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The Top 20 Retirement Cities in Asia

Retirement has always been a scary subject for people whose clocks are ticking fifty and above. The thought of living without a regular salary in this shaky economic times is quite frightening, and most of the baby boomers hitting the age of 65 are usually not prepared emotionally. Nonetheless, there is beauty in retirement mainly because it is a time when you get a well-deserved treat as thanks to a lifetime of trying to beat traffic in the morning, dealing with noisy and nosy colleagues and a boss who was always on your neck. With that said and done, you should not just wait for it, instead, take time to plan for it particularly when it comes to matters finance. If you have lived in your country for the rest of your life, this is the perfect time to move to another country and enjoy a new life and on top of it invest in a new business as you no longer have anything tying you down. There are many places you can choose to relocate to and making up your mind on the right one is quite a daunting task as each location has its share of goodness to offer you. That is why we have decided to take you to the Middle East and below is a detailed compilation of the top twenty retirement cities in Asia.

Sapporo, Japan

Museums, modern shopping malls, historic landmarks, parks, art galleries are just but the few attractions in Japan's fourth populous city. Situated on one of Japan's leading islands, Sapporo is a good retirement option for those who love a little peace and a serene environment as there is less traffic and congestion contrary to Tokyo. Nonetheless, winter here is a common thing, and if you like skiing, then there is no better place for you than Sapporo. The cost of living is also affordable and owing to its population, the town has excellent healthcare facilities, infrastructure, and even technology. However, getting a permanent visa is not easy.

Da Lat, Vietnam

With a retirement score of 19, Da Lat features a long string of things to do and many attractions which will engage you so much you will not even notice the day flying away. For instance, it prides itself on natural beauty ranging from waterfalls, pine forests, lakes among many others. It is best known for its sweet strawberries which are a common sight on many farms and also a tourist hub. Therefore, if you like leading the farm life, then Dalat offers you that opportunity. The climate is also excellent although there are frequent rain showers and mist in the morning while the consumer rates are pretty low as it is in the whole of Vietnam. There are low crime rates, and the healthcare facilities are excellent as it is the capital of the Lam Dong Province. Nonetheless, there is no retirement visa scheme, so you have to keep on renewing yours to be legally present in Da Lat.

Dumaguete, Philippines

Commonly referred to as the city of gentle people, Dumaguete Philippines is the ideal place for someone who likes leaving a laid back life and go about their business. It has a relatively hot climate and is still a growing town hence blesses you with a wide array of investment options. The cost of living index is also low while healthcare one is moderate. It is a beautiful place and one with many education facilities hence if you are a teacher, you can always take a part-time job to sustain you.

Sai Kung, Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is also not left out when it comes to top retirement destinations, and in its case, Sai Kung is the ideal place. Located on the Sai Kung Peninsula, this town boasts one of the most stunning landscapes and offers you a bunch of activities to engage in such as fishing, hiking among many other adventurous tasks. The transport, communication, and health sector is also quite developed and also offers you a lot of investment opportunities. The cost of living is a bit high than that of the central city of reference, but it is cheaper in comparison to most of the European states hence you can manage. Although there is no formal retirement visa scheme, you can gain entry through the long-term renewable nonresident visa.

Hua Hin, Thailand

The fact that it is not as famous as Phuket is what makes it even a better option as there is less congestion and less traffic. It is home to a large sandy beach which surrounds the central district and boasts an excellent coastal stretch. Also, you can proudly call your former colleagues and tell them that you live in a royal town as it hosts one of the Thai King's palaces. It is all about relaxation which is what most baby boomers need after a long time of living in noisy urban centers. It is way much affordable to live here, and the infrastructure here is also quite developed.

Gwangju, South Korea

If you decide that South Korea is best for you, then Gwangju is an ideal town for you to settle down. It boasts a rich history as it dates back to 57 BC. Ancient temples and museums are a common sight here while the Asia Culture center is located here hence attracting hordes of tourists every year. It has a low crime index thus safe for you and racism here is unheard of. The average cost of living is approximately $700 which means anyone who once lived in the US, Canada or any other Western states can effectively manage it.

