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The 10 Best Hotels in Block Island

Hotel Manisses

If you’re headed to the charming, harborside town of Block Island, RI, then you’re probably looking forward to a few days or more of rest, relaxation, and some of the best sunsets around. Of course, choosing the right hotel for your stay is key to squeezing every last drop of pleasure out of the experience… although sometimes, that can feel easier said than done. Considering the number of different accommodations on offer, deciding where to spend your money can be tricky. Fortunately, help in on hand. Save yourself the bother of scrolling the realms of reviews on Trip Advisor, et all with our handy rundown of the top ten hotels in Block Island for 2020.


10. Champlin's Resort & Marina

Where: 80 West Side Road Great Salt Pond, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

Although the location is a little off the beaten path, the Champlin's Resort & Marina still makes a great choice of accommodation for those in the market for affordable rates, comfortable rooms, incredibly friendly service, and a snack bar that will keep you sated in ice cream and baked goods from dawn to dusk. As the sun sets, head to the top deck to kick back with a cocktail and some of the best views you’ll find in town.

Barrington Inn

9. The Barrington Inn

Where: 584 Beach Ave PO Box 397, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

Views don’t necessarily make a great hotel, but they do help. With its magnificent hilltop location overlooking Great Salt Pond/New Harbor, you’d be hard pushed to find a hotel with a better outlook than The Barrington Inn. Neither will you find it easy to find one with such a charming setting. Located in an updated century-old Colonial farm, it’s a charming mix of the old and the new, blending historic features with contemporary touches to stunning effect. Each tastefully decorated guest room comes complete with a private bath, air conditioning, kitchenette, and TV, and while those looking for an evening meal will need to venture into town, the all-inclusive breakfast is a feast.

Harborside Inn

8. The Harborside Inn

Where: 213 Water Street, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

If you want quaint, if you want charming, then take our word when we say you want The Harborside Inn. There are not many people who can say they’ve slept in a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but guests of this charming hotel certainly can. Despite its age, the building is remarkably comfortable, with a tasteful, contemporary style and very modern conveniences like air conditioning and flat-screen TVs with Direct TV in every room. Prices are incredibly competitive for Block Island, while the complimentary coffee and ice cream in the lounge makes a very welcome treat.

Sheffield House

7. The Sheffield House

Where: 351 High Street P.O. Box 338, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

If you’re tired of the bland ubiquity of chain hotels, The Sheffield House should soon revive your spirits. Quaint, charming, and small enough for a personalized level of service, it’s everything a good B&B should be. Its convenient location, meanwhile, puts you just a short walk away from all the sights and attractions of the town.

Water Street Inn

6. Water Street Inn

Where: Water Street, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

With its prime location on Block Island’s main street, a stay at Walter Street Inn will put you right in the heart of the Old Harbor and historic district. Within just a 2-minute walk, you’ll find all the shops, beaches, restaurants, and amenities you could need. The hotel itself is comfortable, friendly, and, considering its excellent location, a positive bargain.

New Shoreham House

5. New Shoreham House

Where: 213 Water Street, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

It may not have all the bells and whistles of some of Block Island’s pricier options, but if you want clean rooms, unbeatable prices, an excellent continental breakfast, and one of the best locations of any hotel in town, you’ll find little to complain about at New Shoreham House.

1661 Inn

4. The 1661 Inn

Where: 5 Spring Street, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

As family-owned hotels go, few match The 1661 Inn for friendliness and efficiency. Guests are most definitely king at this charming little inn, with the owners going out of their way to ensure a pleasant, comfortable stay. If you can stretch to it, plump for a higher-end room- the ocean views, fireplaces, spa tubs, and air-conditioning are worth the price. Regardless of your room choice, don’t miss the full champagne buffet breakfast (included in the rate for all rooms)- by all accounts, it’s worth the trip alone.

Avonlea Jewel of the Sea

3. Avonlea, Jewel of the Sea

Where:597 Corn Neck Road P.O. Box 488, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

For the perfect romantic getaway, Avonlea, Jewel of the Sea, is the ideal choice. After an evening stroll on the beach, relax on the wrap-around porch (just 30 seconds from the beach itself), before retiring to your luxurious guestroom, which comes complete with a private bathroom, a decadent king-size bed, and all the modern conveniences and comforts you could want. The complementary New England Breakfast is a delight, while the little finishing touches like afternoon wine, Hors D'Oeuvres, and as many Block Island Barnacle Cookies as you can eat elevates your stay to something wonderful

Hotel Manisses

2. Hotel Manisses

Where: 251 Spring St, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807-7704

Despite being within just seconds of the beach and minutes from town, the Hotel Manisses has a tranquil, secluded feel that’s perfect for a getaway. Following a thoughtful renovation, the accommodation has transformed into one of the gems in Block Island’s hotel scene, with tastefully decorated rooms, modern conveniences, and all the amenities you could expect or need. The (very reasonable) rates include a full breakfast, wine and appetizer hour, as well as a full concierge service. Whatever you do, don’t miss trying their famous Block Island Barnacle cookies before you leave (although don’t bother trying to steal the recipe, it’s one of Block Island’s most closely guarded secrets).

Inn at Spring House

1. Inn at Spring House

Where: 52 Spring Street, New Shoreham, Block Island, RI 02807

IF you want to experience modern luxury at its finest, there’s only one destination for you- the frankly superb Inn at Spring House. Each beautifully contemporary, spotlessly clean room comes with a stunning ocean view and is equipped with superior bedding & linens, Essential Elements, bath amenities by Gilchrist & Soames, AC, WIFI, and Extended Basic Cable as standard. Each morning, you’ll be treated to a chef-prepared morning breakfast, while your evening will feature a platter of fine wines and cheese. It may be costly, but with its promise to revive and relax even the weariest traveler, you won’t regret a single cent.

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