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The 20 Best Places to Live in Tennessee


What comes to your mind when you hear of Tennessee? The state is mainly associated with country music and singers like Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley incorporating it in their songs. However, it has much more to offer to its residents, although everything good comes at a price. For various good reasons, Tennessee is one of the best states in which you can settle down. It is home to more than 6.6 million people making it the 17th most populated state. Ideal hiking trails are available on the eastern side while the western part is characterized by farming. Just like other states, Tennessee has big cities that will be appealing for you if you want to do business. We compared places in Tennessee and came up with the ideal locations for you to call home.

20. Kingsport

Kingsport is a town located in Sullivan County and is 10 miles away from Virginia state line. It has experienced growth in terms of the people living there and the social facilities that are continually developing. The population in the place stands at 53,000 but is still growing. Kingsport is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the state with various tourist attraction features as seen in USA Today. It has 15 state parks, five national parks, and six lakes, making it ideal for the adventurous residents. The economy of the town is promoted mainly by tourism, but other prominent employers also exist. The local schools are doing great, but the crime rate is alarming. Price for homes in Kingsport is set at around $130,900.

19. Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge is located at the eastern part of Tennessee and is nearly 25 miles outside Knoxville. It was built back in the 1940s with funding from the federal government as part of the Manhattan Project. It later became an independent city and currently has a population of 29,300. The Manhattan project provided employment opportunities to many people, thus influencing them to settle in the place. The rent is about $732 a month, and crime rates are low. Many people are showing interest to flock the area permanently probably due to the affordable houses that go for $142,400.

18. Johnson City

Located in Washington County, on the eastern part of Tennessee in Johnson City. It is one of the most preferred places to live by people in Tennessee. It is where the popular soft drink, Mountain Dew is manufactured and is part of the tri-cities region. Johnson City has a strategic location at the foothills of mountains; hence, one can view them from the comfort of their homes. It is host to the East Tennessee State University which facilitates higher education for those who want to live closer to home. The price of homes is within the budget of many with properties going for $150,900 and an affordable rent of $686.

17. Maryville

If you need a place with plenty of mountain views and is near an urban center, then Maryville is the place to be. The low cost of living in the area makes it one of the best to live in Tennessee. The value of properties remains relatively low with rent averaging $789 per month and median home value being $190,200. It has a population of around 28,000 people with the presence of major employers, ensuring the residents have a paycheck at the end of the month. The place is also convenient in terms of location and cost of living.

16. Collegedale

Collegedale is a city located in Hamilton County. It has a population of about 11,492 as far as the 2018 approximation is concerned. It has six parks, thus offering recreation facilities to interested individuals. It has a low unemployment rate of 2.5%, making it a place of people of high income. The value of a home stands at $191,400 with rent going for $1,025. Southern Adventist University is in the Collegedale, a clear indication of quality education. In Tennessee, Collegedale is a safe place to live in considering the low crime rates.

15. Bartlett

Bartlett is a town that developed due to the presence of a railway station and currently has a population above 58,100. The city is well maintained and entices everyone; from professionals to families and retirees. The low rates of unemployment and low cost of living in the place are enough to give you a quality life. The location is neighboring approximately 60 residential areas, thus giving you a wide range of choice, especially since the neighborhoods have different things to offer. Some of them have the best restaurants and entertainment areas, while some have the best schools. Owning a home demands at least $205.700.

14. Smyrna

It is 25 miles South-east of Tennessee and has many manufacturing industries that contribute to its healthy economy. It is home to some of the leading companies including Nissan. According to the Trip Advisor, nature and parks are the main things that attract people to Smyrna. The cost of living in the place is low, with incomes per households being average. The value of homes is set at $229,000, making it affordable for the middle class.

13. Gallatin

Gallatin has high livability with the best amenities around. It has a population of 33,426 with the value of homes going up to $243,900 with the rent going for $849. 58% of the residents live in their own houses while the rest live in rented houses. The cost of living is low in Gallatin with it being 4% less expensive than the rest of the US. According to Area Vibes, the crime rate is 40% less than the US average crimes. If you require a secure place to live in Tennessee that has low crime rates, then look no further; Gallatin is the place to be

12. Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro is an ideal place for you if you wish to live in an upcoming town that values houses at $243,900. The economy is booming as many people are in the run to develop the area. Approximately 118,000 people call Murfreesboro home. Most residents consider it a promising city since it is showing signs of being a unique city. The high population in Murfreesboro might make you think that it is congested, but there are parks and recreation areas in the place. It has famous historic sites like the civil war battlefield.

