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The 10 Best Hotels in Niagara Falls

Nestled right on the border of the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls is on the bucket list of many seasoned travelers the world over. This is a beautiful spot of nature that affords to many things to do while on holiday. This is what makes it such a highly sought after location. Of course, part of the decision making process when planning a trip there is to determine where you still stay. There is actually no shortage of hotels in the area to stay at, but which are most worthy of your patronage? You want to have a great, comfortable, and relaxing trip. With that in mind, consider the following list of the 10 best hotels in Niagra Falls to stay at during your next visit to the region.

Travelodge at the Falls

10. Travelodge at the Falls

If you are on a budget, the Travelodge really cannot be beaten. The rooms are clean and the beds are comfortable. These are the two ingredients that you really need when visiting Niagara Falls. You will also love the location of this property, as it is right in the thick of the tourism district. There is always something to right upon walking out of your hotel room door.

Wyndham Garden

9. Wyndham Garden

This is such a great hotel primarily because it has just undergone a massive renovation. You will really love the result of this makeover. The property itself is very close to both the Rainbow Bridge and the State Park. Do keep in mind that there is a helicopter service that operates adjacent to the property, so there is a bit of noise in the mornings. However, you will likely be out looking at the Falls by then anyway!

Wingate by Wyndham

8. Wingate by Wyndham

This is a hotel that consistently gets good reviews. This one lives up to the Wyndham name. The rooms are clean and the amenities are superb. You will also love the fact that it is just a short walk to the start of the American side of the Falls. This makes it really nice during the warmer summer months. If you visit in the winter, there is always a shuttle available that will take you right there. The choice is yours.

Marriott Courtyard

7. Marriott Courtyard

The Marriott Courtyard might not be a walk away from Niagara Falls, but you will love the property nonetheless. It has breathtaking views and there is much to do in the area. You will also the quality of the rooms. They are well furnished and provide you with everything that you need. After a long day out exploring nature, you can relax and enjoy a quiet evening in, or visit some of the spectacular bars and restaurants in the area.

Hampton inn

6. Hampton inn

You will find that the Hampton Inn is a comfortable fifteen minute walk away from Niagara Falls. Combined with the Hampton brand, this makes it ideal for your visit to the region. Beyond that, the property itself simply has everything that you will need. The rooms are quite spacious. The staff are highly regarded and will do what they can to help make the trip a spectacular one for you. There is also plenty of parking available for those who to choose to drive the area.

Comfort Inn the Pointe

5. Comfort Inn the Pointe

You will find that one of the best features of the Comfort Inn is the fact that it is so close to the Falls. You can go visit and gaze upon them whenever you feel like it. This is a great way to enjoy your holiday. You will love the Comfort Inn brand, even though this hotel is a bit dated. That does not matter too much, as the rooms are clean and the beds comfortable. This is why it is the fifth best hotel to stay at in Niagara Falls.

Hyatt Place Niagara Falls

4. Hyatt Place Niagara Falls

Now we are getting into a few hotels that are more on the luxurious side. You will find that Hyatt Place is one of the newer hotels in the region, and that makes is a spectacular place to stay. The property actually has a deck that overlooks the Falls, so you technically do not even need to walk away from the hotel to see what it is that you came for. Walking to the Falls itself will take you less than ten minutes, which is an added befit as well.

Sheraton at the Falls

3. Sheraton at the Falls

Sheraton is always a nice place to stay. While this one has changed ownership quite a few times, it still maintains its luxury feel. You love the amenities offered in the rooms, and the hotel itself provides everything that you could possibly hope for on an adventure holiday. It is a ten minute walk from the Falls. An added benefit is that it is right across the street from the casino.

Red Coach Inn

2. Red Coach Inn

Red Coach Inn has actually been at its current location since 1923. That is quite impressive. It has obviously been updated a few times since then, making it the second best hotel in Niagara Falls. You will find that the rooms are stunning and the views are out of this world. The hotel itself is directly opposite both Prospect Point Park and Goat Island.

1. Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

The best hotel in Niagara Falls is Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino. There is simply so much to do here. Even if you do not gamble, you will enjoy the restaurants and comfortable rooms. It is only a ten minute walk away from the Falls. Either of these ten hotels is worthy of your consideration when you plan a trip to Niagara Falls. There are properties here within all budget levels. You can really find a place that meets with your exact specifications and provides you and your family with exactly what you need to have a great holiday in the area. This is what you desire, so take a look through these properties and find out which one is a good fit for you. Remember to make your booking early in the planning process so that you will not be disappointed.

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