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The 10 Best Places to Stay in Crete, Greece

AneSea Hotel

Whether you're in the market for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or some solo fun in the sun, the Greek island of Crete has your name written all over. Set against the perfect backdrop of sun, sea, and sand, it's the ideal destination for anyone in need of some serious R+R. Piercing blue skies, balmy weather, sun-bleached ruins, turquoise waters, sugar-white sands... if this sounds like your idea of heaven, then just wait till you see the real thing. But where should you stay? Which hotels offer the best value, the best amenities, the best service, and the best thing of all - no need to make your own bed in the morning? Regardless of whether you prefer stylish little boutiques or big, fun resorts, you should find something to suit in our list of the 10 best Crete hotels.

Daios Cove

1. Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas is a resort that knows how to make the most of its location. Each of its rooms and villas is equipped with floor to ceiling windows that offer dazzling views over Vathi Bay. Larger suites come with the added benefit of private sea-view terraces. Even if we take the views out of the equation, we'd still be looking at a very attractive proposition. Guests can expect a very well-equipped spa with a pool, hydro-massage facilities, and a full list of treatments, several bars (including the innovative glass-walled Crystal Box), and state-of-the-art, gorgeously spacious guest rooms.

Elounda Gulf Villas

2. Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites

From its gorgeous setting to its sumptuous onsite spa, the Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites leaves little to be desired. Surrounded by palm trees on a steep hill overlooking the ocean, the hotel offers a small but exquisite selection of pool villas and suites, all individually decorated and all equipped with the full spectrum of conveniences. Noted for its celebrity clientele, it's certainly not among the cheapest of places to stay in Crete, but it's definitely among the best.

Blue Palace

3. Blue Palace

The Telegraph has awarded Blue Palace a dazzling 9/10 in its review. The only wonder is why it didn't get a full 10. With superbly comfortable guest rooms, all tastefully decorated and equipped with every convenience and comfort you could ever need, an idyllic oceanside setting, a stretch of private beach studded with thatched umbrellas, several infinity pools, a fitness center, tennis courts, and even a fine line in Cretan wine tasting, this is a hotel that put the Luxe in luxury.

High Beach White

4. High Beach White

Trip Advisor reviewers rank High Beach White as one of Crete's finest hotels. It's easy to see what's got them raving. With 4+ star service, a cozy, intimate vibe, plenty of amenities, and a stunning beachside location, it ticks every box on our checklist of vacation must-haves.

Elysium Beach Hotel

5. Elysium Boutique Hotel

First of all, don't even consider staying at the Elysium Boutique Hotel if you're traveling on a shoestring. This is a luxury resort with luxury prices. Secondly, don't bring your kids. They really won't like it. The rest of the adult-only clientele probably won't either. But if you're over 18, have plenty of flex in your credit card, and a taste for the finer things in life, go. Like, right now. With its peaceful beachfront location, outstanding dining, wellness, and meeting facilities, flawless service, and guest rooms you'll never want to leave, Elysium is the kind of place you'd happily break the bank for.

La Maison Ottoman

6. La Maison Ottomane

If you're looking for the perfect couple's retreat, you could do a lot worse than taking the advice of and booking yourself a spot at La Maison Ottomane. Tiny (it offers just three rooms), intimate, and beautifully appointed, it delivers luxurious living with a price tag to match (nope, it's not cheap). What it lacks in resort-style amenities, it more than makes up for in stylish furnishings (the antiques are to-die-for). modern luxuries (each room comes with a minibar, tablet, and espresso machine) and a breakfast you'll be telling your friends about for years to come.

Galaxy Hotel Crete

7. Galaxy Hotel

If you like a hotel to look as good on the outside as it does on the inside, then may we point you in the direction of the Galaxy Hotel? Set in the heart of Heraklion, the Galaxy's avant-garde architecture is breathtaking, offering the perfect contrast to the rest of the city's ancient buildings. Inside, the picture is no less impressive - expect five-star service, spotlessly clean, tastefully decorated rooms, and the full caboodle of amenities.

AneSea Hotel

8. The Hotel Anesea

If you're traveling with kids, you might want to give the Hotel Anesea a miss. This is a grown-up hotel for grown-up clients. But if you're a love-struck couple or a solo adventurer, you're going to love it. From its gorgeous, tranquil location between Stalis and Malia to its unparalleled hospitality, you'll struggle to find a fault. Rooms are spacious, well-equipped, and beautifully decorated in a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. If you want first-rate relaxation, comfort, and service, this is where you'll find it.

Ibis Styles

9. Ibis Styles Heraklion Central

It might be a chain but the Ibis Styles Heraklion Central still deserve a mention - if for no other reason than its superb location. Tucked away in the very heart of Heraklion, it's ideal for tourists who prefer to be at the center of the action. Stroll just a few minutes from the hotel, and you'll find the Archaeological and Historical Museums, the Venetian Walls, the Fortress, Morosini Fountain, the port, and a host of other world-famous attractions. But even if we leave the location to one side, this is still a very attractive hotel. Comfortable, spacious rooms compete for attention with an excellent restaurant, a cozily intimate bar, and faultless customer service.

10. Out of the Blue Capsis Elite

If you want privacy, just a touch of seclusion, and five-star service all the way, suggests you consider the Out of the Blue Capsis Elite. As do we. Because after all, why stick with one hotel when you could have your choice of five? Consisting of a handful of distinct properties (some child friendly, others adult only) all perched on their own little stretch of private peninsula, there's a little something here for everyone. Want traditional? You got it. Prefer a bit of quirk? No problem. Like to keep things sleek and contemporary? Take your pick. And it's not just the room choice that's mind-blowing. With 7 very good restaurants to choose between and more facilities than you'll know what to do with, you'll need to have a very good reason ever to leave.

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