11. Spring Hill

It is a town located near Nashville. It was once a little town but has developed into an urban center with a balanced economy and a lot of job opportunities. It has a population of about 33,000 people, and the growth of the town is due to the presence of employers of big companies such as General Motors. The high employment in the place translates to high income with residents having about $78,588 per household. Hence, they can afford the $284,200 home value in the area. If you are there looking for employment opportunities in well-paying establishments, then Spring Hill is there for you.

10. Hendersonville

Fans of Taylor Swift are aware that the great musician is an alumnus of Hendersonville High School. In case you are her fan and wish to follow his footsteps, then Hendersonville is the best place for you to settle. It is on the shore of Old Hickory Lake making it ideal for swimming, relaxing on the beach, fishing and water sports. There are numerous parks in the area with the best recreation facilities. Entertainment in the place is at its peak; hence you do not look further in case you need fun. If you decide to buy a house, then your bank account will reduce by $289,900.

9. Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet is located 20 miles away from the state capital. If you want to start a business, then Mount Juliet is the most appropriate place for you to move to as it is one of the most business-friendly towns in Tennessee. It is, therefore, no wonder that the housing market is very competitive, causing the median home value to go as high as $315,300. Some of the business opportunities are available in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. The cost of living in the place is average, and the residents enjoy their high income. It is termed as the city between the lakes because of its location between Percy Priest Lake and Cumberland River.

8. Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain is also one of the best places to look at in Tennessee if you require a place to live. The value of the homes is significantly higher, being the fifth highest at $337,000. It has a lower unemployment rate of 4.3% due to the availability of employment opportunities around the place. It is a great place to live in since the schools around the area offer quality education to the students, and the crime rate is significantly low. If you wish to settle permanently in a friendly environment, then Signal Mountain will not disappoint.

7. Collierville

Collierville is 30 miles away from the downtown area. It houses a total of 48,000 relatively wealthy people. It is near the big city and the income that most residents get mainly accounts for the standard of living in the place. Housing is expensive, with homes valued at $339,700.

6. Germantown

If you are planning to live in the Nashville area, then Germantown is the place to look for if you need comfort. The population of Germantown is about 40,000. It has all that you need to live a comfortable life if you take home a big salary. The crime rate is low; maybe that is why the houses are highly valued at $341,400. It is known for the best multiple spots for romantic dates.

5. Farragut

Farragut is a great town that is characterized by the majority of the people who are Christians. If you are not a Christian, then be ready for a cultural shock when you reach Farragut. It is ideal for families and currently has a population of 21,975 people. It has been ranked the third best place to live in Tennessee and the second-best place to raise a family. Most of the residents in Farragut own their homes, with only 13% of the residents renting apartments. The value of homes in Farragut is $374,900 with the median rent going for $1,164.

4. Salemtown

Salemtown is a place in a class of its own considering the architecture used in the construction of buildings around. The population living in Salemtown is diverse, and you will find all sorts of cultures in the place. It is not well known by people, but the cost of living is relatively low, making it affordable to many. It has parks that offer the best recreation facilities, and the crime rates are significantly low, making it an excellent place to live without fear. Its name even means peaceful and complete hence you can enjoy the peace that you wish in the area. However, be ready to fork out $415,900 to have your own home.

3. Nolensville

Another best place to live in Tennessee is Nolensville. It is small in size, making it ideal for one who wants to live in a home occupied by a small community. It is also preferable for families with children as it is a place where families are growing faster. The price of properties is high, averaging $433,800, but it is because of its location between Tennessee, Murfreesboro, and Nashville. There are excellent schools in the place, and the local economy is booming.

2. Franklin

Franklin is another excellent place to live in Tennessee. It houses a population of 68,500 and is in Williamson County. The area is recognized nationally for the best schools and availability of opportunities. It has historical sites that provide a glimpse of American culture and history. If you need eateries, then they are available in abundance, and many of them are in the same location. For $473,900, you can make Franklin your home

1. Brentwood

Brentwood is an excellent name in the history of Tennessee. Most people in Tennessee have built their permanent tents in Tennessee to enjoy the highly-rated environment. It has a population of slightly over 40,000 people and the number one among the 20 best places to live in Tennessee. The schools there are the best with Brentwood High School being the 5th best high school in the United States with a 96% graduation rate. The area has 13 parks that provide gorgeous picnic sites. When planning to move to Brentwood, have it in mind that the cost of living there is high compared to other places in the state. Hence do not be surprised when asked to pay $655,600 for that house you have been eyeing for so long in Brentwood.

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