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The 20 Best Places to Live in Indianapolis


Indianapolis offers diverse options when it comes to choosing an area in which to live. There are bustling areas alongside quiet rural locations on the outskirts of the city, and everything in between. Which type of location is best for you will depend on your personal needs, your preferences, and your situation. Some typical factors that people consider when deciding where to live are crime rates, housing prices, the cost of living, employment opportunities, public schools, and the leisure activities an area can offer in Indianapolis. For some people, only a few of these factors are important, while a combination of all these features is essential to others. The following is an overview of the 20 best places to live in Indianapolis for you to consider based on the factors that people typically consider when choosing the best location to make their home.

Traders Point

20. Traders Point

Niche list Traders Point as one of the top 20 places to live in Indianapolis. One of the major reasons for this is that it is one of the most affordable options, with both the house prices and the cost of living lower than the average for the city. It is also a diverse place to live with above-average public schools, many family-oriented activities, low crime rates, and good leisure options. This neighborhood in Indianapolis has a sparse suburban feel and less than eight thousand residents.

Wynnedale- Spring Hill

19. Wynnedale- Spring Hill

Wynnedale – Spring Hill is within Marion County. It has a dense suburban feel, and there is a population of more than six thousand residents. This area boasts highly-rated schools and many family-oriented activities, which is why it appeals to families. Some of the features of this neighborhood that appeal to all demographics are the low crime rates. The diversity of the community, the varied housing options, the reasonable cost of living, and the wide range of activities for those living in this area to enjoy. The downside of Wynnedale-Spring Hill is the transport links, which would benefit from some improvements.


18. Clearwater

Clearwater is an area that has a lot going for it, so it is little wonder that it is widely considered one of the best places to live in Indianapolis. With fewer than four thousand residents, this neighborhood in Indianapolis has a sparse suburban feel. Despite the low population, this area can offer an active lifestyle that appeals to everyone from young professionals to retirees. Therefore, the area has a diverse community with people of all ages and from all socioeconomic groups. The public schools in this area are excellent, so families find this an appealing place to live. The varied housing options and the low cost of living are also some of the reasons why people choose to live in this neighborhood. As the crime rates are low in Clearwater, people consider this a safe area.


17. Zionsville

If you prefer to live in an area that has a sparse suburban feel, then Zionsville is an area that you should consider. This Indianapolis suburb has a population of almost 26 thousand people, and there are many families in this population due to the highly-rated schools in the area. The public schools are not the only appealing element of living in this area. Another reason that people choose Zionsville is the general lifestyle on offer. The leisure options vary greatly, so there is something to suit everyone. Some of the options include outdoor spaces, bars, restaurants, health and fitness facilities, and family-oriented activities. Furthermore, the housing options are diverse, and the cost of living is reasonable compared to other areas of Indianapolis.


16. Allisonville

An Indianapolis neighborhood with a population of just under 15 thousand people, Allisonville has a dense suburban feel and a diverse community. There are excellent public schools, decent transport links, a low cost of living, varied leisure activities, plentiful employment opportunities, and a wide range of housing options. Each of these features will appeal to different people and combined, they are why this is one of the best places to live in Indianapolis. Another point to note about this suburb is that the crime rates are low, so it is generally considered a safe place in which to live.

North Central

15. North Central

Equally suitable for both families and young professionals is North Central. Families are attracted to this Indianapolis neighborhood because of the family-oriented activities, the parks, and the public schools. On the other hand, the vibrant nightlife, restaurants, transport links, and job opportunities are what appeals to young professionals. This is a diverse community with lots of housing options and a reasonable cost of living.


14. Glendale

With a population under five thousand residents, Glendale is one of the smaller neighborhoods of Indianapolis. Although the population is small, the area has a dense suburban feel and there are lots of appealing features to this area. Families flock to Glendale because of the highly-rated public schools and family-oriented activities. The area also appeals to young professionals as the area offers a fantastic social life including a vibrant nightlife, the transport links are good, and the job opportunities are plentiful.


13. Fishers

This small city in Hamilton County has won multiple accolades from national publications, say The Crazy Tourist. Sitting just outside Indianapolis, this city has a population of around 83 thousand. Despite being a relatively affluent place to live, the cost of living is surprisingly low. There are excellent schools and low crime rates in Fishers, which makes it a family-friendly place to live. If you like dining out, then this area is a good option as there are more than 100 restaurants in Fishers.


