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The 20 Best Places for Single Moms to Live in the U.S.

Durham, North Carolina

For single moms to live in the manner that they dream of, they must first be able to clear the hurdle of finding the perfect place to live. There is no shortage of considerations to be made in these instances. A single mother will not only have to take her own into consideration but she will also have to make a decision of this nature on a tighter budget.

While these difficulties can be tough to overcome, there is no shortage of awesome places for single mothers to live in the US. There is no reason to sacrifice necessary living standards in order to reside in a location that is more affordable. Fortunately, this list will allow single mothers to split the difference.

Affordable healthcare, quality schools, plentiful amenities, affordable housing, and a wealth of career prospects are just a few of the aspects that single mothers have to consider. If you would like to learn more about the 20 best places for single mothers to live in the US, this guide is here to make the task easier.

Our Methodology

To ensure that our readers are being provided with the best information possible, we cross-referenced our list against one that was compiled by Yahoo Finance. We took all of the most crucial aspects of a mother’s day-to-day into account when this list was compiled as well. Justice, security, and inclusion are all of the utmost importance here, as they should be.

Let’s take a closer look at the most crucial factors that went into this list of the best cities for single moms:


Of course, no single mother can make decisions of this nature without taking the time to consider all of the financial aspects. Anyone who does not is placing themselves behind the proverbial eight-ball and that is why we took the time to thoroughly consider the financial ramifications associated with each of the best cities on the list.

Quality of Life

A single mother has to consider her quality of life before any big move, as well as her child’s quality of life. Single-parent households have to make decisions that are beneficial over the short term and the long haul. When the heads of single-parent households fail to do so, they may end up downgrading their current living situation, as opposed to improving upon it.

Double Checking

We understand that information of this nature is always evolving. Something that may have been true today will not always be true tomorrow. Yesterday’s prices are not going to be today’s prices. That’s why single mothers need access to information that is fully up-to-date and has been vetted as thoroughly as possible before being shared.

The 20 Best Places for Single Moms to Live in the U.S.

20. Omaha, Nebraska

If you’re a single mom, you’re going to love Omaha. Not only is the job market strong enough to support the very attractive single-parent median income of $39, 515, but the cost of living is an equally attractive 7 percent less than the US average.

Jobs are abundant (only 4 percent of single parents are unemployed), the average commute time is a gloriously tiny 20 minutes, and the open school system lets you choose your child’s school based on their needs, rather than their neighborhood. Affordable AND flexible... what more could you want?

19. Salem, Oregon

Single mothers are sure to enjoy Salem, especially once they catch wind of all the financial opportunities that await them. Did you know that the median income in Salem is actually $58,000 per year? This provides single mothers with a chance to enjoy a decrease in cost of living, while boosting their take-home pay.

For families with limited resources, Salem is a go-to location for a number of reasons. For starters, there are a wide range of amenities for single parents to enjoy. It is well known for being a family friendly location that allows single parents to achieve the financial stability that they require.

18. Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania

When it comes to inclusion and security for single mothers, Pennsylvania is one of the best states in the country. In addition to these keystone values, Pittsburgh residents can also enjoy a median wage in the $58,000 range, providing single mothers with a wealth of career opportunities.

This creates an environment where single parents are able to support their children more easily and acquire homes at an earlier stage in life. Single mothers often choose Pittsburgh because it is an environment that fosters greater levels of economic growth and security.

17. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

According to Yahoo Finance, Philadelphia ranks highly when it comes to the peace and security that single mothers are able to enjoy. There are a number of different childcare options, and the city is widely considered to serve as a very nurturing environment for all of the single mothers who are looking to make a move.

With a median wage in the $64,000 range, Philadelphia is a godsend to all of the single income households. It is easier for a single mother to either find the child care that she needs or work a bit less so that she is able to spend time with the kids.

16. Madison, Wisconsin

One of the more notable aspects of Madison is the lack of gender pay gaps. This allows single moms to live in peace and harmony, while continuing to earn wages that are similar to those of their male counterparts. Madison is also renowned for its child care systems, as well as their educational services.

It is a place where single moms and their children can both carve out their own niche and continue to grow. With plenty of affordable housing, a vibrant local culture and lots of recreational activities, it is easy to see why so many single parents are finding their way to Madison.

15. San Diego, California

In a country where inflation is currently on the rise, San Diego is seeing an influx of new single-parent households because of its healthy wages. Even when inflation is taken into account, single mothers are sure to benefit from choosing this city for their next move.

The median wage in San Diego currently rests in the $71,000 range, giving single mothers ample opportunity to enjoy financial independence. According to 10 News, San Diego also holds a unique place in the national consciousness as a city that provides single moms with far more dating opportunities than they would have enjoyed otherwise.

14. Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins is considered to be one of the best locations for single moms who are in search of a better work-life balance. It is a safe, small town with wonderful educational systems, and the average annual income is $63,700. The homes are largely newly built and happen to be quite spacious.

When single moms are looking to upgrade their current living situation and do not wish to head to a larger city, towns like Fort Collins are able to fill the void. The aforementioned median wage is always going to take a single parent much further than it might be able to in a larger city.

13. Bloomington, Illinois

Bloomington makes a number of headlines because of its commitment to gender equality but the benefits do not stop there. The cost of living is not overly onerous, as single parents are able to provide for their little ones on an average annual income of $60,000. The security and financial well-being that Bloomington has to offer is attractive to single moms, as well as the town’s relatively close proximity to Chicago.

This offers another vibrant job market for residents to enjoy, one that is associated with a short commute time. Best of all, Bloomington residents can obtain larger homes at a fraction of the price that is paid by those who are currently residing within Chicago city limits.

12. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Single moms who are looking for a city that speaks to their sense of social justice will often choose Minneapolis. Gender equity and fair wages are assured there because the city has put the proper systems into place to guarantee it. There are even free high-quality education and childcare options.

This paves the way for mothers who are looking to get their careers off the ground and allows them to pursue their passions as well. Professional growth and household stability are just two of the many benefits that single mothers can enjoy when they choose Minneapolis.

11. Atlantic City, New Jersey

When it comes to quality finances and potential life security, Atlantic City is becoming one of the most sought-after locations for single mothers. Gender equality is a must in Atlantic City, and the median wage is in the $57,000 range.

This is indicative of a thriving job market and offers single parents the chance to reinvent themselves. The beaches are another selling point, as they offer single moms plenty of opportunities to get their kids out and about once the summer months arrive.

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Of course, the weather is a wonderful point of emphasis here. Parents will have far more options for their children as far as regular activities because they are not forced to deal with excessive snow. Honolulu is a safe city with quality educational options, giving mothers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children are well taken care of.

The annual median income is in the $63,000 range, with plenty of public assistance available to any parent who finds themselves in need. With above average wages and a helpful safety net, single mothers are able to create a life for themselves that surpasses their experiences elsewhere.

9. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo provides a median wage of $59,000 and is known for its inclusive communities. Local media touts the city’s work-life balance, in addition to its supportive community and home/outdoor spaces. This is why Buffalo has risen through the ranks to become the highest-ranked city for single mothers in all of New York state.

Single moms love Buffalo because every aspect of their lives can be easily improved upon. Whether a single mother is looking to bolster their career prospects, find a better place for their kids to go to school, or are in search of affordable housing, Buffalo will certainly fit the bill on all accounts.

8. Baltimore, Maryland

With a robust median wage in the $68,000 range and social safety nets that offer residents the chance to withstand economic hardship more easily, Baltimore is a common choice for single parents looking to make better of their situation. Affordable housing programs are designed to simplify things a bit, and with the docks nearby, many single mothers are able to launch successful businesses.

This makes it a great location for aspiring entrepreneurs out there. There is even a wide range of public spaces that make it easier to meet new people. Parks, playgrounds, movie theaters and nearby beaches also offer a number of great locations for mothers who are looking for fun activities for their little ones.

7. Manchester, New Hampshire

If you’re a single parent, finding somewhere to live that isn’t going to drain your resources can be hard, especially in these days of spiraling home prices. If you’d rather spend your money on keeping your kids in clothes and food than on your mortgage, you might want to consider Manchester, New Hampshire.

According to US News and World Report, Manchester residents spend just 23.8% of the area’s median household income on housing expenses, leaving you with plenty of cash to play with come payday. More good news is that the median income is distinctly above average, while the healthcare and childcare facilities are similarly outstanding.

6. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

As New Hampshire’s largest city, Portsmouth is widely considered to be a great place for single mothers to settle down and raise their families. There is a great sense of community in Portsmouth, in addition to high-quality schools and a low rate of crime. Family friendly events take place on a regular basis and there are a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Cost of living is not a concern and there are a number of job opportunities. The annual mean wage is in the $65,000 range, while the educational institutes and child care options are also considered to be top of the line. This makes it even easier for single moms who reside here to consider themselves effective parents.

5. Providence, Rhode Island

Economic stability is the name of the game in Providence, with an annual median wage that lands in the $62,000 range. When paired with a relatively low cost of living and strong job markets, Providence is at the head of the pack when it comes to locations that are friendly to the concerns of the single mother.

It is also a safe haven for families that have progressive viewpoints. The environment is quite enriching to single parent families and according to Patch, that’s why Providence ticks off so many boxes. Income and affordability are at the top of the list but workplace protection is also highly rated.

4. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington provides a median wage in the $62,000 range and also serves as another safe haven for progressive points of view. Affordable health care benefits are more readily available to single mothers than they are in any other location as well. The cost of living is low and child care services are also very easy to come by.

There are few locations that can offer the same opportunity to achieve financial stability, and that’s why so many single mothers are making the move. Mothers who prioritize environmental protection are sure to enjoy all that Burlington has to offer as well.

3. Washington, D.C., District of Colombia

Washington, D.C. has a score of very attractive features for single moms, including great job opportunities (with the added advantage that the gender pay gap is less pronounced here than almost anywhere else in the US), paid maternity leave, and strict childcare regulations to ensure your children’s safety.

While crime levels and housing costs vary by neighborhood, look hard enough, and you’ll find plenty of areas that combine low housing costs with a very decent standard of living.

2. Danbury, Connecticut

The Danbury job market continues to thrive and this region is known for its top-notch school systems. This provides an environment where a single mother and her child are each able to thrive far more easily, as the mother can handle family responsibilities without all of the usual pitfalls. Danbury is also prized by many residents because of the work life balance that it has to offer.

The downtown area is vibrant, there is plenty for kids to do and the beaches are simply the cherry on top of this magnificent sundae. Women who work are given the emotional support system that they need to thrive and gender equity is a major point of emphasis from those who are responsible for establishing city structures.

1. Springfield, Massachusetts 

What’s not to love about the #1 entry on our list? Springfield provides single parent families with the chance to enjoy high annual wages (median wages are in the $61,000 range), enhanced public safety and an inclusive point of view. These are all major selling points for single moms looking to create the proper work life balance.

The currently strong job market only continues to grow, child care is easily affordable and quality education can be found no matter where you reside. Life is made much simpler for single mothers in Springfield and we fully expect this city to remain at or near the top of these lists for years to come.

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