin Resort & Spa

An understated and elegant hotel, the Miraval Resort & Spa is one of the best options if relaxation is a key element of your vacation. The whole property has a relaxed vibe, and all the guest facilities lend themselves to spending ass much time as possible relaxing during your stay. There are two outdoor pools and a full-service spa, which has 30 treatment rooms and offers 75 treatment options. Guests can also take part in various classes, including cooking and cocktail making. This hotel aims to deliver a wellness experience, so you leave Austin feeling refreshed.

Austin Motel

14. Austin Motel

Conde Nast Traveler lists Austin Motel as one of the top offerings in Austin. This boutique hotel is owned by Bunkhouse, who converted the iconic Austin accommodation to create a place with a hip vibe. Although all the rooms have been updated with modern amenities added, she has retained some of the original 1930s features. The overall result is a hotel that looks playful and funky.

The LINE Austin

13. The LINE Austin

This hotel, owned by Sydell Group has 428 spacious rooms, and each has been designed to deliver urban sophistication. It is a fantastic place to stay for art lovers, as art produced by local artists lines the walls. One of the biggest selling points of this hotel is its location, as it is in the heart of downtown Austin. Another feature is the rooftop cocktail lounge, which offers panoramic city views.

Firehouse Hostel & Lounge

12. Firehouse Hostel & Lounge

Many of the hotels in Austin are expensive, so it is refreshing to find somewhere as good as Firehouse Hostel & Lounge that offers such budget-friendly accommodation. The hostel is a converted fire station, which was the oldest fire station in Austin. The accommodation comes in the form of large dorm rooms with bunk beds. Despite this unusual arrangement, the beds are comfortable, and the hostel has a homely feel. There is also the option to hire a private suite that comes with its own en suite bathroom. There is a cocktail lounge where guests can relax and socialize.

JW Marriott Austin

11. JW Marriott Austin

At 34 stories, the JW Marriott Austin has only recently been erected, so you can expect everything in this hotel to look new, fresh, and clean. There are 1,012 guest rooms in this property that feature modern décor and a range of amenities for guests. This hotel is well-suited to business travelers as it has Wi-Fi throughout the property and entire floors devoted to meeting rooms. It is also a good hotel for relaxation as there are a rooftop pool and bar.

Four Seasons Hotel

10. Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel will suit many different types of travelers. Those who enjoy luxury in their accommodation will enjoy the crisp, clean look of the tooms, the high-end décor, and the amenities available in the rooms. It will also suit people who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, as it sits next to the hiking and cycling trails of Lady Bird Lake. This hotel has a heated outdoor, saltwater pool and a full-service spa where guests can relax. The hotel’s restaurant, TRIO, serves food created using only local and seasonal products.

Kimber Modern Hotel

9. Kimber Modern Hotel

One of the most modern hotels in Austin, Kimber Modern Hotel was opened in 2008. It is easy to miss this hotel as it is hidden behind South Congress Avenue, and it is only a small hotel with just seven guest rooms. It is ideal for travelers who want to stay somewhere with an intimate feel, but do not enjoy the stuffy nature of some older boutique hotels. Guests can enjoy a luxurious stay, thanks to touches like high-end toiletries in their rooms.

Hotel Van Zandt

8. Hotel Van Zandt

Although Hotel Van Zandt is one of the newer bungalow hotel offerings in Austin, it has already earned a reputation for its high-end accommodation and excellent customer service. It is a Kimpton Hotel that is located on Rainey Street amid the trendy bar district. Guests are impressed as soon as they step inside this hotel as it has one of the most stunning lobbies in the city. Geraldine’s is the restaurant at this hotel, and guests can enjoy spectacular city views while enjoying the exquisite dishes on offer. There are 319 rooms in this hotel, each of which has a soaker tub and many of which have city views.

Hotel Ella

7. Hotel Ella

Established in 1900, this hotel has earned an excellent reputation as one of the oldest hotels in town. It is named after Ella Wooten, who was the original curator of the hotel who transformed the interior design of the accommodation. There is a total of 47 rooms, 10 of which are suites, and these boast classic elegance. The suites have balconies that offer city views. This hotel is ideally located close to the local amenities and many of the local attractions.

W Austin

6. W Austin

Sitting right next to the Moody Theater, this hotel is a popular option among those who visit Austin to watch a theater performance. W Hotel is the cornerstone of the Second Street District, which is a posh area with some amazing restaurants and great shopping options. The Living Room Bar at W Austin is one of the hottest spots in town, and the rooftop pool parties hosted at this venue are legendary. All the suites in this hotel have the wow factor that impresses guests. IN addition to the rooftop pool and bar, this hotel also has an outstanding restaurant and a full-service spa.

The Driskill

5. The Driskill

Built in 1886, The Driskell is a boutique hotel that reflects the history of the city. Despite the traditional style of the hotel, there are many modern touches that today’s travelers have come to expect in their accommodation. It is worth noting that this is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the city, as they have The Pampered Pet Program in place to make canine guests feel welcome and at home. Another interesting fact about this hotel is that many people believe it is haunted by two ghostly brides.

South Congress Hotel 2

4. South Congress Hotel

Another hotel recommended by Time Out is South Congress Hotel. This hotel has 83 rooms that feature an understated style of décor that is relaxing and comfortable. Guests have access to modern amenities and touches of luxury in their rooms. There are three outstanding restaurants at this hotel in which the guests can enjoy top-notch meals. Another feature is the lobby bar, which hosts live music every night. A further reason to choose this hotel is that it is set in amazing grounds where you can either explore or relax.

Hotel Saint Cecilia

3. Hotel Saint Cecilia

Owned by the same hotelier as Hotel San Jose, this property is upscale and boasts a cool interior design that makes it an appealing place to stay. It is a trendy establishment that aims to attract a hip crowd. The furniture is high-end, and there are many luxurious touches in the rooms to ensure that every guest has a comfortable and enjoyable stay. An outdoor pool with a lounging area is one of the best facilities in this hotel, and it is the perfect place to take advantage of the amazing climate in Texas.

Heywood Hotel

2. Heywood Hotel

This hotel is located on Cesar Chavez Street, which has undergone significant development to turn it into one of the hippest neighborhoods in town. Heywood Hotel has been open since 2012, and it is ideally positioned between the best restaurants and shops in the area. The property consists of a 1925 bungalow that has been converted into seven luxurious suites that contain refined touches and modern amenities. The suites also feature handcrafted furniture.

Hotel San Jose

1. Hotel San Jose

According to Time Out, the best hotel in Austin is Hotel San Jose. This is the first hotel that was opened by hotelier Liz Lambert, who now owns an empire of hotels across Austin, San Antonio, and Marfa. The accommodation is bungalow-style rooms that are secluded behind dense vines, which gives them a private and intimate feel. The interior style of the hotel is minimalist and chic with some colors added for accents. The hotel bar is one of the best features of this hotel as it serves amazing cocktails.

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