The Five Best Hotels In Hilton Head, SC

The United States is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, beautiful beaches up and down its east and west coastlines, as well as some nice jewels, tucked away on the south coast. While South Beach and Venus beach get a lot of exposure, there are beaches that are frequented just as much, but by a different crowd. In and around these beaches are some nice towns and cities that perfect getaways for couples and families. One place that is absolutely wonderful to visit is Hilton Head, SC. While the sound of mentioning that the city may not conjure up beautiful beaches, it is much sought after destination. I would definitely suggest visiting there at least once.

For those of you who are planning on visiting Hilton Head in the coming weeks or months, you will want to ensure that your lodging accommodation is up to par. Here is a list of the top five luxury hotels in Hilton Head.

Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort

While this hotel did not make the top of the list based on amenities, it is constantly rank #1 as the best value in the area. In other words, you get the most bang for your buck here. The average booking for a room at $224 a night. The room accommodations are both spacious and comfortable. The outdoor amenities are remarkable, to say the least. You can literally spend your entire vacation on the resort and never have to leave. There are a training and workout center, multiple swimming pools, and onsite dining. There is also an oceanfront view that is spectacular.

Marriott’s Barony Beach Club

I have to say that Marriott makes a strong showing on this list. Coming in at the fourth spot is the Barony Beach Club by Marriott. Depending on who you book through, the pricing varies, but the rooms here vary. The average cost per night for a room is $440. The hotel features a contemporary design with furniture that is colorful and comfortable. The Barony Beach Club stands out because the of the marvelous service offered by its staff. The in-room accommodations are formidable with other luxury hotels. Most importantly, the quiet and peacefulness created in its rooms ensure a good nights sleep.

Marriott Grande Ocean

I told you that Marriott is well-represented in Hilton Head. It is obvious that the company has a vested interest in the surrounding community. The Grande Ocean hotel is more like a massive resort of executive retreat. There are multiple pools, a fitness center, onsite dining and more. One of the areas in which this hotel gets extremely high marks is concerning the attentiveness to details by its staff. The staff is said to be highly responsive to the needs and demands of the guests. The access to the beach just adds to an already wonderful experience for the family. The rooms at the Grande Ocean book for about $469 per night, which is not bad for the luxurious amenities and grade-A service you will receive during your stay.

Inn & Club at Harbour Town – Sea Pines Resort

While this particular hotel does not charge as much as some of the others on the list, it meets every demand that you can place on it. From the moment you pull up to the front of the Hotel, you will be impressed with the aesthetics, but this hotel is more than a visual pleaser. The staff will greet you as you enter and will be there to respond to every concern throughout your stay. It is not as large as the other hotels on the list, and that will actually work to your favor as you will be treated in a more personable manner. The guests who stay here boast of the intimacy associated with the experience.

Marriott SurfWatch

Once again, the Marriott brand rises to the occasion. No, Marriott is not paying me anything. Their hotels are simply well-stacked when it comes to Hilton Head. When it comes to beachfront accommodations, the SurfWatch may be the best of what Hilton Head has to offer. When polling the reviews on this establishment stands out and that whoever Rosa is, she is awesome. The hotel sits on a sprawling patch of land that has plenty of greenery mixed in with the views of the ocean. The rooms are comfortable and spacious.The cost for a one night stay is $450, which is on par with other luxury hotels in the area.

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