Shanghai, China

If you are looking for a place which is highly developed in regards to its economic and financial sectors, good infrastructure, a wide array of information centers and on top of it all friendly people, then your search ends at Shanghai China. With its consumer prices being 45.40% lower than in New York, Shanghai is a city with a diverse range of entertainment options.

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Rich culture, friendly people, magnificent architectural structures everywhere, low transportation costs, excellent healthcare facilities, white sand beaches are the few characteristics of this Cambodian city. If you are into gambling, then Sihanoukville is a good retirement city for you as it features many modern casinos which also act as an investment option. Also known as Snookyville the town also has a relatively low living cost especially the housing sector and is one of the cities in Cambodia which is rapidly growing hence is a good business hub. Its pristine beaches also offer you a place to relax and forget about your troubles as you enjoy your retirement.

Osaka, Japan

Japan’s second city is also an excellent retirement destination with highly developed healthcare facilities, transport system, and friendly people. It also has a diverse range of attractions which are not common in many urban areas such as ancient temples, museum, and galleries. If you like the fast life, then Osaka is an excellent destination. Although its PI is a bit high than that of Prague, it is still a better alternative as consumer prices are 5.29% lower than in Los Angeles and 22.97% lower than in New York. Also, the visa procurement process is not that complicated while the education facilities there make it a good place for you to live with your grandchildren.

Bandar, Brunei

Located in Southeast Asia, Brunei is not a country that many people have heard of, but it has one of the best retirement cities on our list. Brunei is also known as “the abode of peace” hence you can tell it is a safe place. It is a pleasant little city and has a low population; therefore, you can quickly identify the market gap in this town and start a business. Similar to the other cities on our list, it has a low living cost and a person who is in Prague will pay 8.23% more in rent and 4.79% less for meals in restaurants compared to a person who is in Prague. However, as the primary economic driver of this town is gas and oil, you may have to pay a little more for groceries. Hence agriculture is also a profitable area to invest in.

Bali, Indonesia

For many years now, Indonesia has always been a haven for baby boomers, and one of their favorite cities is Bali. There are many reasons behind this, and one of them is it is breathtaking landscape and numerous attractions which also make it a tourist hub. It is a Muslim nation and similar to many cities in the Middle East, retiring here is cheaper in comparison to when one settles down in Europe or US. For example, a retiree in East London will pay 33.48% more than one who resides in Bali. Although one can apply for a retiree visa, the process is quite complicated in comparison to Thailand or Malaysia. It has a good climate and infrastructure and an advanced healthcare sector.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has always been a beloved for not only tourists but also retirees. There are many reasons behind that, but the most prominent one is thanks to the ease of getting a visa and its many livable towns which include Phuket. If you are in the sixteen till I die category, then Phuket is the ideal place for you since it is known for its diverse assortment of entertainment spots and the beach offers you the best relaxation if you are the kind of person who just likes keeping it low. Apart from the attractions, you can also invest in the tourism sector as it experiences tourists regularly and if you are worried about the cost of living, security and health matters, then you have no reason to. For instance, the consumer prices are only 1.44% higher than those in Prague while they are lower than Los Angeles by 36.97% which means you can manage pretty well.

Tagaytay, Philippines

The Philippines, in general, is among the top retirement countries in Asia. It is easy to get a visa, and when you do, Tagaytay is a good option. It prides itself on a stunning landscape and a cool climate which makes it possible for you to engage in very many activities. The cost of living is also low, and groceries will cost you 18.17% less than what a resident from Prague will have to pay to get the same. The city is not quite developed a fact which makes it even better as there are plenty of investment options which have not been put into play yet. Crime rates are low, and healthcare index is moderate thus it is advisable that you get a medical cover in case you feel it is not enough for you.