12. Carmel

Just on the outskirts of Indianapolis is the town of Carmel in Hamilton County, which has a population of just over 85 thousand people. The public schools in this town are ranked as some of the best in the United States. Those who live in this area say that the crime rates are low and the area is exceptionally clean, both of which are features that add to the appeal. However, the property prices are high in this area, although that is expected in the areas that are the most desirable.

Mile Square

11. Mile Square

One of the best places to live for single people and young professionals is Mile Square, says Extra Space Storage. This neighborhood is in Indianapolis’ business district. The housing options are varied, with options including pretty townhouses, new-build condos, and renovated apartments in Art Deco buildings. Employment opportunities are good as there are several major employers based in this area. There are also plenty of leisure options for you to enjoy in your free time, including outdoor activities, bars, restaurants, and shopping.


10. Geist

If you have the budget available, then you will find the best houses along the reservoir waterfront. This is a popular area for the rich and famous, so it is possible to see local celebrities when you are out taking your morning stroll. The desirability of this area means that the cost of living and the house prices are high. Generally, the properties furthest away from the waterfront are the most affordable options.

Meridien Hills

9. Meridien Hills

The housing options and the cost of living are two of the best features of Meriden Hills, says Niche. Other positive aspects of this area are the range of leisure activities, the nightlife, the diversity of the community, and the low crime rates. The downside to the area is the public schools, as public schools in the area are only average.

Old Northside

8. Old Northside

Those living in Old Northside can enjoy a combination of modern amenities and historic charm. The are is listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to a large number of Victorian-style homes. The housing options in this neighborhood are diverse, and it is a relatively affordable place to live. It is also worth noting that this is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods in Indianapolis, and the first gay bar in the city is located in Old Northside.


7. Butler-Tarkington

Due to this neighborhood being home to Butler University, you will find a mix of professionals, students, and families living in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. There are plenty of bars and restaurants, so it is an area that suits those who enjoy an active social life. Residents also enjoy the family-oriented activities, the housing diversity, and the low cost of living.

Fountain Square

6. Fountain Square

Fountain Square is one of the most affordable places to live in Indianapolis, and this is possibly why the area appeals so much to singles and young professionals. The housing options are diverse, and the median price is under $80 thousand. This neighborhood is the perfect combination of vintage charm and modern life. There are plenty of things to see and do in this area during your free time.

5. Meridien-Kessler

Residents love the diversity of the community in Meridien-Kessler. You will find families, young professionals, and retirees living side-by-side in this neighborhood. This is because there are many features of the area that will appeal to all people. For example, it is a pretty area that has low crime rates and affordable housing. If the quality of the public schools is an important element of choosing a location for you then Meridien-Kessler is a good option as there are outstanding schools in the area.

Broad Ripple Village

4. Broad Ripple Village

If you do not drive, then Doorsteps says that one of the best places to live in Indianapolis is Broad Ripple Village. This neighborhood sits along the White River, and it is easy to access almost any part of the city from this location. It is also a nice place to live if you like spending time outdoors and dining out. There is a lively nightlife, plus some nice outdoor spaces to enjoy. It is also worth noting that the housing options are varied and the cost of living is low. This neighborhood of Indianapolis has a dense suburban feel and just under eight thousand residents.

16 Tech

3. 16 Tech

Indianapolis has a booming tech industry, and 16 Tech is probably the best area in which to live for those who are involved in this industry. It is a residential and commercial area on the northwest side of Indianapolis that was specifically designed for people working in the science and technology fields. This is an area that will particularly suit young professionals but has enough positive features to appeal to almost any group.

2. Woodruff Place

A historic suburb of Indianapolis, Woodruff Place is just one mile east of downtown. It is a local historic preservation district, with many of the houses in the suburb boasting interesting architecture. It is the charm of the properties that attracts people to buy properties in this area. Another reason that people like living in Woodruff Place is the proximity to downtown, which means residents have access to the amenities, transport links, and leisure activities of the city. It also means that there are good job opportunities nearby, which will appeal to people who need to work and do not want a long commute to their place of employment each day.

Lockerbie Square

1. Lockerbie Square

According to In Your State, the best place to live in Indianapolis is Lockerbie Square. This historic district in downtown Indianapolis is one of the oldest parts of the city. It is an aesthetically appealing place to live, and it is also perfect for accessing all the amenities and attractions of the city. Therefore, residents can enjoy a combination of a handsome property with a convenient lifestyle. Furthermore, it is a relatively affordable option as both the house prices and the cost of living are below average, which is an unusual claim for such a desirable area.

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