The 10 Best Places to Live in the Tennessee Mountains

Wears Valley

For many people, living against a backdrop of mountains is a dream come true. The Great Smoky Mountains are a subrange of the Appalachian Mountains. These mountains run along the border of Tennessee. In addition to living in such a beautiful setting, many people want to live in the Tennessee mountains due to the affordability of living in Tennessee. The combination of relatively low property prices and the outdoor lifestyle are factors that many people find appealing. If this sounds like the dream location to you, here are the 10 best places to live in the Tennessee mountains.


10. Sevierville

Sitting in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains is the often-overlooked town of Sevierville. This small town offers its residents a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy due to the surrounding landscape’s diversity. Popular activities include hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping. There is also plenty to enjoy within the city, as it is home to attractions including Adventure Park Ziplines and Riding Stables, the Rainforest Adventure Zoo, and the Tennessee Museum of Aviation. As there are so many family-oriented activities, it is a good option for those who are raising a family.


9. Gatlinburg

In terms of character, Gatlinburg is a location with plenty to offer. It is a quaint town that the residents describe as having a quirky vibe. It sits in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, and it is approximately six miles from Pigeon Forge. Therefore, it is within easy traveling distance of activities and attractions. Residents of Gatlinburg and visitors to the area enjoy spending time outdoors, and it is a popular destination for hikers and climbers. It is an excellent place to live for those who enjoy dining out, as there are multiple restaurants in Gatlinburg.

Pigeon Forge

8. Pigeon Forge

Those who want to live in a location that offers plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy in their leisure time should consider living in Pigeon Forge. According to Patriot Getaways, this popular tourist mountain town is one of the best places in the Tennessee mountains for things to see and do. It is nestled into the foothills on the northern side of the Smoky Mountains, and it is home to some of the state’s most popular tourist attractions, including the Dollywood theme park and the historic Old Mill. There are also plenty of shopping options and other amenities in the town and the surrounding area.

Tellico Plains

7. Tellico Plains

Tellico Plains is a town in the foothills of the mountains that is known as the gateway to the Cherokee National Forest. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, as it boasts mountainous scenery, waterfalls, farmlands, scenic pathways, and forested areas. The town is home to less than one thousand residents, so there is a strong sense of community.


6. Knoxville

If you prefer an urban lifestyle, then Knoxville is a good option for you. Strictly speaking, Knoxville is not in the Tennessee mountains, but the city does sit close to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, and it is close enough for residents to enjoy many aspects of the mountain lifestyle. Therefore, it is the perfect compromise between taking advantage of the beauty and the mountain lifestyle while living in an urban setting. Knoxville is the third-largest city in Tennessee after Nashville and Memphis.


5. Chattanooga

The Culture Trip names Chattanooga as one of the most beautiful places to live in Tennessee, as this urban location is surrounded by natural beauty. Chattanooga is the fourth-largest city in Tennessee, and it is also known as the ‘Scenic City.’ The city sits at the Great Smoky Mountains’ foothills by the Tennessee River, Chickamauga Lake, and Nickajack Lake. It is an ideal place to live for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while taking advantage of the employment opportunities and amenities in the city.


4. Walland

If you want to live in a mountainous and rural location to get away from it all, then there are few locations more suitable than Walland. Home to approximately only three hundred people, it is a tiny town in the Tennessee mountains that offers a quiet and laid-back lifestyle. Walland is also known for Blackberry farm, which is a luxury hotel and resort set in a large, rural estate.


3. Townsend

Townsend is a small town in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, and it is considered one of the most beautiful places to live in the state. It is by Cades Cove and the Little River section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The town has a quaint appearance and a small-town feel, with a strong sense of community. Not only is there a diverse range of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy, but there are also plenty of shops and events throughout the year.

Pittman Center

2. Pittman Center

For those who want to live within a small community in a rural setting, then one location in Tennessee to consider is Pittman Center in Sevier County. It is a tiny town that is home to only a few hundred people. Not only is it a beautiful location, but it is also one of the most affordable rural locations in Tennessee. Many who live in this area live a homesteading lifestyle. There are above average schools in the area, and good transport links to the surrounding area. It is also considered a safe area due to low crime rates.

Wears Valley

1. Wears Valley

According to Only In Your State, the best place to live in the Tennessee mountains is Wears Valley. It is a small town set in a stunning rural area, and it is at the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Despite the beauty of the area, it is a surprisingly affordable place to live, and crime is almost non-existent. Wears Valley is in Sevier County, and it is home to under 7,000 people.

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