Mumbai, India

Although the media always tries to portray the ugly side of India, it is quite a beautiful one and also is among the best to live in once you retire especially Mumbai. It is India's most renowned city, and due to that, the government has made significant strides in making it a better place in regards to health care and is considered as the leader in the sector due to its many prominent private clinics and hospitals. It also has a lower price index and when the consumer prices are compared to Prague which is the central reference city they are 36.86% lower while rent will cost you 4.58% less than what it would have required you in Prague. There are many attractions and things to do thus boredom become a thing of the past. Being the largest developing city in the world, retirees have a wide range of investment choices. It ranks 115th among Asia’s most livable cities.

Singapore, Singapore

If you have never read about this nation, then you are probably wondering why we have referred to the country as a whole but don't worry we got you. Singapore is a city-state which means it is both a country and its nation in one. It is an island country and is among the most beautiful places in the world thus its nickname the garden city. Being an island nation, it hosts myriads of tourists all year round which make it the perfect place for you if you are business oriented as there are many investment options. Everything from its infrastructure, serene environment, low living costs, excellent health facilities and on top of it friendly people, make it one of the top choices for many retirees. For instance, the cost of living is also 15% lower than that of the US and 13% cheaper than in London. It ranks 35th in the most livable cities in the world which is enough assurance to clear any doubts you had about this city-state.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sitting at the heart of the Malaysian Peninsula, Kuala Lumpur is a city of delights and a sanctuary for many retirees. It is a charming city and home to two of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The modern transportation system, shopping malls, pleasant climate, friendly people and breathtaking beaches are just but a few of what this city welcomes you with. It gets even better as the cost of living is quite low as you now pay 75.31% less in rent compared to what you would have paid if you decided to settle in Los Angeles. It is among one of the fastest growing cities in the middle east hence medical care is top notch, and although the crime rate was pretty high three years ago, it gets better and better each day. As a bonus, there is a retirement visa plan which makes your relocation less hectic.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

We all know how hectic living in a capital city can be and that is why Chiang Mai comes as a good option. It is Thailand’s second city thus there is less traffic, and the clamor from main towns is way much less here. Although it is not as developed as Bangkok, Chiang Mai has a low living cost and also is an excellent place to invest and be part of its growth. It has an appealing climate, and even all you need, thus you will have no reason to complain. The medical facilities also use modern technology, and it has low crime rates. Also, the process of procuring a visa is less complicated, and as a result, you will also find many other retirees who make your life easier as you now have people with a background similar to yours. It is the best place to retire if all you want is to lead a peaceful and quiet life.

Cebu, Philippines

Another favorite for baby boomers is Cebu, but that does not come as a surprise. With its lower crime rates, pleasant climate, ancient architectural landmarks, warm and friendly people, good food and whole many other attractions who wouldn't want to spend their lives here. It had a retirement score of 12, and its cost of living is low especially when it comes to comes to health care and domestic uses. Also, the people here have a good command of English hence no communication barriers. However, getting a retirement visa is quite tricky and owning a piece of Cebu is not easy either.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan as a country itself prides itself over myriads of attraction and a whole load of benefits for retirees thus you can expect even more from its capital city Taiwan. Its low cost of living is the first things which attract you before you can consider other factors. For instance, the general consumer prices are 18.51% lower than those in London, and rent prices are 41.93% lower than in London. To add icing on it, the city's infrastructure is highly developed, and the medical facilities are top notch. It also makes an excellent place to start and run a business. During your free time, there are a lot of attractions such as the Taipei 101 which is the most significant landmark in the city as it towers above the town at 508 meters. Other attractions include the various Asian temples and museums.

George Town, Malaysia

Malaysia as a whole is a lovely country and is a top pick for many retirees hence you are spoilt for choice when choosing the best city. However, when you consider aspects of security, technology, health and the overall cost of living, George Town is a pretty good option. Here you will find many other retirees mainly from European countries thus you will not feel out of place. Being the capital of a tropical island in Malaysia known as Penang, you can be sure that it does not disappoint when it comes to matters attractions and also things to do. As an assurance that George Town deserves to be on our list, it was recently named the eighth most livable city in the whole of Asia and the number one most livable city in Malaysia. It has relatively low costs of living, and there are internationally accredited medical facilities hence you need not travel abroad just to get proper medical attention.

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