The 10 Best Places to Live in Colorado for Singles


If you’re young, free, and single (or maybe just single), you’re going to feel right at home in Colorado. The Centennial State has more single people over the age of 18 than most other states combined, with the result that most cities, towns, and villages are well geared to support the single lifestyle. But with so many options to choose between, how do you pick the best? To help out, we’ve sifted through the options to come up with the 10 best places to live in Colorado for singles.


10. Louisville

Located just a short distance from Boulder is Louisville, a small city of around 20,000 people that’s got a lot to recommend it. Denver is just a short 18-mile commute away, making it an attractive option for young professionals who want to benefit from the state capital’s job market in a more affordable setting. Blessed with low unemployment, a low crime rate, and a friendly, sociable atmosphere, it’s a great place to call home.


9. Aurora

If you like the idea of living in Denver but can’t quite stretch to the cost of living there, you might want to consider the Denver suburb of Aurora as an alternative. In recent years, Aurora’s population has enjoyed a massive growth spurt. More and more people are catching on to the suburb’s attractions, with the result that it’s now one of the most popular places to live in Colorado. What’s so appealing about it? For a start, there’s the diverse, friendly community. Then there’s the abundance of safe, attractive neighborhoods to choose between, all of which hold their own unique appeal but all of which are underpinned by the same relaxed, welcoming vibe. Amenities and conveniences are plentiful, the cost of living is within reach, and the variety of parks and outdoor recreational spaces is faultless. All in all, it’s a great place to live.


8. Englewood

Englewood’s population of 34,259 doesn’t make it one of the biggest cities in Colorado, but it’s got plenty of claims to fame anyway. As well as scoring top marks for affordability and amenities, its job market is healthy and full of opportunities. Its transportation links to the rest of the state are more than adequate, while the relaxed, laid back atmosphere is a blessing.


7. Golden

If you’d rather live somewhere small and charming than big and impersonal, you might want to cast your sights in the direction of Golden. The former Gold Rush town is small, historic, and dripping with charm. Thanks to its relaxed way of life, its low cost of living, its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, and its great links into Denver, Golden has become something of a magnet to singles looking for a quieter pace of life than Colorado’s bigger cities offer. Despite its small size, it still has more than enough amenities and recreational opportunities to keep you entertained, particularly if you’re a fan of the great outdoors.


6. Pueblo

Colorado isn’t the cheapest state around. If you’re living on a joint income, you might not notice just how expensive it is. But if you’re struggling to find anywhere decent to live on a single income, you most definitely will. Fortunately, not every city in Colorado will stretch your budget to breaking point. Case in point, Pueblo, a fun, dynamic city that benefits from clement weather, convenient amenities, fabulous recreational opportunities, and, best of all, a very appealing cost of living. If you’re single and looking for a city with both charm and affordability, you’re going to love it.

Castle Rock

5. Castle Rock

As writes, the town of Castle Rock offers newcomers plenty to love about living in Colorado. Packed with parks, recreational opportunities, and some outstanding shopping and dining venues, the town has a little something for everyone. The crime rate is low, the median incomes are high, transportation is great, and the community is welcoming and diverse. Best of all, its cost of living is low enough not to make it off-limits to anyone living on a single income.

Colorado Springs

4. Colorado Springs

US News ranks Colorado Springs as one of the best cities for young professionals in the US. But you don’t need to be young to enjoy it. Over the past few years, the city has enjoyed phenomenal economic growth, resulting in a booming job market that’s capable of supporting a very healthy median income. By Colorado standards, the cost of living is attractively low, while the range of things to do and see is exceptional. If you’re looking for somewhere where you can grow professionally while still having plenty to do on the weekend, Colorado Springs could be your ideal city.

Fort Collins

3. Fort Collins

According to Urban Phenix, few of Colorado’s towns and cities are quite so attractive to single young professionals as Fort Collins. Packed with shops, restaurants, galleries, breweries, and restaurants, and offering a full calendar of activities and events, it’s a great place to be young, free, and single. As an added bonus, its low cost of living will give you plenty of cash to play with come payday.


2. Boulder

Boulder might be a lot smaller than Denver. It may even be more expensive. But it still makes a hugely popular option for singles. Why? For a start, its economy is booming, providing excellent opportunities for career progression and well-paid jobs. Then there’s the food scene to consider. With over 20 craft breweries and dozens of gourmet restaurants scattered around, Boulder is the perfect place to indulge in some wining and dining. And then, of course, there’s the vibrant atmosphere: like most college towns, Boulder is buzzing with energy. A full schedule of art events, music festivals, and activities completes the pretty picture.


1. Denver

The number one place to live for singles in Colorado? Denver. The state capital is big and getting bigger. In fact, it now ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. This is a city on the rise, and for singles, there’s never been a better time to move in. Even the formerly seedy neighborhoods are getting a glamorous makeover, with new office blocks, apartments, trendy restaurants, and hip bars packing out the streets. It’s vibrant, it’s dynamic, its job market is booming, and it’s blessed with 300 days of sunshine every year. What’s not to like?

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