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10 Reasons To Stay at The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island oceanfront firepit

As one of the barrier islands on Florida’s Atlantic coast, Amelia Island enjoys an unparalleled reputation as one of the state’s most idyllic destinations. Its miles of pristine white sands, clear turquoise waters and bountiful nature marks it out as one of the state’s most beautiful spots – and its throngs of happy visitors clearly agree. Whether you want to partake of a round of golf, a spot of snorkeling, a beachside horseback ride, or a lazy day of sunbathing, you’ll find enough activities and attractions on the island to keep you thoroughly entertained. Just as important as what you see and what you do is where you stay. If you want to take your holiday to the next level, a few nights at The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island is a must. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a singleton’s adventure, you’ll find all your needs met at the island’s premium destination.

1. A Gourmet’s Paradise

Whatever your culinary preferences, you’re guaranteed to find something that takes your fancy at the resorts 4 restaurants and Lobby bar. If alfresco dining is your thing, the Ocean Bar and Grill will keep you happy with its tropical drinks, fresh seafood, and specialty salads. If your tastes run to the Japanese (or you just find yourself in need of a drink), you’ll find much to enjoy on the Lobby Bar’s menu of delectable sushi and custom infusions. Traditionalists will love the comfort food on offer at The Pub (don’t miss the custom burgers made with tender pork belly and stickily sweet bacon jam). Try Coast if you fancy a nibble on some seafood, and don’t forget to try the delicious and unusual offerings from Salt before you leave.

2. A Relaxing Haven

If you’re in need of some TLC, a morning at the resort’s spa is sure to sort you out. Enjoy zero gravity therapy with a Heaven in a Hammock massage, eucalyptus-infused steam, some Ocean Healing, or an Enzyme Renewal Facial…. both you, and your, skin will feel renewed.

3.Location, Location, Location

The resort is nestled in among the dunes of Amelia Island 13 mile stretch of pristine Atlantic coastline, offering immediate access to the island’s abundance of sun, sea, sand, and sports. Regardless of whether you’re a lazy beach lizard or an energetic sports fanatic, everything you could possibly need to keep you happy can be found right on your doorstep.

4. Rooms to Suit Every Budget

Whether you’ve got money to burn or a budget to maintain, the Ritz Carlton will have a room to suit your needs. Its range of suites vary from the 2401 square ft Ritz-Carton Suite (which offers stunning oceanfront vistas, three private balconies with beachfront views, and a fully equipped living room, dining room, kitchen and luxurious full marble bathroom), to the equally delightful, but slightly less expensive, Ocean View Terrace Suite, which offers a 600 square-foot personal garden terrace and views over the courtyard and seafront. You’ll also find a full range of rooms offering different levels of comforts and conveniences, depending on your preferences and budget.

5. Fun for all the Family

If you’ve bought your family along for the ride, the kids will have lots of fun at the Ritz Kids, a special program aimed at introducing youngsters aged 5-12 to the wonders of nature through a variety of hands-on adventures and activities. Best of all, it’s supervised by highly qualified childcare experts, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday while the kids get on with enjoying theirs. Teenagers, meanwhile, will find lots to keep them entertained at Our Space, a fully-equipped games room featuring everything from flat screen TV’s to the most up-to-date gaming systems to age-old classics like air hockey.

6. Retail Treats

If you’re a fan of retail therapy, you’ll not be disappointed with the vast range of shops and retail outlets on offer at the Ritz Carlton. With a gallery of boutiques featuring some of the world’s top designers interspersed with some truly unique finds such as The Salt Boutique and The Sundry (a delightful mix-match of everything from household goods to golf balls to Charleston Sea Jewels), you won’t be short of ways to spend your cash, that’s for sure,

7. A Golfer’s Dream

If you can’t contemplate a holiday without a round or two of golf, you’ll be pleased to know you can swing away to your heart’s content at the Ritz Carlton’s 18-hole championship golf course. On hand to help are GPS equipped carts and a staff of teaching professionals ready and waiting to help you improve your game with personalized instructions, clinics, and lessons.

8. Activities for Everyone

However you like to spend your holiday, you’re guaranteed a swell time at the Ritz-Carlton. The resort offers a plethora of activities and adventures to suit all ages, all activity levels, and all tastes. Whether you want to take in a game of tennis, shoot some hoops, relax at the oceanfront pool, or take a surfing lesson or two, you can do all that and more at the Ritz-Carlton.

9. Mastering the Kitchen

If the resort’s many bars and restaurants aren’t enough to sate your appetite, you might want to sign up to one of its regular chef-led dining experiences, wine tastings, and food events. With such treats as a barbeque masterclass, sauce-making classes, and hands-on tours of the site’s kitchens, if you don’t come home with at least a few more skills than you went away with, then it’ll be a surprise.

10. Fitness Fun

If all those walks on the beach and swims in the ocean aren’t enough to keep you fit, you could always try a workout at the resort’s fitness center- in addition to homing all of the usual equipment you’d expect to find at a first-class gym, it also offers some of the most scenic vistas you’re likely to find at any gym in the world.

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